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Have you recently purchased a Ninja 250R? How much did you pay and where did you buy it?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by moforila, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm trying to find out what the additional costs are on top of the RRP $5999 that Kawasaki recently announced for the 2011 Ninja 250R.

    The cheapest total price I have been able to find is about $6800.

    If you have bought a Ninja at the new rolled back price can you please post the total price you paid.

  2. I didn't buy one but looked at them and was sure I saw some for at least $5999 Ride Away, where were you looking?
  3. try rego and dealer costs
  4. Red Baron Liverpool.
    $6800 or $7400 with a Leo Vince slip on and rim tape.
  5. I'm guessing your a learner? Maybe even a P plater?....WTF do you want a brand new bike you can get a couple of year old one in near new condition for 2k+ cheaper and prolly sell it on for the same price....If you buy new you loose 1-1.5k as soon as you take it out of the dealership on a bike that you are going to upgrade in a year or two anyway.....

    On the flip side I'm a huge Kawasaki fan and all you newbie's buying these thing new is helping with R&D on their other model's :LOL:
  6. Damn, your in Sydney, should really of looked at that, more expensive. $5990RA in Vic.
  7. Yeh I pretty sure $5999 would be out of the question. There will at least be the additional costs of rego, green slip and dealer charges.

    I do normally go for a 2nd hand but this price drop has made me think twice...

    The 2nd market is all people that bought at $7500 and are only willing to knock off $1K-$1.5K. The average price of a used ninja is about $6000 (guesstimate). You really have to shop around to get a good price...
  8. Someone has to buy new LAMS bikes otherwise we'd run out of second hand ones.
  9. I just purchased my Ninja 250 from Team Moto Kawasaki @ Bowen Hills in QLD for $6450 with 6 months rego.

    To the above who asked why buy a brand new bike, I bought mine brand new because 6450 really isn't that expensive to me and more so, I like knowing that the first bike I'm ever going to own/ride is going to be reliable and hasn't been involved in any accident without my knowledge. Therefor, any accidents I do have are very unlikely to be blamed on the bike :) Rider or someone elses error.

    It was mostly a matter building confidence.
  10. ditto.

    I paid $5999 Ride away which includes 12 months rego. Only on top expense that I'll have to pay is insurance and obviously gear.

    This was from Kawasaki Brighton
  11. Ive got a Hot Bodies Racing Slip On for a 2008 - 2011 , Carbon Firber , Onle been Used for a week.( Looks Brand New ) Sounds Great. $100.00. Let me know if you or anyone else wants it
  12. A friend of my brought a 2010 model few weeks ago with only1600KM on it for the price of $5300 rego till Apr 2012, and it is a black one lol....