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Have your suspension adjusted for your riding.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by kingali, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. I went up for a ride to Gembrook last week to see a guy called Stewart from S.W. Racing. I had been told that he sets up the bike based on your feedback height and weight. Two of us went up early and spend couple hours setting the bike and then riding at the twisties. Went back couple of times and made more adjustments. Now my bike feels that wants to turn the corner and I don't have to restle it. The rebound feels good too. Cut the story short, all round I feel more confortable on the bike (especially taking a corner and hitting a bump half way through it) and more inclined to go faster, deeper and tip and turn. For anyone that has never done it before, give it a go, you be amazed. Check out the site: www.swracing.com.au
    If anyone thats done it before let me know if made any difference.

  2. I just went to a workshop he held this morning where he pulled apart a rear shocker and gave us a run through of the internals. He's very much about sharing his knowledge so he can get better feedback from riders who want to improve their ride/riding.

    You can waste your time and money spending thousands on horsepower to go quicker, when for less than a hundred bux and a visit with Stewart, you will improve your handling and bikes performance dramatically. If you've never had your bike set up to suit you, try it. No point having the horses if you can't get them to gallop.

    The next workshop he's going to hold, he will be pulling apart the front forks and talking about it's components and their jobs. Interesting stuff if you've ever found yourself wondering.

    If you're liking it now kingali, you're going to love it in summer. :grin:
  3. It is great to see that Stewart is now offering this service away from the track as well. I first had his assessment whilst at PI. It has proven very worthwhile. :)
  4. Makes an amazing difference. I had my work done by Zenodamper in sydney. Bike does exactly what its told now. Holds line perfectly and extremely composed on hard accel/braking.

    Unfortunately I had the settings dialed in with a track orientation with only minor road consideration. After a 3 day 1900km trip that I just got back from, I'm broken! Its fine for all day rides but you're tired at the end of the day, but for multi day trips its too punishing - will get the settings adjusted as I dont go to the track much in winter, sticking to the road until it get a bit warmer/daylight savings :)
  5. write down / measure all the current settings, then soften it up a litte for the road safe in the knowledge that you can revert to the track setup with little effort.