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Have you owned/own a 250cc motorcycle??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jizz, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. Until LAMS most riders learnt on a 250cc or smaller capacity bike. Since the introduction of LAMS 250cc bikes are still outselling other LAMS bikes of larger capacity. However a lot of forums and posts suggest that 250cc bikes are quickly outgrown or become boring shortly after a new rider has gained some riding skills. Larger bikes such as GS500, DRZ400sm, CB400 and RVF400 are always recomended along with the relatively new 600/650cc restricted LAMS bikes.
    For those who have owned or own a 250cc How long did you ride the bike before you out grew it or had the desire to move up to a larger capacity?
    Was it for:
    end of Ls
    during Ps
    end of Ps
    never out grew bike
    upgraded because I could
    Was it a case of the bike being too slow OR the desire to go faster ???


  2. Its all about power to weight ratio. Buy the smallest CC with the best power to weight ratio you can find...including your own weight. thats how you have fun on a motorcycle.
  3. Mate, i got my L's when there was no choice other then a 250 or less. I only moved up to something 'bigger' when i felt i was ready which was about 2yrs later & even then it was a 650 (BMW R65) & i was shit scared at first, i remember saying 'i hope i can handle this, bloody hell its big/heavy' but the old man just looked at me & said "just take it easy" which i did.

    Mate just choose a bike which feels right for YOU, don't choose the bigger bikes just because everyone else does, your first bike has to be comfortable. Good luck in your decision.

    btw welcome aboard.
  4. I never outgrew it. However one taste of power quickly changed that.
  5. I had a CBR250RR and never really felt a need to upgrade, after I got my full licence I kept it for 6 months or so before i was concerned about reliability, so I then upgraded. Gave me a bit of time to decide what i wanted. Now all that has changed though...:LOL:
  6. I was on a VTR250. I had a lot of fun with it, particularly around town and on tight twisty roads. I do 'sports touring' sorta riding, usually covering 800+km in a day several times a year.

    My reasons for 'upgrading' were:
    - I'm 6'4 with a 35" inseam; virtually all 250cc bikes have zero legroom for someone my height.
    - Buzzy vibration at freeway speeds.
    - Inability to decisively overtake at freeway speeds.

    I did "get bored" of the straight-line acceleration after a few months, sure. But later on my enthusiasm for the bike was rekindled when I discovered that 250s can outmaneuver litrebikes when the roads get twisty enough. And like I said, great fun in the urban environment.
  7. I rode a postie bike for 3months, then stepped onto a ninja. I outgrew it in about 2months. Lack of power. Crappy brakes. Crappy suspension. Crappy riding position. You name it, i have a problem with it.

    Rode my next bike on the track... Whole different world. Can't wait for my restrictions to be over.
  8. I own 2 at the moment and I have had my license since 1995.

    The R1 is fun but so is the 250, just different. I had a Madass 125 last year which was even slower. Taking it through the nasho it was still faster than the cruisers and i managed to sneak up on some dawdling Ducati Monster who overtook me straight back like I had just insulted him. I had the biggest smile under the helmet.

    I love all bikes.

    Most riders cant outride a 250 really.
  9. i can remember my 2fiddy.
    i can remember when it cost me 200 bucks for rego, 180 bucks for full comp, 10 bucks for weeks petrol, 30 bucks for a new tyre. i was sure happy.
    probably never would have upgraded. then one day test rode a litre bike on a demo day at a stealership, just for fun. that was the end of 2fiddys for me. and shit i spend a lot of money now.
  10. Many people 'move up' not so much because of need but because of social pressure and/or media-elicited desire.

    My current bikes are all LAMS approved 500s, and I spent years on less than 250 (eg an SR185). If you want to do highway touring you may find yourself desiring something bigger, depending on your bike (a CBR or Hornet 250, for instance, are fine for the task), otherwise it's a matter of want rather than need, and so it all comes down to your headspace and the influence of the people you ride with.
  11. I have the new CBR250, Its slower than my car, but as a new rider fast enough for me.

    Ill be upgrading in 14 months time once im unrestricted to something thats a little easier to ride at freeway speeds, the CBR isnt bad, but I have a 75km trip each way to work
  12. I rode a Virago 250cc for the first 12 months before upgrading. I would have been quite happy to keep the 250 but my husband bought me an XV1100cc and so I started riding that when the time came. At first I was pretty hesitant about the bigger bike because I was worried about the extra weight (being short and not very strong) but now am really glad I have the more powerful bike, definately could not imagine riding a 250cc now.
  13. Had the 250 for just under 4 weeks, long enough to do L's before going onto full licence....
  14. I think i would get a 250 again, and am looking into a new 250. The only reason i am selling the across is increasing parts scarcity and fuel consumption. I love my 250. I loved my 150. They were great, so maneuverable and just so easy. I remember keeping up with some folks on the twisties on the old 150, complete with red milk-crate and tacky decals...

    Am seriously looking into another 250 for the daily grind. I love them and love them so much more than a car.
  15. ... loved the ZZR250 as a learner and p plater... upgraded to a ZZR600 and now I"m more comfortable with the upgrade... I can't go back.

    ...But will always be grateful to my experiences on the 250 , great little bike.. :)
  16. had a vtr250, thinking back now,I should have held it longer, but the 4 weeks with the cb600f taught me one quick lesson, I wasnt a competent rider!! the xvs650 allowed me to learn though. 250's are fun and a great learning tool!!
  17. Across has plenty of parts and fair bit of interchangeability...I haven't had any problems getting parts for the Across, only annoying thing was the cost of the rear sprocket, ridiculous in comparison and a genuine air filter...forget it. Besides them, I haven't had any issues.

    I bought my Across in 2007 and still ride it today. I only use it for commuting and never had the time to go riding out in the twisties much (except for tomorrow, great timing with weather and all!). I have out grown the bike, both power (lack of) and road craft skills, but it is still a great bike to ride on. In comparison to the VFR400, I'd say it lacks a fair bit of oomph...I still haven't mastered the VFR since I barely ride it so until I get used to the VFR (on track), I won't be upgrading to anything bigger on either track or road.

    Personally I'd say go with the 250, learn on it until you have mastered it then move onto something bigger.
  18. i want more power (been on my l's for few months)....really..i want a heavier bike that won't have me being thrown around in the wind as is the case with my 250..but in saying that - i'm content with ol' red...she'll get me thru another year or so before i seriously consider upgrading...and even then i will prob stick to a 400cc bike for another couple years until i'm up for buying a new new bike finally which i'll ride til either it or i die....what can i say...i'm dedicated and always seem to know what i like.
  19. Those those are a problem with the specific bike in question.

    I still have a 250cc and don't have any of those problems. But then again, the 250 I have wasn't a bike sold in Australia. And it also handles just fine in strong winds.

    Only thing is that it's not good for aggressively fast riding.

    (saying that, I'd still recommend people getting a LAMs 400-650cc bike straight up)
  20. i have owned heaps of bikes from a postie to a M109r and im considering a 250cc 4cyl for a run around bike if i can find the right one, same as i used to have a Yamaha Zeal

    they are great fun, you can ride it 110% and not be locked up, they sound good and you can run it through the gears and still be under the speed limit, some handle well and believe it or not are more fun to ride than fast powerful bikes that you cant ride 10/10ths

    they have drawbacks too and not all 250's are equal, my Zeal with a few mods went really well, a few other 250's i have riden were suck arse, really though i cant wait to get another one so i can ride the wheels off it like a big kid...