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Have you ever been bitten by a deadly snake or spider

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Stupid question but curiosity has the better of me to ask if you have, and if u have, take us step by step on the symptoms from the bite to the hospital, as in from sweating, pain, shitting your pants :grin: whatever, keep hearing stories of people getting bitten but never hear the full story..

    sorry if it bores some people lol

    Ps. and no wife biting stories :grin:
  2. I once knew a lady who was bitten by a trouser-snake and her stomach swelled up to over 5 times it's normal size :eek:
  3. i had a love bite once.
  4. I stood on a black snake once...fortunately we both paniced and ran away from each other.
  5. Got bitten by something a few years ago. I was on a week long trip visiting clients in the Goldfields. Round about Wednesday afternoon I started to notice muscle cramps and minor nausea but put it down to 3,000 km in as many days and too much roadhouse food. The symptoms persisted but didn't seem to get much worse and I completed the trip and made it home OK, although feeling pretty ropey.

    Got home on Friday arvo and had a shower and the wife asked "What's that on your leg?". When I looked, on the back of my calf I had a round, black, bruise like patch about 150 mm across with a small white circle in the centre, surrounding two red dots maybe 3-4 mm apart.

    Still don't know what it was. Judging by the spacing of the marks it was either a bloody big spider or a small snake that didn't consider me worth a real dose of venom (or didn't get through my trousers to any significant extent).

    I figured that, not being dead after at least 48 hours, it probably wasn't worth seeking treatment and was pretty much OK by the end of the weekend. I consider myself quite lucky though.
  6. .

    Sounds like the snake infected her with a parasite
  7. Yeah, one that causes insomnia, ruins your sex life and eats all your money.
  8. I got bitten by a huntsman once, but they're not deadly. Got the back of my hand, it swelled up and got all hot and red and itched like bloody mad for a day or two then slowly went away again.
  9. Once been bitten by an unknown thing...

    Started as a nasty looking pimple on my face, doctor at royal melb dismissed me with some pissy antibiotics and said no alchole with those (this was 31th december a few years back)... fark that, booze'n for NYE.

    Few days after that, i return to the horse piddle, same doc says get over it, it will go away. Mind you, at this point my face is quite swollen, and the area around the bite is rock hard. I think this is called facial cellulitus (when the cells die they expand).

    After getting the shits with that doctor I go to see a quack at my local GP in my home town. Mum see me, and totally shits herself. My entire left side of my face is swollen over, I can't see out of my left eye as the swelling is covering it (this is day 5). At this stage my cheek is level with the tip of my nose.

    Go to quack, quack shits himself and says there is a plastics team operating in the western general horse piddle (right name? sunshine hospital). He says drive there right now, he'll take care of the paperwork and phones calls before we get there.

    Arrive, new quack has a look, goes, hmmmm, we can't operate. He drums up a super mix of anti-fungles, anti-biotics and anti-something-else's and starts me on there under 30 minute ob's... They test my blood and can't see anything strange.

    The next morning the swelling has stopped expanding. Doctor reckons if i had of waited 1 more day I would be looking at irreversable blindness. 2 more days, brain damage as the optic nerve is a highway for infections, day 3 death if in the brain. Great!!!!

    That afternoon, the majority of the swelling has gone down, but the hard lump still remains, to paint a picture, imagen inserting a C sized battery under your cheek near your nose, thats what this thing was simular to size and shape wise. Bonus for the day, afternoon shift nurse is AWESOME!!! full of bubbles and an absolute cuite... much fun with her.

    Next day, no morning swelling (worse in mornings), lump still there, edges slightly softer... discharged after 3 or 4 days or something.

    It took 4.5 weeks for the hard part to go soft... which at this time, turned into pus. Here's the gross part, draining it. Should i spare you the details? fark no, the OP asked what it was like... Where the orignal bite was, looked like the tinyest of pimples... i picked at it and it opened up. Then I applied pressure to the giant soft lump, and a fakn torrent of black blood and pus literally poured out of the hole, all over my cheek and into the sink... Took 10 minutes to drain it completely, but fark, my face felt so good after that.

    Now i have the smallest of scars to remind me. Chic's dig scars right?

    Sorry for the details but you asked.

    My advice, seek a second opinion with medical stuff if your in doubt, because you know your own body.

    EDIT: before anyone asks, no i don't know what frikking spider bit me...

  10. thats the best part lol, groses u out but u keep squeezing lol

  11. She should have sucked the "poison" out first. Isn't that what was once taught at First-Aid Class?
  12. Thats not a bite, thats called Wedding Cake!!! :LOL:
    Or a Kid!!!
  13. dont believe i have, but my mother got bitten by a redback when we were in ... alice springs or something ... somewher eup near there, a bit away from medical help :LOL:
  14. cool story!!! but yeah these things can go bad quickly.

    Australian creatures are quite dangerous... even the platypus!
  15. awww...take all the fun away
  16. Oooo you're a quick one aren't ya? :p :wink:
  17. I've been bitten on the finger by a white-tail spider. I got what the doctors called "arachnid necrosis" where the finger developed big ulcers and bits of the flesh went very nasty.

    The jury is still out as to whether the spider bite actually causes it - most people who are bitten don't get this. It could be also a bacterial infection from the bite - similar to Bairnsdale Ulcer. It took about 3 months to finally heal and while there's no scars, there's always been a little stiffness in that finger ever since (about 15 years ago).
  18. From the sypmtoms and bitemark sounds a lot like it might have been one of the giant centipedes you find in that area.