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Have some lean angle!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by [FLUX], Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Loris Capirossi at the Mugello GP

    Now that's leaning!


  2. I love watching Capirossi ride, he looks like hes losing it all over the place.

    Cant beleive he stays on the bike half the time, so entertaining (not to mention talented).
  3. Wow thats crazy! I can't understand how he wouldn't be going for a big old slide after leaning the bike over that far. Pure talant or a highly tuned machine?
  4. Primarily due to the recent amazing advances in tyre technology. This is why bikes are developing chattering problems. They can now lean the bikes so far over that they're encountering issues that were never that serious before. The further you lean, the less that the suspension can do it's normal up'n'down thing as it's now almost side-ways to the road, and this is where they're now fine-tuning frame flex to compensate and allow a flexing frame to provide some manner of road tracking effect.

    The picture is great 'cos it highlights just how much grip the racers have with the new tyre tech to be able to crank the bikes over that far, and yet still not go sliding.
  5. Also looks like that corner has a very nice camber to it which would help.
  6. The tyre may give Cappa a lot of grip but look at his throttle hand. Cappa is backed off the throttle. If he opens the throttle at that lean angle he will loose it big time no matter how much tyre grip his got.
  7. The only time I'll be that low on a corner is just before a crash :rofl:
  8. It used to be about draggin knees, now its about draggin elbows! lol!
  9. There is no way in hell he would be backed off the throttle :shock:

    He would most likely be slightly accelerating, MAYBE maintaining constant speed at the least, but there is no chance he would back off the gas at an angle like that :shock:

    P.S. - big fan of Capirex! Love his style :grin: