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Have you ever sold a bike but...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. Have you ever sold a bike or placed an ad but didn't include a few things??

    The reason why i'm asking is because I'm looking for my next bike and the last 2 (i know not many) have had obvious signs of BS.

    Today i went and looked at one and its "Never been raced, dropped, uses no oil, full service books, carbon fiber parts"

    Well i go have a look and the thing and there isn't a straight panel on the thing! It rattles A LOT! There are loose bits, like mirrors and rear flush mount indicators one was almost falling out, all the carbon fiber is fake, its not washed or clean at all, scuff marks everywhere, small stones all through the chain lube, the rattle got worse when i took it for a ride (up and down his drive way) i'm guessing if i took it further i would of discovered some more issues...

    The photos of the bike don't even look like his place, maybe previous owners pics when the bike was in a bit better condition..

    Another one i went to look at had a small wire holding the oil filler cap on and the levers were odd colours! (i'm assuming it was dropped and raced)
    But it was still in heaps better nic the the one i looked at today...

    Is it really worth the risk lying to potential buyers? It puts my right off, id rather be told the truth so i know what im buying or know what to fix before it causes a bigger problem....

    There, glad i got that out.... now everyone who has a bike add up be honest about the details, i'll come look anyway but no chance of a sale if its all BS..

  2. Why are you only looking at private sales? There's no guarantee of anything when it's Fred Farnackle from Ferntree Gully selling.
  3. You can get some really good quality, well taken care of bikes privately for a good price. No overheads, usually they've upgraded and just want to sell the old for a bit more than the pathetic trade-in offered etc. This is just re-enforcing the fact that buying sight unseen is a risk.
  4. The phrase "Never raced" sets alarm bells off in my head.
    Most bikes wouldnt have been, so why feel the need to advertise that.

    Kinda like "Lady owner, contact John." pfft... whatever.

    When we sold my wifes bike, we put contact Diana. Pretty easy to figure out who the rider was.
  5. yeah but you can get some shockers where people will try anything.

    even dealers wont tell you about stuff. i could link to a bike right now on bikesales where it doesn't disclose the drop that occurred to the bike. the dealer didn't point it out to me before i went to test ride it. i discovered it and pointed it out. when i asked him about it he couldn't tell me what happened or provide a service manual even for the bike. some dealers/private sellers will give it a go. caveat emptor and all that. but karma's a biatch....
  6. Don't see why i should pay for overheads if i don't have to..

    Also there is no guarantee buying from a dealer either they are a business in it to make money.

    I have enough mechanical know how to find issues on private sale bikes. (or i wouldn't be looking for them)

    The bike i looked at today is listed as "Perfect Condition" what a joke.
  7. No it's not! I'm selling at the moment, and it's a pain being stuffed around by time wasters. I want to be as clear and thorough and honest as possible so that only those who are likely to buy it contact me, otherwise I don't want my time wasted. These sellers must have a lot of time on their hands (esp given that - I assume - they're not selling learner bikes in your case, so their buyers aren't so easily duped).
  8. I'm looking at GSXR1000's 06 and onwards.

    I wish more people were as honest about you..

    when i first got in to biking i sold my car, i listed everything i did to it as far as upgrades went and listed all the bad things.
    On the same token when i bought the car the engine bay was dirty and i could see where any oil or fluids were coming from so i could see what needed to be done..

    I think i'll raise my budget, im tempted to link to the bike im not that much of a jerk... stuff it, jerked me around and lied in his ad.


    Sorry mate if you're a netrider but really... shame on you.
  9. "no test pilots"...
    Im assuming he means you cant take it for a test ride? I wouldnt have gone to look at it at all if i cant take it for a ride first. Guess he did you a favour with the "driveway test".
  10. It's a risk/reward thing I guess.

    Dealers can be as dodgy... they are usually a bit smarter than these other sellers he's described though - it's usually in the details.
  11. Sorry Double Post
  12. I had to say to him 3 times "Mate if i can't ride it and see that it all works I'm totally not interested" before he said OK to take it to the end of the drive.
  13. I've been to a few where it says "good condition" and they have trouble starting it for half an hour.

    Sort-of puts you off. Just a tad.
  14. A bike at a dealership in Ringwood was advertised as "great condition".

    Clearly they were referring to the parts without scrapes, dings, chips, and neglect. So yeah, the relatively new rear tyre was what they must have meant, since it obviously wasn't in reference to the paint, headlight, windshield, fairings, or footpegs. They also didn't have a battery in it so I couldn't test ride, even though I had told the salesguy 4 days in advance when I'd be there.

    Fortunately, the bike I looked at privately immediately after was immaculate, so I bought it.
  15. It means "Serious buyers only."

    Anyone selling a bike but doesn't want to let someone test ride it; is dreaming.
    That said, you should only be test riding a bike as it's 'final test' before buying and the price is basically agreed on.

    I don't know they the OP even bothered riding the raced-rattler up the driveway.
  16. I think most people genuinely kid themselves about the condition of their own vehicle. So it's not always a lie, more of a delusion.

    Also, I'd never buy a second hand bike from a dealer. The only guarantee you get is you will pay too much.
  17. To see if it was as shit as it looked.
  18. LOL @ the number plate GF :-s
  19. when i went to search for my first bike, i got there and the guy was like "gee i hope it starts.."

    not the kinda sentence u wanna hear when searching for a bike. Ud think he would start it up the day i was coming and make sure it was working fine...he hadnt ridden it in like 1 year, and it took him 5 minutes to start it.
  20. It's actually fairly common and to me it's a little encouraging.

    Firstly the guy is being honest
    Secondly I don't trust a bike that has been warmed before I get there
    Thirdly the bike has become a hassle sitting around for the guy, which means he's going to be happy to get cash for it. That means a more realist price for you.

    If it has been sitting for a year factor into your haggle:
    New battery
    change of oil and filters

    Also have a close look at the tyres to check for cracking and over hardness.