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Have you seen this bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dougz, May 15, 2009.

  1. Posting for a good mate. Reward offered. It's a very distinctive 2005 model R6 with red wheels, red screen and gold steering damper. Also has a Termi pipe.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  2. Will keep an eye out mate. Stolen not far from where I'm located.
    PS: I assume the navara belongs to the suspected thief?
  3. Sure does. Thanks Vinnie :)
  4. Bitchin. Sounds like a pretty distinctive ute though, should get some hits hopefully.

    (Maybe post this on a plasterer & rendering forum? netplasterer.com? :LOL: )
  5. Don't do that, the plasterer will know we're on to him.
  6. Was it ridden away or chucked onto the back of the ute.
    I hope you get it back,
  7. Hate to see threads like this.

    Best of luck to your mate in finding it.
  8. Hey Dougz isnt there any camera set up around the safeway? might want to see if you can get a hold of any security footage.
  9. Yeah already checked that apparently mate. I believe that the bike was loaded onto this ute and driven away. ****s. :evil:
  10. what about nearby shops or service stations?? might get a shot of the vehicle driving past? might have a number posted on the side of the ute??

    Im surprised no one would have seen this guy lifting a bike and placing it on the ute..

    Beats the shit out of me how people can be oblivious to theft right in front of them.
  11. I think I may have seen this vehicle in the Footscray area last week - will def keep my eyes pealed...

    What makes u thnk it was taken by this vehicle?
  12. Depending on what side of the supermarket, there may be footage from the servo next door. Bastards....and 3pm!

    I live in Franga and work in Braeside so will keep eyes peeled. Wouldn't be hard to spot a Navara like that.
  13. pricks. Will keep an eye out for it, distinctive looking bike.
  14. Chances are good that the Nissan ute was stolen as well..
  15. Im down that way I'll keep an eye out.
  16. Dougz,

    I'll probably be going for a ride down Mt Martha/Mornington way around the 20th-24th May. I'll certainly keep a good look out and conduct a high speed chase if I have to. I hate thieves...low-lifes !
    Otherwise, good luck to your friend in finding his prized possession.
  17. Thanks guys :)
  18. This is Melbourne not one of the USA CSI shows.

    They wont bother going to so much effort for a simple bike theft, I know that sounds heartless but they ar etoo busy catching people driving 3km over the speed limit :wink:
  19. I'll keep an eye out, shame to see a bike like this being stolen sorry to hear.
  20. Hey Dougz, i live in seaford will definately keep an eye out. Hate these bastards taking our hard earn! 3pm f**k!