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Have you ever wondered why????

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Woodsy, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Ok apolagies up front but personal vent, probably only realy understood by those of us that have been divorced/seperated after a long term marrige (20 years for me)/relationship.
    Have you ever wondered why we bother with the oposite sex? (apart from the obvious).
    OK she 30, 3 youngish kids. Me 43, 2 grown up kids. I know, i know i'm 43 and should know better than to expect a 30yo to have half a brain, BUT after a 12 month relationship how is it MY fault she's been seeing some one else for last 3 or 4 months and she 'loves' him but they cant stand each others kids???? Geez she could have at least told me 3 months ago, i could have spent more weekends riding instead of doing shit with her :(

    Grrrr i swear LAST time i ever put my heart and sole in to a relationship.

    Well till next time :?

    God i hate it, think i'll go have another beer.

    Oh if this is unapropriate for the forum just delete it.
  2. what a stupid cow, at 30 she shouldn't be pulling stupid shit like that.

    it's your fault? pffft, clearly a waste of your time.

    ...did you tell her kids their mum's a s**t, i would have! :grin:

    +1 for getting another beer.
  3. respect
  4. Oh dear... Another one.

    My parents split after 27 years. Dad had been cheating, mum had wanted out for years.

    It was a huge relief for me.

    Mum's still without someone. She wants all the bonuses of a relationship with none of the negatives.

    Dad's a changed man. He rides a little more, and tends to take his new digital camera with him.

    It can be a good thing when break-ups happen. Just think, now you can ride more. :p
  5. This week (actually the 12 of June) celebrating 25 years of marriage.
    Some bad days, but the good ones are too many to count!

  6. Hand that man another beer :beer: I hear ya brother :beer:
    To quote Homer"To alcohol,the cause of,and solution to,all lives problems".You can try and drown your sorrows,but the bahstads always learn how to swim.
  7. Nope, this is the right forum to vent..so sit back and get some sympathy..

    I personally would be seriously PISSED off if some guy did that to me. Hello, what happened to common decency and dating ONE person at a time.:shock: She prolly does know better, but prolly doesnt care....biatch :( :shock: :evil:
  8. Thanks guys, sorry just a bit down :(
    Sonja, thanks, me and ex get on great,no prob with cheating just married way to young and weren't going same place once kids grew up. Some ways shes my best friend now.

    there aint no such thing, wish there was.

    Slyfox, yeah it's my fault, aparently??? (dont ask me, how the F would i know what she means)

    jackarau Mate, hope you have another 25 at least, cudos to both of you.
  9. sorry to hear Woodsy, I just came out of a bad break as well.

    It's times like these you rely on your mates to take you out and get pissed :)
  10. of course it's YOUR fault!

    refer- https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=21457

    While I can't imagine your emotions, it's an all to familiar scenario that most of us have lived or known someone who has/is living it.
    Now go have another beer, then go to bed. Get up in the morning and think of nothing else but your kids and your bike.

    Good luck, be strong!
  11. sorry but im 26 and know better, its not age its maturity.. go have another drink, hell a few of us would shout you one if we could, thats just wrong...
  12. Gee thanks triway but where does it say "i'll cheat on you for 3 months and then blame you"????? lol.
    seriously guys thanks, think i'll just play with my kids (sons got a sprint meet sandown on sunday) and my bike.
    If a woman wants to go out with me they can do the farkin chasing for a change, and they better own a bike or be a bloody good pillion.

    Yeah but you ride a bike OF course you have a brain Derrr.
    Got a heap of mates in Shep, mostly younger than you, they thought they could shock me by taking me to Rawhide LOL.
    Keep that drink cold i might just hold you too it come summer on my way up the river skiing.
  13. I feel your pain Woodsy. I was with my missus for nearly five years and was saving for an engagement ring to propose later this year. About four months ago she suddenly said she didn't love me anymore and broke it off. I found out later that she had been seeing some other guy for about 3 months. Stupid fcuking biatch :evil: . These pricks out there who knowingly try to pick up taken women need to be shot. Im just glad I found out what sort of a person she was before I made a fool of myself and proposed.

    The only advice I can really give you is don't dwell on the negatives. Remember the good times and try to keep busy with mates and family.

    Good luck
  14. That seriously sucks Woodsy :evil: .

    We will celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, but it isn't always a bed of roses. The many good times more than compensate for the few rough patches. We are coming into a new stage of our relationship where the kids are getting older and we are starting to get a life of our own together again. It's constantly evolving.

    I firmly believe in one relationship at a time. If someone else happens to come along, then end the original relationship first and then do something about the new one. My husband knows that if he ever strayed, he won't get a second chance :twisted:

    Take heart Woodsy that the stats aren't promising for long-term relationships, so live in the moment and enjoy your newfound freedom and independence.
  15. Oh dear.
    I could say something about my evil ex here but hell its not worth the effort.

    People mostly are worth the effort. But some however aint. THe trick is figuring out how u tell. Still in love with evil ex mug copper from hell. But I have figured out that if I met her with no history I wouldnt actually like her. THat changes it all a lot .

    And besides Kathy is wonderful :)

    Sympathy mate
  16. pfft rawhide is nothing anyways, ive been there myself, stick to melbourne, but for sure always love to catch up with other riders.. dont know many down here.. maybe know few of your shepp mates,unfortunately can be a little too small...
  17. I hear what your saying and I went through something simelar a while back, no kids involved though.
    I was talked into the relationship by my own words used against me. it worked for 3 years then I knew something funky was going on. Temper and pride got in the way and the other guy got one hell of a beating. He deserved it, and he said he did. But he also said later that the beating wasnt worth the girl as she is a loony.

    Made me feel better.
    Now I couldnt give a toss.

    I met my Lil who also rides and after a long friendship we got closer and Chemistry happened. We have the bike thing in common and its been the best ingredient for such a perfect relationship so far.
    Found what I was looking for and Im sure you will too.
    I dont need to upgrade anymore as Im at the top of the chain now.
  18. Sorry for the late reply mate but I reckon I can answer your question, Its your fault simply because its easier for her to accept that is the reason than the real one which is she is a sl#t mate pure and simple. Good restraint though mate cause I would have found the asshole and ripped his head off. Pm me if you would like this to happen :wink: . Anyways bloke look after yourself and feel good in the knowledge that you are by far and above the better person
  19. It's always the other person's fault. I'm sure dad justified his cheating in some manner or another.
  20. Why do we bother?


    Because they're so much fun to root. Much better than your mates for that sort of thing.

    And in my view, going through a bit of sadness and all the childish stuff that happens at the end of a relationship is not only worth it for a bunch of good rootin', but it's also a pretty key part of the human experience.

    We wouldn't be who we are without the big-ticket difficulties we have to face. The key is in handling them with grace and dignity.

    ...A point upon which I've comprehensively failed :LOL: