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Have put a deposit on this bike (VTR250)... BUT ...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Tim^, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I found a 2005 VTR250 (Reg EE287) at a dealer in Olive St, Ringwood. The bike HAS been dropped I have been told, but the front top forks have been replaced. There is a ding in the tank (which might easy be pulled out), and a few scratches along the exhaust. Nothing major, and the bike "looks straight". Its a small shop, and the people in there seem honest & helpful enough.

    However, there is no service or owners manuals with the bike. I am just wondering if anybody here knows of any history on this bike, or any reason I should lose my deposit and pull out of the deal??

    I paid $4000 (inc new rear tyre and windscreen) for it, which seems pretty cheap in this market for an 05 bike, and asking myself "is it too good of a deal" ?

    What are the laws covering warranty on buying from a shop?? I heard something along the lines of under X years, and over Y dollars? But can't remember exactly. It's coming with RWC and reg till August (I think).

    Thanks for looking
  2. The price is very good, and you'll drop the hell out of it before you're done with it so don't go nancying around pulling dents out of the tank unless you want to sell it. Sounds like a goer!
  3. $4000 is fantastically cheap for it, however I would be wanting to take it for a ride to see whether the handling is still straight and true, especially after a crash that caused the forks to be replaced.
  4. Re: Have put a deposit on this bike ... BUT ...

    That's only for cars. Statuatory warranty does not apply to ANY used motorcycle (in Victoria at least) so no dealer is legally required to offer one.
  5. Just check that it was a repairable write off and not a statuatory write off.
  6. Write off?

    I thought it had just been dropped... :?
  7. Sounds absurdly cheap to me, beware.
    2005 HONDA VTR250 250cc 5sp ROAD
    Average Price+ $6,250 - $6,950
    Trade In Price Guide+ $4,750 - $4,900
    Average km+ No Data Available
    Price When New (RRP)+ $7,990
  8. Dent in the tank would concern me. How many Kms? $4k is pretty cheap, you might just have got a bargain.
  9. Hi .. and thanks for all the feed back so far ..

    Loz - thats what I was thinking .. I'm sure to drop it .. even if its only while practicing dropping it on the grass! ( too learn how far it goes before I can't save it )

    Haggismaen - agree its rather cheap, hence my questions & I would have ridden it, however, even if I did, I wouldn't really know what I am looking for or how it should feel. ( Well I am not confident that I would anyway, and didn't want to take a chance breaking someone's bike my very first time on the road)

    jd - Thanks

    triway - I have been trying to check it the last 24hrs on www.checkitout.com.au .. but keep getting "gov servers are down" .. But I was told by the guys, it was dropped and then sold direct to them, so vicroads may not even know about the drop. Am still trying to check its official status tho.

    pete - Agree, hence my questions, A) after placing a $50 deposit on it, 8) not saying much before the deposit, in case its a great bargin and one of you other buggers goes in any buys it ;) If I loose $50 .. so what ..

    port80 - dent is about at the very back of the tank to the right, just like it had been made by some poor buggers right knacker. about the same size also ..

    its got 15,000 km's on the clock

    bit more info since you have all been so helpful so far ... their is a 2-3mm deep and about 5cm long "gash" on the front left lower fork .. and the above mentioned scratches down the right.. so sounds like its been dropped, and then slid under something .. how sever does that sound ?

    I didn't ride it, but the young guy ( under 20 ) at the place did a few ride by's for me, looked OK, sounded all OK .. and he didn't take it easy ( as I imagine someone might if they new something could go wrong)

    Any body interested in popping over to Ringwood in the next day or 2 and have a look before I get it delivered on Friday?? :grin: :grin: PM me if so..

  10. Hey Tim,
    I could pop in and take a look for ya, don't really know what I'm doing either. But I have been through the process before bought my little hornet 250 about 7 months ago. Have ridden a VTR 250 before, so will have something to compare it to.

    I don't know what time I will finish work 2moro but most likely around 2.30pm PM me your mobile number so I can SMS/call you when I'm done. I pass through Ringwood on the way home. Or give me a buzz.

  11. 3 day cooling off period applies.

    I would be worried it is an import.
  12. set of oggy knobs for a vtr250 - 140 bucks.

    scratching your tank as you didnt get the knobs - a cheap deal at the shop.

    i would say its not cheap, but relative for waht you are getting. afterall you still need to spend to make repair, and therefore add to the overall cost of hte bike. check if it has been claimed and therefore listed as a 'repairable write off'. this will always reflect the bikes value, so when you go to sell it, you will find you will need to sell under market value to attract a buyer.

    the fact you are learning on it is good. they are a good bike to learn on, but you dont need such a late model to learn. these bikes have changed very little ove rhte last 4 odd years, so why not buy a good looking well kept used one, get your oggys to protect your tank, and enjoy a nice bike. rather than learning on something thats already been fukd up a little and having to justify all the time... 'it wasnt me - i got it that way.' or ' no i do ride better than this'... after all riding a bike is a complete experience. then sell it for slightly less (you wont loose much) when you are done, as teh 250 market is propped up by regulation keeping prices relatively consistant.
  13. oh and a 'drop' is consistant with a few light marks here and there... replacing forks is a 'crash' in my books. very different.
  14. Just a public THANK YOU to im.on.it for dropping by and giving me a excellent report on his thoughts on the bike. Mostly positive it seems, and sounds like a good deal .. However I will take his advice and get the guys at treads'n'things to give it a full mechanical look over before I take possession.

    Don't think I will ever stop being surprised by the helpfulness of those in the biking community to their fellow ( soon to be ) riders. Thank You all for you feedback on this thread.

    Thanks Again

    +5 go to im.on.it :grin:
  15. I agree with twoguns.

    I can't see how you can damage the forks enough to need replacing just from a drop.
  16. a gash in the fork, are you sure they replaced the forks sounds bit dodgy that there is a gash after replacement maybe they were saying the forks need to be replaced
  17. They replaced the TOP of the forks ..

    Also, before I take possession I will be getting the guys at Treads'n'things (who do loads of Honda servicing) to spend an hour going over it, and then they give me a written report.

  18. so the triple clamp?
  19. Umm .. I have no idea what a triple clamp is ...
  20. I didn't know to look at the triple clamp, what can that tell me? The bike has definitely been crashed. the top of the forks must have been bent, they are now straight and run pretty straight. fairly smooth. I was told they were forks from an NSR, yeah does seem a bit dodgy. The frame is straight although the seat doesn't quite sit square. could be because it was sitting on the side stand or could be because the seat and tail is made of plastic. There were no dings or dents in the rims. brakes looked ok no warping. chain a bit tight no slack when on side stand.

    Unable to test ride so I can't comment on the motor except to say it sounded fine warming up and revving in neutral.

    Assuming the motor is still in good nic, I reckon it's still worth buying for the price seeing as he'll get a new rear tyre and a shield thrown in. Not much to spend on it in the next few months. That's why I reccommended tim to get the motor checked out seeing as they won't allow test rides. something to do with being a small shop and insurance not covering them.

    I wouldn't say they were 100% honest with what the bike has gone through. but then what salesman is?