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Have; injured GoPro. Wanted; fukd GoPro.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Heya, turns out my sucky mount was a little to sucky (or un-sucky) and decided to un-suck, which sucked because it got sucked under a GoKart near Leeds on the weekend. My lanyard I always use? It was about 3 inchs too long and the force of it been ground under the frame while I tried to pass my mates actually broke it. Results;

    Sucky mount;

    Case and Lens;

    Case again, note power button;

    Now the issue is, the case power button on its shorterning (litterally) life span decided to take out the camera power button with it; see here;


    So as a result, I have a GoPro HD1 with no power button. It works fine, I just have to use a zip tie or something pointy to turn it on and off - which really, is no good.

    What I wanna ask people, has anyone killed a GoPro and kept it? Or has a dead one from drowing it in the glass of water beside your bed while you hid it on your shelf while you shagged that hot bird from work? (you know you've all thought about it, that firmware feature that lets you turn the red light off and the instant one-push-start-recording feature). Yeah, all I want is a button from one, anyone reckon they know of a dead one?

    If so, please PM me and I'd like to arrange a swap of goods, money or beer or something...

    Cheers folk, hope you enjoyed the pictures.

    --brownyy (GoPro-less)
  2. You know how to post a funny post from a non-funny incident, brownyy!!

    I'd love to help but nothing interesting every happens to me on a bike, so I don't have a camera :LOL:
  3. Wanted: One Gopro to fix one stoppro.


    Hey, drop GoPro support a line, they'll love the pics and probably mail you a button just for the hell of it. Try them.
  4. Wayyyy ahead of ya Rob; they have stated if I post them the dead one and a photocopy of the original receipt, providing the purchase is within one year, they'll sell me a replacement unit with discount. Well mine is outside of the 1 year time frame and I don't have the reciept as it was a bulk purchase here on NR. I've again asked for a button, surely they have one somewhere, if people are mailing them dead ones...

    Be fair, the online support form was posted this arvo (monday arvo GMT) and I got a reply 2-3 hours later.

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd
  5. video or it never happened.
  6. Bugger! What do they do with all the other gopro's that get sent back to them so owners can take advantage of a discount gopro?

    I have to agree, Gopro support is the most helpful I've ever come across.

    There's also a gopro user forum that you might be able to get some help from. Good luck mate.
  7. Looks like a knee slider.....theres a use for it now :p

    Cheers Spocky
  8. Didn't work....

  9. :rofl:

    Edit; he said knee slider, not oggy knob...!
  10. Good to see your sense of humour is intact Heli.
  11. Wooooo, an update from GoPro;

    Fukn Awesome I say!! They have gone above and beyond I feel to help out. While they can't send me a power button to repair it, they are offering me an upgrade to a GoPro HD2 with a 20% discount. They wanted a scan of the receipt, which I didn't have, so a screen shot of my netbank showing the transfer of money to Goz during the group buy was surfice!! No other company would ever except that. I'm also outside of their 1year warrenty, but they have still offered a discount. Brilliant, frikking brilliant GoPro.

    I just have to wait a few weeks to save up some cashy to buy. So if anyway has any issues with their GoPro's, don't be affraid to contact "the big company", they actually resolve matters quickly, professionally, and personally. I've never seen any company do that, ever!!! You usually have to "return it to the place of purchase".

    Top work GoPro. =D>

    Now to save cashy...
  12. why not open up the case and replace the switch with some thing from jay car or dick smith.
  13. Actually, that's a bloody good idea. Browny does have a clue about electricals. What's the equivalent of Jaycar in the UK Browny?
  14. ](*,)](*,)

    Really? I never thought of that.

    The electrical button is fine, hence the comment in the first post, it still works.

    I need the plastic made to measure button, hence the photo, in the first post. Hence I need a dead GoPro, hence the title of this thread.

    I'm tipping by now no one has one.

    Remember folk; make those safety lanyards short enough!!
  15. I've still got to try mine after its adventure: I've been away in Exmouth getting paid to sit in the sun. If it doesn't work I'll let you know :cool:
  16. Cheers Heli, i'm tipping you decked the bike up that way? Think my mate lives near by, and keeps wanting me to go work over there...

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd
  17. No, gravel on the Yakkandandah road ](*,)