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Have to wait until 2007

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nil_orally, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Pretty, aint she ....... :roll:
  2. ANY bike built around that tall V Twin is going to struggle to look sleek, but that is just plain repulsive.
  3. Ah, but you said that about the Katana, didn't you?

    Actually, I love it - its a Giger-cycle. But if they've already got rid of all the extraneous stuff, what would be left for me to do? All that would be left is to ride the sucker.
  4. Only Americans could use the words "mere" and "375 lb" in the same sentence and keep a straight face.
  5. Isn't that about 170kg? 'Bout the same as a Hornet, I reckon!

  6. Yea i can just see me riding that thing. Love it.
  7. I hope that never comes to our shores. There was a write up in the AMCN a few issues back, didn't get a good review and I think the price is ridiculous. I think they also make another bike (Tom Cruise owns one) that has a $75,000+ price tag.
  8. Boy I'm really upsetting the Triumph owners lately, aren't I?
    Yep, it is about the same weight as the Hornet, never could get the hang of this metric stuff...... I'll go and sit in the corner now, ok???
  9. Easy there, old fella, no-one's upset. I'm quite comfortable with my euro bike snobbery! :LOL:

    As for the black beast at the top of the post, its refreshing to see that the Yanks can build a bike that's not a cruiser, but will someone teach them how to build a decent engine? :roll:
  10. Agreed, surely there's other engine configurations in the world than V-Twin; (like the new Triumph 680 Triple....)?? And many better V-Twins are being built by other manufacurers and nations. Does it cost less to build a V-twin than other configurations?
  11. its a streetfighter!!!!!!!!!!!!! :LOL: :LOL:

    said it before and i'll say it again, someone whalloped that with the ugly stick :shock:
  12. Other considerations apart, (above) who's the genius who decided in 2005 that a 1920s motorcyle seat is a great styling cue, or practical?
    2007? I can wait a lot longer than that!!!
  13. I don't recall calling the Katana repulsive, but I DID say that, when it first came out, people hated the styling cos it was so different. I admit to not liking it in 1980, but I never said it was repulsive.
  14. I'll endeavour to about putting words in your mouth :wink: