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have you used Bark Buster? Your Opinions pls

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Scorpious31, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. I am considering a few options as I can no longer train my puppy and I feel its not fair on him in these early years to have no training.He is now 6 months old and I got him from the pound (saved him)He has almost no skills what so ever.

    I have contacted BarkBusters and spoken at lenght with a local trainer.It is fairly expensive and my question is...

    Has anyone here used them and what was your opinion ,is it worth the cos?

    Your advice/comments will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Heya,

    I haven't personally, but Sverre's mum has. She's got a lab, with screwed up ceratone (sp?) levels or something so she's hyper beyond belief :p

    She used Bark Busters (friends paid for it as a present so was nothing for her) and it's done wonders on Gemma. Apart from chasing the poor little duckies at the dam, she's a pretty good dog.

    She's still hyper, but a lot better controlled.

    That being said, Bark Busters aren't there to come in and magically make your dog an angel. You still have to continue the training they start, and part of their job is to teach YOU how to train your dog. Sverre's mum is too big a softie and lets Gemma get away with all sorts of shit, but as soon as Sverre and I arrive, all we need to do is say 'get on your bed' and she's there.

    As long as you keep what they teach you going, they do wonders :)
  3. I haven't used BB, but I have read a bit about them. I did preschool with my puppy from about 10weeks and plan on further training classes soon.

    The problem is that while a dog might be trained to behave wonderfully with one person, unless the owner is "trained" as well who will upkeep the behaviour patterns which form the basis of the training?

    If you are doing the training with them then chances are it will work well. The in home training system from BB seems like a good idea - I assume that could be taliored to your specific time requirements. It's really important that the owner is seen as the boss and unless you are there to join in training at some stage and learn alongside your dog, he/she will never treat you with respect.

    Otherwise perhaps someone close to you and the dog can take him to classes and that person can pass the knowledge on to you at a convenient time for you and you can train with your dog when you are able.

    Either way - Good Luck! :grin:
  4. Reading the title, I thought you meant these: http://www.barkbusters.net/ :)

    Sorry I can't help with your actual question regarding dog training. I've always done my own with poor results... :LOL:
  5. Sorry I guess I didnt explain myself too well.

    I was training Bandit myself with great results in the short time I have had him.Unfortunately I was knocked off my bike and have a broken ankle and damaged knee.
    My wife has no idea what to do with regards to training him and I have called BB to ask about their ways.My wife will be involved with the training as will I but as you can appreciate I cant walk well.
    Training ect was primarily done at the local park as our garden isnt big enough for running ect.

    BB have said they will show my wife and I their techniques so that when I can move more fluidly I can take over the training role so to speak

    The techniques I used for training require me to to be able to move quickly and correct the unwanted behaviour as it happens.

    I hope this explains a bit better
  6. :LOL: dj, you rat, I was just about to post the exact same thing :LOL:

    Sorry, Joel, always looking for a laugh.....

    {back to topic, folks!}.
  7. Ahhh - well that sounds like a great plan!

    Sorry to hear about yoru injuries! :(
  8. Training your dog is one thing but understanding how they think is another. Your pack structure is the foundation to any relationship with your canine. :)
  9. I'm an ex-RAAF Police Dog handler / trainer (hence the Nick :wink: )if you want some pointers.
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I assumed from the title that you were refering to the gaurds over trailbike handlebars to stop your knuckles getting whipped by tree branches. I love those things, but am afraid I can't offer any advice for the dog training. But I figure if nothing else is working then it might be worth a shot. It might be extensive but hard work is worth it for a well trained pooch. :)
  11. pardon the shonkey spelling but...
    doesn't your wife live in the same home? are you not talking at all? if you know how to train a pup try explaining the details with your wife.

    ie; if the pup has 2 sylable name then commands must be 1 sylable and vice versa. reward, not bribe, positive reinforcement, never negative, etc.

    bark busters are great in sydney. they are often called upon for tricky questions such as [Q] 'why does my dog eat its own poo?' [A] thats because your dog is not digesting food properly so it comes out in a similar way to when it went in thereby leaving no reason to let it go to waste.

    fix it by changing the diet.....blah blah blah

    training is something the owner should do if they know what they are doing, understand the canine command [when walking your dog you must stick your chest out to assert yourself etc] and not one of those people who don't av a clue and hit the poor little people pleasers.

    the number one rule for training a pup is to understand that they want to please us and that is what they are trying to do.

    hmm, sorry for the tangent rant. im sure your wife will do fine if its just sit, lay down and stuff. territorial problems need bark busters, they are WORTH EVERY CENT. good luck
  12. Absolutely. Bark Busters are very good - trained my sister's very vocal schnauser (and my sister), even as the dog was 4yo. :)
  13. She didnt want anything to do with this dog but is now warming to him and we have had a lenghty chat regarding his future.

    I was a little low when posting this OP and dint know what I should do and so many people where telling me what I should /shouldnt be doing what I should/shouldnt have.

    I have always done everything myself and now have to rely on others to some extent to do thing for me and its so alien but thats getting a little off topic.

    We have decided to keep up his training my way but the family will have to just pitch in a bit more eg takeing him to the park and around the block ect
  14. i take it from that statement you and your family had a tiff in regards to method of training.

    or more likely, you are referring to bark busters as the other way.

    im sorry that loving and caring for the pup is something you had to fight for. thats very distressing, no wonder you're upset.