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Have you given up road riding for the track?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Justin Stacks, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Doing a lot more track riding these days (planning at least 1X p/ month) and thinking of selling the road bike.

    Have any of you totally given up road riding strictly for track?

    If you did, did it last or did you end up purchasing a road bike again?

    I guess there's no reason you can't have or do both, but I usually only get two good rides in a month and if I'm at the track once a month, than I'm paying quite a bit for full comprehensive an CTP just to putter around once in awhile.
  2. I gave it up for racing, street ride had some engine troubles a year ago and at the time, the cost to fix would have ment no money for racing.
    It's a bit of a different situation, I used that bike to go everywhere only got in the car when I needed to tow my race bike.

    I'd like to have another bike for tooling around, getting to uni and just riding but my next bike will probably be a MX'er,
    I ride because I love it and I know where I love to ride the most, so that comes first for me, though if I could afford it I'd still have a bike for the street
  3. {}Moved this back to general as I think it's about the decision rather than the track.

    I was a track junkie for a while and briefly considered leaving all my riding for the track, but I enjoy riding roads untravelled and getting to varied destinations. Plus track days are expensive, accom, fuel, tyres, etc, and I could never do as many as I'd like in a year.
  4. I've recently started track days and now have a dedicated track bike and road bike. Every time I head out on the road straight after a track day, I question why ride on this crap with idiots around you? But after a few road rides, I settle back in and enjoy it again.
    Funnily enough, my trackie is a ZX6R and my road bike is the other Italian.
  5. Yes, havent had a road bike for ~4yrs. I love sportsbikes but my next roadbike, if ever, would be something slow e.g. historic stink wheels or adv bike
  6. When I was racing riding on the road was kinda frowned upon by both riders and the bollocks above. Funnily it was considered (by boffins) too dangerous to ride on the road and considered kewl (by riders) not too, and I guess way way back then it was too dangerous. No one really knew how to ride, or the more technical side of it. You were either fast or not, or more so the bike had a problem ... cough cough. Brakes ? what brakes? And if you think your poor techno cockrocket gets evil when it shakes its head..... Try having the farken whole thing shaking like Shakira's ass front to back.

    Riding on the road bores me and it's only something I do if I feel like nodding at people or I need milk. I try and keep away from the weekend warriors with their matching $teed, shiny suits and armor :)

    I love the track, but mostly when I do the sweep and everyone else is still or back in the pits. I guess I don't have the ego and more likely am closer to death now than away.... so putting myself closer isn't as much fun as it use to besides the fact it takes so long to bloody heal.

    I've been contemplating what new bike to buy for a few years now. Nothin has really given me a horn. A few look nice, but their new... new's nearly always exciting. To me the Beewah R is a CBR-RR as it should be built but so bloody fugly it's not funny and for once in my life I don't like what Ducati has to offer...... or is it the TAR?

    I've found I have more fun on my mountain bike than my road bike........ It just might be time to buy the big adventure bike and go find that never ending dirt road.........
  7. I gave up "racing" on the roads for track days.

    Still ride on the road, but just for the social aspect now, as well as commuting.

    If it came to it, I'd sell the road bike before the track bike, the track wins every time!
  8. If I could afford to track at least twice a month, would defiantly consider giving up road riding, the only other thing keeping me riding on the road is how shitty it is being stuck in Sydney traffic in a car.
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    Yes I gave up road riding a while ago. I did give in and buy another cheap road bike but literally never ride it and have no real desire to.

    What keeps me busy now.
    - So far this year 2 track events per month (TD or race day) on average

    - also got a dirt bike which doubles as a supermoto. This has rego for the bush but don't ride on the road technically.

    - recently got a mountain bike and have been enjoying that too.

    - never ending mechanical work on my two racebikes. Spanner time takes up a lot of my free road riding time also.

    The thing is being set up to do regular track work doesn't happen over night. You really have to adjust your life in some aspects and work towards it.

    You need a garage large enough to house your bikes and equipment.

    Tools and know how - you cannot pay someone to do everything full stop.

    Suitable tow vehicle - I've gone for a wagon and flatbed trailer trailer which I've modified to suit my needs.

    Flexibility with work to take weekdays off (annual leave), a lot of trackdays are on weekdays especially practice days before races.

    The more set up you are the easier it all gets and you'll build up a network of racer mates who help eachother out. (For example - I'm currently holding a racebike which I went and picked up for a fellow racer from interstate and giving it to him at a race meet this Sunday)
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  10. This is exactly what holds me back. I'd love a track bike and I'd start racing next year should I get one. I do as many track days as I can but I'm always wary that I have to ride the thing home. I'd need a trailer, a car to pull it, a garage, and more knowledge than I have, and time.

  11. I decided to keep my last track bike as a roadie so that's two expensive regos and insurances for bikes that I barely commute on once a week, alternating bikes just to keep them turning over.

    Weekend time for touring is difficult to find at the moment whereas time off work for a week day track day is a lot easier for me at the moment. The real excitement is later this month when I pick up my next track bike.

    As some of the guys have said above, moving the trackie around is a nuisance but I solved that problem 7 years ago with a ute, avoids storing (and driving with) a trailer.

    I don't think I could cope without a road bike in the garage, one of those funny things where I don't have time (or inclination at the moment) for road riding but if I didn't have a ready ride I'd go a little crazy.

    Also, I'm no longer a seller of bikes. I'll hold on to everything so long as I can afford it and when home life allows me the time, I'll be grateful I think to have a ready road ride.