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Have you had a free ride on Eastlink? [Vic]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by izan508, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. I have ridden Easklink once with my old ZZR250 back last summer, from Monash Fwy heading north to exit at Springvale Rd, and it has just occured to me that I never got charged for it. I rode normally, no wheelstanding, or plate obscured.

    I dont have a Breeze account, but I did expect to recieve an invoice - of which never came.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences?
  2. Yeah, went on in April coming back from the spurs one day (only through the tunnel back to the Eastern Fwy). Never got the bill for it :p
  3. I got one a couple of months after I had ridden on there. I thought I was home free (in the literal sense) but then it came.

    But LAST SUMMER....? yeah, surely you can consider yourself off the hook!
  4. Yep all the time. When i got the tail tidy i didnt know it came with benifits :wink:
  5. I reckon I don't get charged about a third of the time - and that's in the car. I've heard a lot of people say that they never seem to be billed.
  6. Thank you! I'll keep that in mind! :grin:
  7. Nope. I rode on it for 1 minute and got charged 11 bucks:

    Eastlink toll charges: $0.30
    Toll invoice fee: $8.30
    Vicroads lookup fee: $1.40
    GST: $1.00

    Now, to be fair, I didn't pay the first six buck invoice - which might explain why the "invoice fee" is so high. But I never heard of any c*nt charging a fee to bloody invoice you before. Arse bandits.
  8. Yes; been on it about six times and I've never received anything. No idea why.
  9. I wonder whether they have Piezo sensors embedded in the road (like a set of traffic lights) that dont identify bikes that well...

    My old ZZR didnt activate the lights on the Dandenong Bypass either.
  10. used it over last summer. thought i got off free but i was wrong.. came back to bite me on the butt 7 months later....
  11. their computer system is an Commodore 64. Its running over half a year behind for lookup bills.
  12. i thought i was getting away with using it for free, but eventually (ie couple of months or more later) they sent me a heap of invoices. cost a fortune, so now the bike is on the car account, so i dont pay the bullshit invoice fees.
  13. can't put bike on city link account(Yes I know you can on a Breeze account).

    They Really need to have a set number of days in which to invoice you, or its free. Otherwise they have little incentive to upgrade and improve their service. this invoicing 6 or more months down the track is ridiculous.
  14. Breeze

    I unwittingly used the eastkink in March, not having been in that part of Melbourne in over 10 years, and recieved a bill last week for $7.50. It was a one off, and I have no idea when I'll be there again, and they want me to open an account.
    What burns me up is what the hell do I pay rego fees for, and GST on fuel and parts, and then the fuel excise on top of that. And THEN I end up having to pay a toll to use a road! Tolls are a cancer, and they spread till they kill the host.
  15. Same thing happened to me. Came back from UK hols to find 3 sep invoices for the begginning of the year. Talk about slack.
    Then the invoice stated it was dated at least a week previously and that I now had 4-5 days before it was due.

    What a bunch of clankers!
  16. Re: Breeze

    Hopefully, when enough people say no to tolls and refuse to be pillaged and ar#eraped by costlink, eventually the f#kers will get what they deserve and go broke.

    The real tragity is that the villans at the root of the debacle are both the current and the former governments that for more than 30 years promised a FREEway, then allowed and encouraged costlink and its continuing rap3 and pillage of the community.
  17. Swiss Bank Accounts.

    Personally, I have always wondered how many politicians, and ex-politicians, have secret Swiss bank accounts that all their bribes, kickbacks, and other dirty money are secreted in.

    "Yeah, we'll make it a tollway so you can reap an obscene profit for 30 years, just deposit $50 mil into this account number"

    You can't tell me it doesn't or hasn't happened.
  18. I am pretty sure the cross city tunnel in sydney which was charging exorbitant fee's went flat broke very quickly due to people boycotting it, but it didnt stop the government once they owned it after the collapse of the toll company from keeping tolls and those stupid fee's to click a computer keypad 2 times to enter rego number then send the letter :evil:
  19. It took four months before I got my east link bill. I only used it because I thought it was free for bikes.
    We have been paying 5 cents a litre since about 1993 to pay for the new roads, wheres this money gone,
  20. I have an account for my cars, but I was told that bikes are free

    *Corrected below.. (I am from the west, I didn't really know there was a difference) :p