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Have u ever Lost the Cops in a chase

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zbike, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Yep lost them with no consecences

  2. Yep lost them and claimed i wasnt riding at the time

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  3. Yep lost em but my plate is fake

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  4. Not Yet but im sure i would -if it was worth it

  5. No, I dont plan to ever intentionally endanger the lives of others

  1. When i got my first bike i always though if the porkies ever try to pull my over ill just floor it. I know i'm not alone in these thoughts. Onto bike number 5 and still no opportunities to make it worthwhile.

    Just wondering out of pure curiosity what are the numbers who have done it. Feel free to share the details as well.
  2. Good luck getting people to confess to that on a public forum. I have never been pulled over by the cops let alone had to outrun them. I did get a "slow down" flash by a cop car travelling in the other direction but I wasn't waiting around for him to change his mind and pull me over.
  3. morris told me not to speed becuase it kills. i believe him.
  4. its a poll its private (nothing is private enough on the net but still)
    Im really hoping for some numbers in the pole

  5. What the hell do you do constantly that would warrent you risking your life and the lives of others?
  6. I did in the car once, never needed to on the bike.
  7. I hope you get the chance to grow up one day Z :?
  8. I used to NEVER speed on main roads, not even 5 over. Once when going to a charity ride I was caught doing 20 over. Since then I'm much more liberal speeding on main roads (not any significant amount, just 5-7ish over, but all the time). I figure thats an amount you can be 99% guaranteed to be able to do all your life and never fall into strife for it.

    But thats mainroads, other roads are a different story.
  9. Hmm "evading police" = $6,000 fine + 6 months jail in Victoria, in other states it's even worse (QLD for example it's 15 grand and 3 years jail). Don't think any traffic offense would be worth that risk (especially since they'd also most likely tack on speeding and careless/reckless driving charges as well).

    Oh and FWIW the "someone else was riding" excuse ain't gonna work given the changes to the law for speed cameras means the registered owner now has to prove it wasn't them (at least in Victoria).
  10. I'm a granny rider.

    I love riding but never go much over the limit...

    though I did get caught riding an FZ-1S on my P plates... got done $900 and lost license for 3 months...

    breaking the law aint worth it no matter what anyone says...
  11. I think you should rename the last option to "I'm not going to endanger the lives of a whole heap of other people just to flex my ego muscle".

    A lot of people that run from the cops probably don't care if they cause a fatal accident (somebody else dying). It's these people (ones not caring for others lives) that I think capitol punishment should be reintoroduced for.
  12. Once that i know of. There been a couple other times where there has been some unmarked cars "chasing" without lights on though.

    Don't bother about running if you can't ride under pressure.

    Don't run if the police car is behind you, they'll have you on tape before they flash you.

    Ego muscle, People don't run for the ego factor. I run because its cheaper then pulling over, unless you get caught.
  13. Well my point was more that the importance of you not getting an speeding fine (or whatever) is more important than starting a high speed chase and potentially casing a serious crash.
  14. Ahh, alright, got ya now.
  15. wow, hardly anyone has a confession...

    well.. I'll tell you a story about a friend... (this is somewhat back in time though....) he'd just picked up his Z1300, had a few miles on it so it was ready to rev, but the friend thought he'd take the long way around to home, to get used to the mass of the bike, boy he seemed excited with his new toy...

    After about 20km of 'training', my friend rides down mainstreet in his hometown, big showoff... mates cheered from the corner pub... all was well...

    further down, sitting at some long duration lights my friend said he was so full of it, eyeing off his own new shiny bike, big, powerful, smooth, silent.. didn't even look around when the lights changed... Big handful... "wow... 100HP" (he screamed out laughing) into 2nd - big handful...

    Not much further, a big U-turn and quick left to go up a hill and home...my friend see's something happening in the corner of his eye... O M G it's the cops, going sideways trying to take the u-turn from the 3rd left lane :LOL: :LOL:

    My friend suddenly wakes up and screams to himself..." Oh -that's for me.... :shock: " and adrenalin pumps overtime, he said...

    moment later, rather fastidiously he rides into his front yard and zips behind a big cover-tree, where on the slippery grass he slides the new beast on it's side. :shock:

    Then he tells me.....

    kill switch on - silence - wait........ cops drive past eyes beaming like radars.... silence... waits 2,3 minutes.... :LOL:

    then bips his horn to call MUMMY out to help him lift his bike up, cause it's TOO BIG :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    (well... this is what my friend told me..... :roll: )
  16. When you say "floor it," do you mean that you'll lowside it in a panic? Because that's what it sounds like. Best of luck with that.
  17. i'm not going to post details, so we'll leave it at "police are still investigating."

    and they're taking their sweet-ass time, it was over two years ago
  18. ^
    not like that time up the gt wstrn, couldnt knab ya there so they nailed you arse on rail property without a ticket :roll:

  19. Why would a person try and outrun the police with a 250cc or 125cc bike?
  20. Haven't you seen the bicycle cops in the city. He's trying to even the playing field! :LOL: