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Have you ever been this pissed

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by bretto61, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. Damn, that looked like it hurt!

    I'm sure I've been that drunk, but no video evidence :p
  2. We had this up on the projector at work. awesome
  3. A bloke i used to work with fell down the very very long escalators down to Wynard Station after a Christmas party,he cut himself to pieces.They go down for maybe 5 or 6 floors,that would have been some vid
  4. That guy's weak

    This guy is way more drunk, and he's in a bottle shop trying to buy more booze.

  5. Drunk person yoga:
  6. hahahhahahaha yeah my brother and i were watching that yesterday pissing ourselves laughing!

    now, lets get to it! i'm enjoying a budweiser myself, right now :D
  7. Toohey's Extra Dry Platinum - watch this space...
  8. i've got lots of other stuff in my fridge, special stuff, but i think i'm sticking to the budweisers tonight.
  9. That guy is merely tipsy...
  10. I think even if I was that drunk once I would likely not remember it or at least I'd remember waking up in lock up.
  11. Nah, you wake up at home.
    But all your clothes are in an alley 4 blocks from home, and your wallet and mobile have been picked up by the chinese fella who runs the convenience store.
  12. In a bathtub of ice with stitches on your back?
  13. Pretty sure I still have a kidney and both my livers ;)
  14. See that's funny!

    The first video just made me cringe! Looks like he could have easily snapped his neck at one point!
  15. Yes I've been that pissed.
    brb getting alcohol
  16. Allegedly... :rofl:

    I could see it happening too mate :wink:
  17. Have you seen the things that manage to breed in Ipswich? Apparently being that drunk is quite common.
  18. i had the privilege to stay in ipswich last weekend.

    it is extremely common.

    just as common as getting woken up in the middle of the night because someone got stabbed around the corner.
  19. or you wake up naked next to some hideous mutant so decide to sneak out before the whale awakens but have trouble spotting your clothes until you see them outside on the road being run over by traffic. So grabbing a towel you find in the bathroom you do the mad dash onto the road 3 times grabbing a article of clothing each time between traffic which is madly tooting and cheering at you (and everytime they do it makes you wince cause your worried it will wake the beast inside, the beasts clothes were just left on the road)
    Grabbing your clothes you dash inside to get dressed, and find they keys - and then reverse the car from where its parked ontop of the letterbox and half across the path and jump out to try and fix the letterbox but decide its terminal, quick check for rim and radiator damage and then spend the next 15minutes driving around trying to spot some kind of landmark you recognise so you know where the hell you are as you have absolutely no recollection of half the night or how you got there (and then finding out its a loong way away from where you began)