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Havin' a few homies with the blow ins

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ozbiker1, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. On a point of 'besoffen' interest,
    I bought a Canadian motorcycle, (still got it :) registered it in my name with an international drivers license some years ago. No sweat while riding in the America's and beyond & no sweat importing it into the mother country 9 months later. The bike was only registered for 6 months but given I was "in transit" had current travel insurance, drivers lic. & a credit card they released it out of customs with raised eyebrows. I rode the bike for another few years, unregistered but plated until some asshole knocked the fkn plate off in Poland. Making up a cardboard repo one, wrapped in glad wrap solved that minor problem :)))) Traveled across possibly 25 borders into & out of different countries & never had a problem over a few years until caught on the Austrian border without a valid visa. All they said was "do something" as I spoke broken Schwaben/ Australian Strine :)
    Think Canuck bike & bogan motorcyclist in Innsbruck.
    OK .... point of all that is, if your down under on an international passport, with all the legal paperwork for yourself & the wheels, we wonder ....& that's after a slab or so of double' bock' dark beer, some smoked heiferweizen & a few Absinthe/ Averna chasers, if this is still possible. Obviously Australia has no official land borders but it is a lateral hypothetical we're raising :)

  2. Don't drink and post.
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  3. Wait.. what...
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  4. Again, but this time in English please.
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  5. Won't b drinkin' that much again for a whiles. :couchpotato: for days ! Typical of blow in brewer colleagues, an old mate from Dresden on a Beema R120R, roundcase bevel alchemy banter & 'trippin' down roadways we've all traveled :oldman:
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  6. I take that back. Keep posting in that state.
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  7. Yes, you can ride interstate, in Australia.

    I think that was the question??!!??
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  8. ya, ya, kein problem. du fahren in Australia, kein problem faken. :)
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  9. Dank(e)schee :) in my best swabian !
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  10. Bitte schoen hehe. from what I can remember from my Zerman
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  11. From a " Pfaelzer" to a " Schwabe " : yes we have some beautiful roads with no borders for motorcycle riding. We also have very good beer and wine over here; just don't mix the two. :p
    The only sad thing about riding and living in Oz is that the lawmakers and bureaucrats seem hellbent on us becoming the most regulated country on the planet. Their philosophy is: the slower and the less you move; the safer you will be :mad:
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  12. cannot agree more.
  13. What the fudge have I just witnessed?
  14. Bozza nailed it. (perhaps your referring to the over regulated/ police state ...... late twist in the thread?)

    Unless highway patrol confiscate the m/c, anticipating or alleging you've broken the road rules, proving any vehicle is currently registered offshore is possibly in the too hard basket. European number plates (well many of them) still have a TÜV insert style plate from what I know. 1994 the E.U. plates started to appear in member states.

    Producing an international riders/ drivers license & a valid visa in the passport should be the end of it.