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Have you bought gear online before?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Danish, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wondering if anyone has bought anything online and if so, what store was it and what experience did you have?

    I'm looking for a new jacket and gloves.

  2. i've bought jacket(3), boots, gloves on ebay. saved alot in the process as well.

    you just gotta know your sizes and pick from sellers who have good ratings. still a gamble though
  3. As Livingstone said, if you stick to established sellers (powersellers)
    who have built a good reputation, more often than not, you should
    be ok.

    I've never had any probs before & I've bought items costing $1000's
  4. Bought heaps of other stuff off e-bay but never bike gear . Nothing wrong with buying jackets etc on-line as the above posts will confirm , but i just prefer to try things on first .
  5. Yup I have almost purchased all of my gear online.. Including my husbands leathers, my leather jacket, boots etc..

    We also use ebay and buy from the USA because they are so cheap and even to pay postage we still save around $200-500 each time..

    I like to use these guys on ebay...


    You have to keep looking because they are always updating stock..
  6. I've bought a Ventura bag and a fibreglass top box on eBay, both times Sydney sellers, and in both cases bought some other stuff when I went to pick up the goods. I got a small fairing from the people with the Ventura and a $300 leather jacket (paid $100) from the folks who had the top box. I'm with Dave, though, I wouldn't buy clothes I hadn't had the chance to try on first.
  7. stick to the power sellers and you will be fine
  8. bought 2 suits for malissa on ebay and hooked up with hutch6660 there aswell. he runs www.rmgear.com.au so if you wanna forget about the ebay thing, he has a bigger range without ebay and you get netrider discounts :D

    ok, plug over.... buying off ebay (or anywhere else) is fine as long as you're prepared to trust what is written and know the size will be fine.power sellers or not, its still normally a fairly safe transaction. choose a payment method like COD and they dont get the money till you get your goods.... its all pretty safe besides a few bad eggs....
  9. i've bought quite a few things online from lingerie(for the girlie friend), ipod, watches, shoes, ski boots, books, dvds, etc. have never had a problem as i've always purchased from a 'reputable' store.
    most of these purchases, if not all, have been from the US as the prices there are significantly cheaper even with postage included.

    i just recently, for the 1st time, purchased motorcycle gear online from: http://www.motoemporium.com/
    like most have said here, it's advisable to try the items for sizing here in OZ. my joe rocket 'hard drive' boots arrived yesterday and i got to say they are pretty cool and was worth the wait as i saved some $ in the end.

    with everything, always read the vendors terms and conditions with regards to returning items, shipping, policies, etc. this applies especially to purchases online/OS.
  10. your right to a certain degree there cats. powersellers mostly are legit however sometimes they abuse their feedback.

    for example if they sell alot from time to time they will rip someone off by not sending the product at all. thus keeping all the money. if they have positive feedback all the time with an occassional negative feedback it won't affect their business.

    unfortunately i've been had by one of these guys and lost $240 on a flash card for my camera.

    overall though ive saved heaps on ebay.....so its worth the risk
  11. Thanks for your help guys,

    I have bought many things online and sold things, was really just after all the links for good places to buy from.

    Thanks again! :) I'll browse through all the links in the above posts.

    Does anyone know where you can get a large range of Icon or Alpinestar gear online?
  12. Yes.. Click on the link I put in in my earlier post.. We bought a full set of Alpine leathers from them