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Have you ever run over a pedestrian on a bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jaqhama, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. I'm interested to see how many riders here have ever hit a pedestrian on their mobike?

    On a UK forum I visit a bloke asked that question (after the poor sod killed an old bloke who stepped out in front of him, on a motorway of all places.)

    Imagine our surprise when the thread (still going) got to 5 pages in one day. Literally dozens of UK riders have hit people crossing the road, in almost all cases the walker (the zombie) was in the wrong.

    I hit a woman who dashed out between cars many years ago.
    My left mirror sliced her shoulder open. Knocked me off my bike. By the time I got up she had done a runner.
  2. my dad killed a lady when she jumped out in front of him, pretty messy. and he didn't come away unscathed either, apparently cotton wool should not be used to cover road rash, esp not huge areas of it :shock:

    i guess its not really suprising, cagers cant see us on the road, why would they get any better at this when they start walking around?
  3. Not yet I haven't.....touch wood.

    but I will say that I have had a few near misses.
    I have learnt not to go down paco rd near broady station between 3pm and 4pm.
    Its a disaster area kids everywhere.
    But my closest near miss was in safeway.... people seem to get scared when they hear the bike behind them and then they can't decide what direction they want to walk in.....
    wobbling thier trolleys all over the road.

    why does everything seem to happen to me at safeway? I shop too much I think!
  4. I 'tapped' a schoolgirl who ran out from a tram safety zone to get across the road about 10m past the intersection. I was accelerating, grabbed the brakes for all they were worth, and she basically tripped over my front wheel and went sprawling across the road.

    She also got straight up and did a runner. Must be a common thing for pedestrians to do when shocked, but not too badly hurt.
  5. i had a young kid about 4 ish i guess ride out of a driveway on his pushy and run into the side of the bike once ... he was very lucky if he had been a split second faster i would have t boned him and probably killed him .. but he didnt get a scratch ... iam tipping his father needed a change of undies though as he was on the front lawn and came bolting ... was so apologetic.. but no harm done and we all went on our way

  6. Rckon you may of needed a change of panties too old boy. :wink:
  7. I ran smack into a guy in Newtown one evening. He was jaywalking between traffic while I was filtering through. Just as well I wasn't going very fast but by the look on his face I'm sure he would have needed to go home and change his underwear!!! :)


    BTW, just changed my forum handle as I've stopped shaving again :)
  8. I backed over a guy on crutches once. On my bike.
  9. A mate of mine got badly injured by a motorcyclist who ran through a pedestrian crossing and broke the red light. He was in hospital for several weeks and has suffered a form of brain damage. The incident affected his short term memory and sense of taste. He literally had to relearn what tastes like what, as how his brain processes it is completely different. Its mad, stuff he didn't like before he likes now, and vice versa. I think the problem is that when a pedestrian is hit square on by a bike, they effectively get a savage headbutt from a bloke with a lid.
  10. I had a near miss in a wide residential street in West Footscray. I caught a glimpse of an elderly lady on the side of the road, as I approached she literally put her head down and made a mad dash across the street. I was too stunned by the idiotic behavoir to react and as she ran across my path I don't know how I missed her - she must have had a death wish.
  11. how about animals ?
    ever hit a Jack Russel wanting to bite your ankles ??
    I have on a push bike, I had a mega stack and the dog ran-off limping. . . .could not find the owner anywhere.

    On the bike, I had a close call last night.
    I swerved to miss a Garfield doll on the road thinking it was a cat !
    I found it so funny and dangerous, I did a u-turn and kicked it off the road. :LOL:
  12. wonder why he was on crutches? Slow learner?
  13. I hit a pedestrian once on a bike Or I should say she hit me.

    She was in a group who walked straight across High st Kew from the far side. I swerved as left as I could.. Yelled "Look out #$$%$" and stopped. She walked straight into me. The idiot with her threatened to call the cops. I laughed at him and waved at the cop shop "No worries mate lets go"

    Some of em are pretty stupid.
  14. He was hobbling along the footpath and I was backing my bike out so I could turn around to ride over the gutter. The engine was going and I had my helmet on so I couldnt hear my husband yelling at me to watch out for the man. :oops:
  15. LOL
  16. lol was over 20 years ago now ...but from memory it happened so fast i didnt even have time to .... was over and done in a blink of an eye
  17. Yep when i was 18 i got 2 for one deal :shock: Poloice guy was walking some woman across the road holding her tightly :grin: I slowed they stopped so i went and so did they :shock: Both went down i managed to stay up but knakkered myself on the fuel tank :eek: After recovering all three of us i was let go :wink:
  18. yes i once hit a lab ... i was riding a trail bike at the time and it brought me down ... dog limped away ... there was also some flee bitten mutt that used to attack me every night on the way home .... so i used to slow down and 2- 3 times i " scooped " it up with my foot ....and flicked it onto the nature strip ... it gave up chasing me after that
  19. I got me a cane toad couple of months ago. Its a QLD tradition. :grin: I hit him with my wheels straight so I did not skid, would have been a very difficult accident to explain to my wife.
  20. dammit 'percrime' u beat me too it!
    Oh hurting a cripple - thats cold lol