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N/A | National have the cops ever done anything with vid evidence?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Viscera99, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. So, lotsa SMIDSY, road rage, stupid, tard-like behaviour being caught on gopro these days. Often when these vids get posted someone advises to take it to the cops. Some do and some don't.

    I've only ever seen posts with a negative or at best a 'nothing' outcome. Has anyone had any success getting someone charged on the strength of their vids?

  2. Wish I had a video of that semi that moved over (into the left lane) to squeeze me into a parked car this arvo... I'd take that to the cops for sure.

    I saw it a mile off though, held back then passed him with the bird on show.
  3. TBH, what I've seen is that the cops don't care about near misses with bikes, or aggressive driving that cuts us off... People have gone to the cops, all they say is it's a case of SMIDSY, can't do anything about it. The cops don't care about us, it happens too often and isn't on their radar. Sad but true.
  4. I sent my video of the BMW that tried to take me out to crime stoppers ... cops called me back today, they're acting on it.
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  5. Gord I don't want ti hijack this thread and I don't know the details of this incident but semis have limited visibility and lots of blind spots. It may have been a true smidsy, stay well clear of them. :)
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  6. Sadly the cops are right.

    The dangerous driving stuff in the NSW Crimes Act doesn't care until someone gets injured or killed. Then, however, it seems SMIDSY is no excuse. Anything less than bodily injury is just a road rules violation - at most the cops can write a ticket, but unless the video evidence is spot on the perp will contest it and win.

    This would be why the cops CBF following up a lot of go-pro footage, and why they told sbb to complain to the politicians.
  7. I think that's a bad way to go.... What happens when Mr Cager then sticks a GoPro to his windscreen and catches one of those pesky motorsickles FILTERING??!?! Or doing GST over?
  8. I have heard of riders in VIC being caught from footage on youtube ... but that was footage they posted up themselves ;)
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  9. I know that if I filmed my commute, I may find an idiot or two doing incredible stupid things, but I will certainly be over the speed limit somewhere in the footage. I wouldn't want to gingerly hand that to a police officer or encourage 'dobbing' :\

    From my experience, they can't really be farked beyond a phone call to the driver
  10. The problem the police have is that there is no way of proving who was driving the vehicle at the time.. even if the police did take action and charge the driver/owner the evidence would simply not hold up in court (maybe if you had good footage of the drivers face, yes, but still unlikely)

    Good thing we wear helmets ;)
  11. Yes. Even that texting biker in sydney only got caught because he was dumb enough to hand himself and admit it.
  12. the registered owner has to tell them who was driving.
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    He had no choice but to. Police had already identified him so it was a matter of when, not if.


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    It's not a case of not caring, but one of them not being able to do anything about it unless you, being the aggressor, is silly enough to admit what you did on the road. Unless the police actually witnessed the incident themselves, what do you expect them to do?


  15. There's a fairly comprehensive thread on one of the pushbike forums- BNA where a good few people claim to have had a fair amount of success getting action with camera evidence of near misses, one bloke has even produced a report proforma. I'll dig up the link and append it.

    Added as promised, info on the proforma


    and 200 plus pages of discussion on the things motorists do to pushbike riders, there's a certain feeling of dejavu here...


  16. flicking through channels the other night i caught a brief story on aca (a show i never watch usually) and some moron and his friends filmed him stealing fuel, and laughing about it and bragging about it.

    then he goes on national tv and admits it and says he does it for a laugh... and basically laughed it off at the reporter who interviewed him, he put it on youtube and his fb account also.

    what a f'ucking moron.

    i'm sure his parents are proud.

    after the story i flicked it back to tosh.o and proceeded to laugh at some more idiots from youtube. ( who knew a clip show about youtube vids could make someone worth millions)

    wish i had that idea.
  17. You haven't heard of speed cameras?

  18. **** those lycra brigaders are hilarious.

    What gronks, they go on about people breaking minor road rules, such as demanding an old man is fined because he honked one of them, trying to get the cops to chase after a guy who came a little close for comfort while the rider was splitting.

    Like shit, these idiots run red lights and generally disobey every road road they can and then complain when a car gets a bit close for comfort while they filter.
  19. Thoes things owned by the Government? ...Yes, quite different to cameras strapped to ones head owned by an individual.