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Have you been injured on a bike? Was it your fault?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jekyll, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. No, never been scratched

  2. Minor injuries which I could have avoided

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  3. Moderate injuries which I could have avoided or reduced

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  4. Severe injuries which I could have avoided or reduced

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  5. Minor injuries which I couldn't have avoided in the circumstances

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  6. Moderate injuries which I couldn't have avoided in the circumstances

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  7. Severe injuries which I couldn't have avoided in the circumstances

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  8. I'm dead, you insensitive clod!

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  1. I'm curious as to what percentage of netriders have had a riding injury, and whether they perceive it to have been avoidable by some action (better protective gear, more training, not acting like an idiot) on their part.

    If your injuries were avoidable, what could you have done to avoid (or at least reduce) them?

    If you've been injured more than once, choose the worst injury ...
  2. Been lucky enough so far not to have come off.. hopefully it'll stay that way for a while longer :)
  3. I'd like to take a little from the 2nd and 3rd. What would you call Severe?
  4. severe,

    dirt bike vs creak bed @100km an hr

    creak bed 1

    Del - knees

    few minor scrapes bumps and strains and sprains but worse was my knees

    smashed my knees pretty badly, had my knee cap lifted up and rocks scraped from under it, then on a secondary operation flat lined and was resuscitated, and my knee never fixed.

    was racing through a mates farm on our dirt bikes when flying down a hill only to realise there was a wash out creak bed at the bottom, i applied breaks and tried ot turn, ended up dropping it and sliding, and kicking away from the bike, we hit the creek bed separately which saved me from abdominal injuries,

    now i have constant pain in my knee, but ride a GPX250 road bike instead of dirt bikes..

    and ill keep riding till i cant walk.
  5. i would call mine severe. dirt bike riding of course i came round a corner doing about 80klms and loggers in the bush had recently put a tree down to block the track i hit the tree log and broke arm in two places. i had a 45 degree angle between my elbow and my wrist and the bone moved 4 centermetres. i now ride a road bike and my dirt days are over.
  6. No broken bones...but twice, with road rash. First time in the early '80, not wearing and protection. Second time '06 had leather jacket, but with only jeans, knee and butt had skin removed. I forgot how much the rash was a pain.

    My fault..first time, yes totally RUI. Second time, lots of contributing factors, road surface with oil, new rear tyre, was travelling at 25% under the 80kph speed limit, but 50% above the 40kph advisory sign, probably could have gotten away with it if I'd been travelling a 50% slower. :oops:
  7. Do you call a replacement humerus severe?

    My fault totally.. only been riding a week :( inexperience and bad luck.. ran wide on a 2 lane road whilst a car was overtaking me.. BUGGER! :(

    I week in hospital and out with a replacement humerus (I decapitated the original one! :shock: ) lots of road rash..right hand, calves, knees and butt! OUCH! Was wearing helmet (of course), leather jacket, hence no upper body road rash, but jeans, boots and gloves, one of which came off.. :shock:

    Back riding after 3 months much to the horror of my family and my orthopeadic surgeon!

    Yes, the bike survived with a broken right clip-on, radiator smashed, and scars on her exhaust pipe. Together we've done over 11,000k's since last July when I started riding again. And I have resolved to never come off again.. it hurts!
  8. I'm dead, you insensitive clod! [​IMG]
  9. Front-on impact with a cyclist who went wide into my lane, which left me with a bone fragment in my left hand and some fun muscle and ligament damage in the left shoulder, bicep and hand.

    Wrong place at the wrong time, I had no way of avoiding it with the speed at which events unfolded. :(
  10. Yes - same knee both times, still have problems with it 10 years on.

    Avoid icy roads and using too much front brake on muddy ones...that's my lesson :) my fault both times.
  11. Poll's too hard for my old brain.

    I've crashed every bike I've ever owned and never broken a bone; the most painful crash of all was New Year's Eve, and I was going slower than with any of the others!

    {Broke my collarbone off a pushy in November 1967, though. :(}
  12. Came off a few times in my younger years, some body scratches and ripped clothing, a severely bruised ego and most of all a damaged bike… all due to my attitude…moron.
  13. when i was about 15 I hit a single strand of barb wire fence doing around 80kms on my dirt bike..............it coat hangered me off...luckily it hit in between the opening of my helmet, not under it otherwise I would be headless :!:

    it left me with over 20 stitches on my face and a broken nose

    but like I said could of been a lot worse :shock:
  14. i think we need a bruised ego option i would be in on that one after my off today
  15. Minor (muscle). Bright day, tight hairpin corner, black gravel, several people before me skidded, one girl in front of me skidded across to other side to stop safely at embankment but bike lowsided. :cry:
  16. Ive had one big off, got taken out by a car.
    Resulting in a broken left wrist, shattered the radius had to get a plate put in.
    Snapped my right collarbone in two places, broken right ribs and a split open knee.