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Have I missed something?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Garido, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Must be 'Run a red light day' today. On my way to work this morning I saw 5 cars and 1 motorbike running red lights at 4 different locations. Some of them quite some time after the light had changed. [-( One guy came to the lights (which were red), edged slightly forward to have a look, then proceeded through the red lights turning left while other cars were waiting in the straight on lane.

    I come along the Monash Eastbound, taking the Stud Road exit and there are cars running the red light at the Stud Road intersection quite regularly. But today, it wasn't there, it was anywhere else but at that intersection!

  2. Remember, if it's red for you, its green for the adjacent traffic....:-k
  3. So... just powerslide it through at a 90° angle?
  4. To some people red is just a deeper shade of amber.
    This totally sh1ts me, there is a junction in Pymble - Yanko Rd/Mona Vale Rd, without fail every time the lights go red there are at least 5 cars coming from Yanko Rd jumping the lights by at least 3 seconds (or the time it takes for a moderately powerful scooter/bike to be right in the kill zone) in 12 years I've never seen the Po-po deal with it but you can bet 3 points they'll be 2 K's up the road with the hand held amassing $$s for 5k's over the posted limit.
  5. That's certainly true.
    Lost track of the number of times I've gone through an amber light thinking "that might have been pushing it a bit" - only to look in the mirrors and see a car that was several lengths behind me follow me through.

    I'm actually convinced most drivers in traffic don't even bother to look at lights, only whether the the car in front of them is moving or not (and sometimes fail to even do that). Proof is in the number of cars I've seen take off through a red just because cars in a right turn lane got a green arrow and started moving.