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have you ever forgot something??????

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jeffatav, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone,
    have you ever been in such a rush to do maintenece on your bike that you forget to do something BASIC!!!!

    Last weekend I decided to do a basic oil and filter change within 5 minutes while the wife was getting ready to go out.

    Bike was warm, out came the plug, off with the filter, a couple of turn overs to drain all the oil.

    on with the plug and filter and top up the oil.


    start her up to get the oil through the system, sounds a bit funny???
    New exhaust note?????

    Then I remembered I did not replace the oil filler cap. :shock:
    At least I now know my oil pressureis ok.
    A fine mist of oil went through the air as if someone was lying on their back drinking off milk and then spraying it out in a vomitting gush :LOL: :LOL:

    after I got home, many hours spent cleaning up oil all over the bike.

    Moral of the story?????

    Tell your missus the bike takes preference and the world can wait!!!!

    any other similar tragic stories?????
  2. Last weekend I drained the oil out of my bike, then put the bolts back in and stood back and smiled at how easy it was - the previous time I had trouble (like most people) getting the damn bolts out.
    Since it was such a quick job and a nice day I decided I'd go for a ride, and as I reached for the starter I kicked up the kickstand and it clunked off something - I looked back to see the still full can of oil that I'd forgotten to refill my bike with... :oops:
  3. I have developed a habit when changing oil. If I am leaving the bike/car to drain for a while whilst I go off and do something else, I leave the new filter on the seat/driver's seat. It prevents me starting the engine without a reminder.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. One fine ay i decieded my brake fluides need replacement.
    unscrewed all the bolts bleed both brakes,
    put it all back together got on started up got out of my drive way i only used the back brake for that as i normaly do.

    Zoomed up my 300 meter street at 100k's tap set up front break lever goes all the way in AIR bubbles Ouch slam the back ones in panic lock em up skid for a good 20 metters let go and break again and end up 2 meters from a driveway down te street.

    Not very impressive but could have ended badly
  5. yeah, i've done a couple of stupid things

    once i forgot to screw my seat back on.

    another time, i forgot to connect my over flow tube back into my fuel tank when i was servicing the cooling system
  6. Back in the 80's, I was living in Clayton. As we weren't quite so green back then, I used to tip the buckets of old oil down the road grate on the street. I decided to save time one night by parking the bike over the grate and dumping the oil directly into the stormwater. If someone finds a CB750 sump plug and a matching Sidchrome spanner on Elwood Beach, let me know.

    I also rebuilt my Z900 motor and was doing up the last engine mount bolt when my girlfriend asked "is this important?", as she waved the camchain tensioner in the air.

    There are plenty of others, but it hurts thinking about them.
  7. i once had my car serviced (V8 XC update wagon) at a dyno place in Dandenong, the aprentice was refilling the oil from a 44gal drum and kept checking the dipstick, no oil, no oil, no oil.......... wasnt untill this pool of oil came out from under the car he realised he'd forgotten the sump plug :p , amazing what a mess 100 liters of oil all over the floor makes.