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Have you changed over your incandescent bulbs?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. So incandescent bulbs will be outlawed in Australia.

    My family has switched over the the compact fluorescent ones [which are annoying so far, because they take 2 seconds to turn on after you flip the switch, just to make you think the bulb is blown... or make you dance around like a d1ck in front of the sensor overlooking the driveway just that little bit longer].

    The quality of light seems identical so far to what we used to have. The lighting isn't harsh or anything, but I never would have changed our bulbs over so quickly myself [this was a Dad InitiativeTM], if only for the fact that "I bought these bulbs, so we'll use 'em until they blow".

    However, this poor lady in the states broke one of her new compact flourescent lights [CFL] and discovered new and interesting terms along with "CFL" ... terms like "Mercury levels" and "environmental cleanup".

    Some poor lady who will pay $2k to be 'green'

    Can't wait for ACA/TT to break this one.

    ... and interesting we weren't told at the same time this legislation was going through "Buy THESE lightbulbs Australia!... and be bloody careful with them."
  2. All the lights in my house that are used on a regular basis (kitchen, lounge, porch, computer area, etc) are florescent, or compact florescent. And these are as bright as the originals, and they only take a minute to warm up to full lighting (its like a ramp up).

    :? But i've never had an issue with them turning on 2 seconds after i flip the switch... the electricity must be faster down here ;)
  3. So then they'll be in-can't-descent bulbs? :LOL:

    Candles seem a viable option :wink:
  4. But wax isn't very enviro-friendly :p

    And your burning up good oxygen right there with that candle of yours :p

  5. There are compact fluro's and there are compact fluro's.

    I have 2 in my girls bedrooms and they turn on instantly.

    I have one compact in the pantry, 3 oysters, one in the kitchen and the other 2 in the living and dining room.

    The rest of the house is lit by the little 12v downlights, some 55 of them to do the entire house.
  6. My candles are made from recycled wax :wink: Wax On, Lights off peoples :cool:

    No, seriously ~ the whole mercury thing thing is a little disconcerting, someone do some research for me.... I'd do it myself, but I'm trying to conserve oxygen to feed my candles.
  7. yes the ridiculous political point scoring results in stupid decisions :?

    forget hte mercury, in terms of green points, the incandescant lights win over their lifetime on sheer manufacturing alone.

    The thing that would save us all from our collective guilt trips on carbon emmissions would be to mandate that all electrical devices has separate transformers for their standbye mode.

    here are a couple of graphs to get you thinking about whether carbon it a problem.

    what the greenies show us (quick panic!!!):


    real old results from fossil records:

    it shows that depending on the graph scales used by whoever, a completely different agenda can be pushed. hte greenies show us an alarming exponential growth of CO2 while old fossil records show up vast quantities more co2 than we have now, in a very lush environment.

    the point is, we don't know anything about any of this... more research!!!.

    anyways, rant over.
  8. Russ, aside from the prohibitive cost of clean-up when you break one of these things in a room where a child normally sleeps [whom you DON'T want to give brain damage], I have a real problem with the disposal of them.

    They HAVE to be processed, page 2 of the article says for acceptable standards of concentration for the amount of mercury in 1 bulb, you'd need it to be distributed in over 16,000 cubic metres of soil! :shock:

    That'll cost us. We are only just getting a handle on IT hardware recycling and proper disposal, with a $25 surcharge proposed on all new monitors to cover the costs of such a program [in the UK - we're still a little behind as we still have the 'dump 'em in the desert' option].

    Imagine what these little bastards will cost us in a few years.

    Sure, you save $4 a year on your electricity bill - but council garbage rates for these suckers will bite us in the arse for a LOT more than that, guaranteed.

    --[I also agree, the Greens and the RTA must use the same narrow-minded and mildly retarded statisticians to further their own agenda, rather than society's best interests - but I find I form far more rationale arguments on completely economic points, rather than my own mistrust and paranoia :grin:]--
  9. My property is lit exclusively by burning Jehovah's witnesses and Mormons. It's good for the environment too, because unlike fossil fuels they are free and the supply is endless.
  10. :grin: I do so love that option... so far we've got nulcear waste, chemicla waste. and other assorted nasties flagged for desert dumping.
  11. The most recent edition of silicon Chip magazine dedicates a lot of pages to this very issue.

    One point to make before I start is that the Liberal Party has announced a policy on this, it aint law yet.

    The thing is that CFL's are not suitable for all situations like;
    Fridge lights (don't like cold)
    Oven lights (don't like extreme heat)
    Down lights
    Security or area lighting
    Lighting involving moving objects (drills and so on as the strobe effect of a CFL can make the item look like it's not moving).

    Like I said the article went into great detail and basically said "They're Dreaming" it wont happen once they actually look into it properly.
  12. Yes we are changing them over.
    As the old bulbs break we are getting the new kind in.

    Troouble is our house has realy realy bad old wireing, so the new ones blow quickly too... :-(
  13. Which will be unavailable for sale once this hair brained scheme is fully implemented.
  14. :-k unfortunately true... :LOL:
  15. yes, and that's where they put my right foot.

    RIP little buddy.

    now let me get this straight, if you DONT want a child/adult to get brain damage you refrain from breaking a bulb in their room. hmmm :idea: .

  16. It's far far worse than that article makes out. Mercury metal actually isn't very dangerous, as mercury needs to be absorbed to effect you. It's generally not absorbed through the skin if you handle it, unless you do it alot.

    However, mercury vapour is easy to breath in, and is absorb into the blood stream immediately through the lungs. Guess what is inside those CFLs? Yep, mercury vapour.

    On top of that, burying the CFL might not do much to contain the mercury vapour, especially if they are broken in the process. Imagine a recycling centre where they will have a big bin that you throw the CFLs into. How many would break, and what would your exposure be walking up to the bin to throw them in. How about the workers on site. It could well be another asbestos, but more difficult to prove.

    As someone said, the cost to manufacture a CFL is much higher than an incandescent bulb, probably way more in energy alone than the total savings over the life of the bulb. Add to that the additional labour, machines required for process steps, and electronics to make the things work.

    I'm afraid that the political system no longer serves the best interest of society, with decisions like this being made. :( Also, I was pretty sure that the liberals made a firm commitment to it, and as they have the balance of power now, it was a done deal.

    Fix the problem, vote. . . . umm . . . well. . . oh bother, the options are truelly slim.
  17. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    they never did.
  18. You harsh cynic Jax. :p

    Hence my problem in recommending who to vote for. . .
  19. And expensive to run :roll:

    Those little 12v lights use a lot more power and heat to give the equivelent amount of light as 240v globes.
  20. This is one of those decisions that shows what happens when people from mostly legal/accounting backgrounds are allowed to make decisions :p. End result is that decisions are made based on the "evidence" provided by the most powerful or persistent lobby groups without anyone bothering to study the issue in depth (goes right up there with ethanol in fuel). If they really want to make a difference then why not put some money into making white LEDs a feasible option for home lighting - they use far less power and in theory last forever.