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Have I just kill my bike?!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by MrJtw, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Been a newbie in the riding world, thinking I can do oil change myself I think I have just kill the bike because oil is now leaking. Cut the long story short the drain bolt can't be tighten on the bike it just keep losen up no matter what I do, I know the sealing washer is damage after take off the bolt!!! My question is if I replace the washer would it help n what happen next if washer is replace n the bolt still won't tight up? Is there any gd mechanic ard in Brisbane that I can take the bike to? Don't really want to go to the dealers as they only have kids there at the workshop n they charge arm n legs for everything... HELP](*,)

    (Sorry I think I post this on the wrong forum but don't know how to delete n post on the right on)
  2. Chances are you have stripped the threads on your sump (easy with an alloy sump). The sump will have to come off and be retapped with a bigger size. That's an easy home job if you have the tools, otherwise see a pro.
  3. Sounds like the bolt or bolt hole has threaded.

    If its the bolt, a replacement bolt and new washer will fix it.

    If its the bolt hole, you will have re-thread the sump & fit a new bolt.
  4. Does the sump plug bolt get a little tight then go lose again when you are trying to tighten it ????
    If so you have threaded it. Wrecked the thread in the engine casing.
    Don't fret your are far from the first to do it if it is the case. Engine casings are made from a fairly soft alloy and this can happen.
    So now if this is the case you need to get your bike down to a mechanic or engineering shop. It's not a hard job. A bit labor intensive though.
    Is there a mechanic or engineering shop near you ??? Give them a ring and explain that the sump plug hole is threaded and ask if they can repair it. Preferably with a Helicoil. Actually you want it repaired with a helicoil. Don't let them go at it with thread repair gunk or you will have the same problem next oil change.
  5. How much did you tighten it? Did you use a torque wrench?

    If youve never changed oil, maybe you arent aware of just how weak sump threads are. If its a second hand bike then its possible previous owners had no idea how weak sump threads are, and you were the one to break it completely.

    And dont ride it obviously. A stream of oil coming from your bike directly in front of the rear wheel will make for a wild ride.
  6. If the guy stuffs up a simple bolt I would not advise him to pull out the sump and fix it himself.8-[
  7. MRJtw. You might not have done it. The previous owner might have and repaired it with gunk and now ... Phhft.
    Take it to someone anyway it's a prick of a job. And no the sump does not need to come off, it can be done as is on most bikes.
    Probably gunna cost you around a Hundred bucks. Give or take twenty.
  8. Omg.....](*,) Would I be able get the bolt n washer at the major auto shops like super cheap n autobarn? Or any pro in brisbane I can see with.... Sigh poor bike going thru all this n it is not even a month in my hand....
  9. Its better to use a Timesert there a better gadget than a Helicoil,if the hole is clear of the frame it usually can be done externally with grease on the cutting tools to catch the spool.Ask around at the better engineering type bike shops,do they exist anymore.It takes time to educate the wrist in nipping up bolts in alloy,we have all had that sinking feeling when you strip a thread
  10. I wouldn't bother pulling the sump. A lot of bike you won't get it without removing the engine anyway. Just do it with the sump in place.
  11. Good call Zim. They are a handy thing. And would be perfect for the job.
  12. It's possible that you have made a mistake and over tightened the bolt. It's more likely that somebody else has done it before, and patched up the problem in a temporary way and quickly sold the bike. Maybe this is your mistake - maybe not.

    You're bike is not dead. It's not a serious problem, but it will need to be fixed.

    If the damage is to the threads on the bolt, then it can be replaced very cheaply and easily. That is not the most likely situation. More likely, the sump is damaged and the bolt is fine. The bolt is usually much stronger than the alloy sump.

    Many of us here could explain how to fix it, but if you don't know what a helicoil is, or even a tap and die set, and you elected to ask us about this, then I suspect your mechanical skills are at a beginner level. With that in mind, I think it would be better to talk to a bike mechanic, and arrange to have the bike taken to a bike shop and fixed there.

    Trying to fix this yourself and getting it wrong, is pretty much guaranteed to result in a crash, serious engine damage, or both. I'd take it to a professional.
  13. Don't take the sump off, don't ride it to a shop, just stick it on a trailer and take it to the shop like that. should only be a $50 job, half an hour or so. Nothing to worry about.
  14. Before you take it anywhere ring around and ask specifically if they have done this type of job and what they used to repair the thread,there is enough tech details posted so you can make an informed decision as to who to use,BTW it will be more that $50,the oil will cost close to that,expect maybe $150 or so,ask if they can pick the bike up
  15. I was talking about just for a helicoil. Any more than 50 and your being ripped off. The guy's probably got his own oil he can use.
  17. The problem with Helicoils is the insert can sometimes unscrew with the plug,Timecerts positively lock onto the case ,there a bit more expensive but well worth the extra cost.
    Plus if and its a rare if they fail there are oversized Timeserts that are avalable
  18. not sure what is helicoil and Timserts (told your guys i am a newbie in this)
    but will sure find out when i am down at the mechanic...

    my mum think i got a lemon bike since not knowing its me doing all the damages LOL
  19. LOL. Perhaps that's for the best. But if she starts arguing with mechanics or bike shops, you'd better tell her.