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have you been ashamed of your ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hienous, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Just coming to work on the virago 250 today and at the lights, a dude in an oldish subaru eyes me on my bike. After about 5-10 seconds, he asks: "a 250?". I then sheepishly nodded and confirmed his suspicion. Then he nodded and then off he went as the lights turned green.
    I felt a little ashamed, and embarassed. Why couldn't I think of something better to say...](*,)
    I noticed he had a impreza RS. I should've said something like: "impreza eh? RS?" then give him the same moron nod he gave me..."not quite a WRX then...). But as always, no point having the best comebacks when it comes too late.
    I used to have a car that I was ahsamed to got to work in as well, but that was another story...

  2. :rofl:

    Don't worry man we've all been there. Hilarious write up though! :D The mental image of the "is that a 250" then the nod was just too much! :rofl:
  3. Nope. A bike is a bike is a bike.

    Some (most) of mine have been utter shitboxes in the final stages of disintegration but they've often represented my only concrete asset and have had priority over proper food, utility bills and anything else that didn't have two wheels and an engine.

    Bikes and bike licence, obtained under the circumstances facing me when I decided it was time, represented a substantial achievment.

    I'll never feel ashamed of either.
  4. He's just thinking of getting his license and checking out his options is all.
  5. Never felt ashamed, even when I was riding the Postie Bike.

    Even got my sister hooked on it, despite her reservations of "looking silly."
  6. Meh, would never say I was ashamed of the little SPADA that I had but i'd be lying if said I wasn't drooling over the prospect of an upgrade :LOL:
  7. People only think you look silly due to the stupid grin plastered on your face.
  8. Ashamed? No. Disgruntled that it will be three years until I can respond to the question "what bike do you ride" with "a 675"? Every single day.
  9. The things for which you must wait are the things you appreciate most.

    When I finally get my supermodel sex romp, I'm going to appreciate the hell out of it!
  10. I guess you are right. But I'm sure you understand my agitation.

    Read: Sudden change of circumstances beyond your control.
  11. Not of a motorbike no.........

  12. Oh definitely. I went through the same thing [-(
  13. Best not turn this into a pissing match aye?
  14. i was riding my ct110 and a bunch of homless people laughed as i burnt past...

    i was like wtf??

    so i did a u bolt and did some laughing of my own, i can remember what now but something to the point of a roof over my head and food in the fridge, and a really loud crazy laugh and point at the homeless bums hanging in the park with no place to sleep, ahhh the look on their faces, and i felt awesome.... take that bums with no where to sleep at night!!!!

    i would have beat them up for the hell of it, but then i'd really be a **** LOL

  15. Probably not. I just drained, I don't think I'd be much competition.
  16. Here? All the time.
    I ride a cruiser.:eek:
  17. Andrewd - if thats true then thats bloody awesome! 'Got a house?' '...No.' 'HAHAHA!' :D

    I've occasionally felt like a bit of a dweeb on my 125, but thats just because I've got to thrash it to get anywhere with what one may tentatively call 'speed'. I also had some guy in a ute with his missus try and drag me - in retrospect I should have gone all out with a 10k clutch-slipped start and shamed him.

    Oh well, I'm sure my GS850 shaftie will have more street cred. Wait a minute...

    - boingk
  18. It could have been worse, lucky you were not on a Hyosung.:cheeky:
  19. Ashamed? No, definitely not. Sometimes, though, in company, I realise my old girl is showing her age in the design department.

    Then I get on, twist the throttle and the airbox starts to howl as the revs rise and the traffic falls behind ... and all is forgiven.
  20. But its a very photogenic cruiser