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Have to visit a client in Mittagong - which way from Melbourne this time of year

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by MacManMike, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    My "how long is a piece of string" question for Friday morning is this:

    If you had to travel from Melbourne to Mittagong next week (bearing in mind potential for snow) how would you do it on two wheels? NOT interested in the Hume.

    I have to go visit a client for a day or so mid next week, and while I could drive (probably should because I need to carry some gear) I would prefer to ride. Can carry the gear on the K and probably should take it since it seems to be more police-proof than the VFR.

    Fire away! Open to suggestions.
  2. Woo, what a ride.

    Down to Gippsland and up through Orbost to Eden, Bega, Nowra, Bateman's Bay, Nowra and then left at Kiama, out through Jamberoo, down to Albion Park and left onto the Illawarra Highway, and up the Macquarie Pass. Right at the hairpin just before the railway overpass and onto Tourist Road, follow it through to Bowral and up the old highway to Mittagong..
  3. i'm in mittagong and let me tell you it feels like it is gonna snow here at the moment so pack warm, probably will be 30 next week but, hornets way along the coast sounds the way to avoid the mountain snow
  4. Gotta try the Bonang - bit of easy dirt, but IMHO, close to the best road I've ridden

  5. it'd be a bit snowy, literally, at the moment, though, wouldn't it?

    otherwise I'd go Yea, Mansfield, Whitefield, Benalla, Wodonga, Corowa, Alpine Highway to Yarrawonga, Thredbo, Jindabyne, Cooma, down Brown Mountain to Bateman's Bay and the rest as I sugested earlier....
  6. Got snowed on last year back from GP just other side of Bombala to Cooma - pretty much one year ago :shock:
  7. Just out of curiosity, what work do you do, that would bring you all the way from melbourne to a small ass place like mittagong :LOL:
  8. Thanks for the ideas folks!

    It's going to be a busy few days no doubt. Waedwe, I am a graphic designer going up to see someone in the racing business. Been doing some work for them over the last couple of months and need to get up there to see some goodies. I could fly and hire a car, but I'll probably only save a handful of hours once I factor in mucking around with hire cars. Plus I wanted some mental health time away from the office anyhow.
  9. well if you manage to break away from work, try the ride down into kangaroo valley through to nowra or the macquarie pass areas, well worth the trip, local scenic and twisty enjoy the trip
  10. Still watching the weather report daily to see what the bureau's latest guesswork has in store for me.

    Definitely taking the K if it's going to be wet.
  11. Weather is picture-perfect here today
  12. It's the "on the way up" weather I am thinking about though. Especially if heading through the hills.
  13. Is wet in mittagong at the moment, forecast some more rain and some sun tomorrow 9 to 18 degree's, windy wednesday 8 to 14 degrees, fine thursday 7 to 16 deg celsius
  14. Going to call it at Albury based on weather and how tired I am... Weather over the top looks inclement to say the least!