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Have you ever dated someone ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kewllnpet82, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. I've always believed that the differences between age shouldn't really matter when it comes to love.
    But that was until I found out my cousin, who is 46, is involved with a lady who is 20, which is just a
    few years younger than his daughter.do you think does it matter?

    Have you ever dated someone so close to the age of your parents? Or would you ever consider it?

  2. Age difference can be a bit of an issue when planning kids or a life together - ie. if your partner is much older, you gotta know you're going outlive them.

    ... but if it ain't that serious - he's probably just nailing a 20yo and enjoying the hell out of the awesome awesome sex and all his friend's jealousy.
    Go him.
  3. chicks under a certain age shit me... i cant even put up with it long enough to give em one...

    im sure as I get older my standards will drop though.

    I know plenty of femals who've been out with men older than their fathers and it just seems weird to me
  4. Yes and Yes ,
    About 7 years ago? She was only a few years older than my oldest daughter and that relationship went on for almost two years. It was awkward at 1st but then after a few months got mum and dads official ok. But yes eventually the age thing does get in the way. We parted as friends and still talk on occasion and have a good laugh.

    Like how at her 21st a friend that hadn't met me before, said 'oh your dad's here ? I thought he was working OS and couldn't make it'

    She said "Dad? oh no thats Bob my BF, there is no way I'd let my dad do what bob's going to do to me later tonight !!"
    Even her mum laughed at that one ! =D>
  5. bob... give us her number lol
  6. Well she did come down to Fri night coffee a few times, So there are those that can tell you what she looked like and made some Xrated comments.
    As well as some "you really going out with that or you paying her?"
  7. its normal and accepted for 10 years difference in eastern europe - actually women prefer the difference although if it is 15 to 20 that is stretching it
  8. Spammer was dealt with they had a dating website in their sigfile.
  9. I cant stand immature girls. I always found that the ladies who were a little bit older than me were more appealing
  10. lol didnt even see it
  11. +1 on that
  12. Make that 3 ! and I'm spose to be alert for that stuff too ](*,)
  13. I posted the link in holding for you Bob ;)
  14. Age is a state of mind :) My mrs is 15 years younger than me, but so what? As long as it's legal and you're both happy, who gives a stuff what the age difference is or what anyone else thinks about it?

    Edit: what I would find a bit odd is a fat old beer gutted sloth dating a hot much younger girl. I'm fitter and in better shape than most guys 15-20 years younger than me so it's ok in my case \\:D/
  15. 19 yrs difference between my parents.......happily married for over 35 years......
  16. A friend of mine's father was 42 when he married. His wife was 18. They had 4 children, all successful. And they were married for 40 something years before he passed away.

    When there is a significant age diff. for sure you need to consider longevity, particularly when it's an older man, younger woman marriage. But also consider that males tend to get outlived by their spouses, anyway.

    If I were to remarry if my wife passed away, sure, the idea of a much younger woman is certainly an attractive one. But if she wants children then it will be doomed, as I don't. Not when I'd be retired and having to put children through school and possibly university.

    But if each has their own kids and no longer want any, then so what? Of course, the generational gap may be an issue, particularly when you're brought up in a different era with possibly different ideals and values.

    As an aside, a mate of mine recently had a child with my daughter's best friend. Now, that's a bit of a weird thing to comprehend...
  17. ..........

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  18. I prefer older gentlemen...they go on longer slower rides :wink:
  19. Well, age might not be a problem as long as they are both single and really loves each other. The problem with some young women is they are even dating married men.