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Have you just bought an old bike? (Warning)

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Orb, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. Then go over the whole damn thing with a fine tooth comb.
    From the front wheel of my recently acquired XT250, grey import.
    Shoes are pattern Yamaha, with 90% of the meat left. Some rust in the drums, so who knows how old they are. I think removing the wheel pulled the pad off, as the brakes worked fine going up and down the driveway last week. Glad I didn't go for a ride up the street instead!

    I'm slowly going over the entire bike. Tomorrows job is pulling the airbox and carb for a good clean and inspection, ready for the new air filter and carb kit that should arrive Monday. Once those are in she's getting a "minor service" before I do a compression check, pull the clutch cover, ect ect.

    Steering and suspension is getting a rebuild as well, swing arm needs de-rust and new coat of paint, frame itself may be in need of paint as well, but I need to work out if the stickers on the frame are needed for paperwork (no VIN plate) before that happens.

  2. I'd at least completely redo the brakes on an old bike, especially drum brakes.
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  3. New shoes were one of the first things I bought. Got them ready to go in when the new tyres go on.