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Have you found an old bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Iondah, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Thought this might be an interesting topic for a dreary Melbourne day.

    So the question is: Where have you found an old or broken down bike where you wouldn't have expected it?

    My contribution is an old Kwaka I found at Red Robin mine off the back of Mt Hotham while on a hike in March.


    Now I'm expecting someone to bring up that Sydney Water Bike from Google Maps :LOL:
  2. Most unexpected one I've seen was this Yamaha Tenere I spotted in the backstreets of Melaka, Malaysia.


    The unexpected part being that it was actually an ex London-Sydney race bike, raced by an Australian rider. Guessing Malaysia was as far as it got.
  3. I have seen many bikes in the eastern suburbs of sydney that are left to dispare. Alot of old jap bikes, but the main one that supprised me was a late 80's model Ducati Desmo. Was left to rot in a side street and was so bad the fork tubes had rust pitts on them, looked like it had a fall also.

    Dont think its there anymore.
  4. Not really, but the temptation to go through people's farm sheds is sometimes too much to bear.

    Probably the closest is way back just after I got into riding bikes. My mate Graham was the 'bad influence' and although he had a Kawa Z650/750 project, it was a long way off going. But with me having a bike, he had to have one, cheap and fast.

    In the Saturday classifieds we spotted a garage sale in snooty Mosman with an 'old motorbike', which turned out to be a Yamaha XS1100. I think he paid about $200 for it, hadn't run in years, gathering dust and rust, but complete.

    We turned up with a fuel can, jumper leads and our friend Matt, an excellent mechanic- important when you're all of 21.

    Now the owner is selling everything from his beautiful harbourside home, so there are plenty of North Shore dames disgusted when flanny shirted bikie ruffians push this old black beast out and start playing with it. Matt takes over, applying the magic formula that has seen me through many a 'difficult' roadside and garage problem: fuel + spark = engine running.

    A few minutes cranking and it fires up, spewing 5 years' exhaust system rust and filth onto a white BMW 5-series. Another 30 seconds and it's idling evenly. A weekend's thorough cleaning and a rear tyre and it's registered. Six months later his Z was finished and he sold the XS to a nice policeman for $4000.

    Graham could do things like that.
  5. awesome story. Would have loved to see their faces when the bimmer copped a facefull of exhaust gunk :LOL:
  6. Yeah, great read, Heinz. Would've been priceless to see those faces!

    Heard a story a few years back, urban myth or reality I don't know, about a guy who was offered an old HD that was sitting in a farm shed as payment for some work that he'd done.

    He took it and, in turn, got a mate of his to run the serial numbers. A HD guy in the states asked him to check the bottom of the frame for a specific number. Sure enough, it was there.

    Within a couple of days, some exec's from HD flew over and started throwing money at the guy for the HD. He kept knocking them back, asking why they were so interested in it. They wouldn't say and just kept offering more and more money until he folded and took the deal.

    After the paperwork was signed and money changed hands, they told him that the bike was one of three HD's Elvis had given to friends as gifts; HD had two of them in their museum and this was the one that completed the set.

    Fact or fiction, I don't know, but I thought it was a great story.
  7. Simpson Desert, QAA Line, between Poeppel Corner and Birdsville, approximately 25° 52' 50" S, 138° 17' 2" E.
  8. front tyre held up alright ^^^. what is it?
  9. Can you be more accurate??? :wink:

    Nice placement of a piece of blownout tyre!
  10. No idea what it was. It is a well photographed bit of memorabilia in the desert. No doubt there is a story there somewhere.

    Yep, I have the decimal places for the seconds if you want them. :p I kept a GPS track of my whole trip around Australia. :)

    I didn't need to place the tyre. Someone had done that for me. I wasn't going to spend too much time there, as it was midday on a stinking hot October day, and the flies were thick. :evil:
  11. Saw a CB650 in a shed where i was building a fence for a guy, and he noticed me looking at the bike from the other side of the fence. He asked me if i wanted to have a look. Had a break coming up, so i said sure, and stepped thru a gap in fence and had a look. 79 model ex-police bike, complete with panniers and fairing and cosmetically a little sad, but otherwise complete. Been stored for 18 months, without being started. The old guy said he was going to get rid of it as he no longer had a licence (stopped on his L's) so he asked if i would consider it as part payment for the fence job. Took it home and got it going, never gonna sell the baby!
  12. Urban myth: http://www.snopes.com/autos/dream/elvis.asp