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Have I got a good story to tell....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Churro Monster, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Well,

    We arrived at Errols last night as per usual for our weekly catch up. I had just gotten off my bike and noticed a young guy on a brand new Harley Nightster pulled up in the gutter so his missus could duck intp the 7/11. Of course I went straight over to him and told him how much I loved it and I may buy one in the near future. He asked what I rode and asked if I loved the Bee Emm . I told him I would have the Harley as my 2nd bike cause Red Girl is just too great to ever ever ever sell. Then asked me if I wanted to go for a ride ! Hmm, getting on the back of a strangers bike??? hmm, why the hell not! So I ran to get my lid. As i turned back around hes off he bike , gesturing to me that I can ride it myself :shock: :dance: Ok!! I was absolutely speechless. I offered him my keys and hes just said " nuh its cool, just hurry up cause my missus is late for a party" . I said " well at least whats youre name- my name is Kate ' so with niceties out of the way off I go around the block ( didnt even get out of 3rd gear) and came back with a smile that you couldve seen from Jupiter. Ive ridden heaps of Harleys and knew I would like it. Then they jump on the bike and go. I told him that we meet there every week and hes welcome to come and ride my bike next time if he likes.
    So I drove everyone mad with that story last night and I just wanted to share it with everyone else. In my 20+ years of riding that has never happened. :grin:

    Thankyou Brent- wherever you are.
  2. Hey Kate, how come this isn't on the front page of the daily tabloids?
    Oh that's right no speeding, hooning or mayhem was involved :grin:
  3. That's pretty trusting of him, which in this day and ages is surprising.

    So are you definitely buying one now?
  4. If I had the contacts it would be in the media :p

    As you know Im a great one for sharing the love- ( Mach rode red girl last night) this dude just stepped it up a bit! :shock:

    Dane, yeah I love it . I call it the Fonzie bike. Just let me see how my finances go this year . Big Four Oh in May. Is my husband reading this??

    ICE?? you there honey???
  5. Damn! that's excellent. Talking about being in the right spot at the right time. Good stuff.
  6. Got to love in today's day of being scared of absolutely everything, this fellow was not only generous enough but also brave enough to let a complete stranger play with his bike :grin:
    Glad you had such a great time! :grin:
    (lets hope he isn't as generous with his girlfriend :wink: :p )
  7. That's great, should be more of it. In fact, start paying it forward by giving me a hoot on ya beema! :grin:
  8. Loz- you know where I am most Saturday nights- its there for the taking. :)
  9. that is pretty cool
  10. Woohoo!
  11. we want the full review loz, height, bust size hair colour, oops i mean bike colour, what she goes like and so on :grin:
  12. Would have been a more interesting story if the harley had been stolen and you got pulled over on it around the corner.

    Sorry officer, some nice guy let me take it for a spin.

    Be careful dude!
  13. I think you might find that it's dudette :grin:
  14. Wow that's awesome Kate :)
  15. Dude works, never heard of matette lol :p
  16. My mistake. But still relevant! I had a mate in a similar situation with a car. Guy at the servo let him take it for a spin. A day later cops show up at his house as they got him on cctv takinf off in the car from the service station.

    Very messy.
  17. Dude is fine. I think he had more reason to worry that I would drop it on him than me worrying if it was stolen or not.

    Goz, believe me , you dont want a review :shock:

    Height- so short that its plain silly
    Bust size - hmmm the term "matronly" comes to mind :LOL:
    Hair colour- ask my hairdresser !
  18. [​IMG]

    Here's the proof!!!
  19. Hey Kate,

    What a great story!
    As others have already said - far too little niceness in the world today.... Every now and again something just like this comes along to reaffirm your faith in people!

    So - how was the ride?
  20. My Roman Orgy.

    You get the grapes.