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Have I caught the bug?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kRaZeD, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    So yesterday I thought I'd do the right thing and take the car into work as I lack rain gear and it was somewhat wet in the morning.

    As I was making my merry way down the freeway I kept looking at all the bikes in envy. Not just a little, but a lot. It made me want to turn around and get my bike. Even though it was wet.

    Then to make matters worse the weather cleared up and it ended up being an amazingly nice day. And I still didn't have my bike :(

    Does anyone else experience this issue? The look of envy that crosses your face as you see a bike fly past the other way. The feeling of melancholy as you yearn for the feeling of the wind caressing your skin...

    Or am I just a little bit crazy?

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  2. fcuk wind caressing your skin n all that homo shit....bikes are no homo....unless your a homo...then it's plenty homo...

    bikes beat everything....it's like the transport version of scissors, paper, rock...and the motorbike is the fcuking nuclear bomb....beats everything.
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  3. I don't get bike envy........I just ride my bike everywhere I go......easiest way to stop the pining.....
  4. I was trying to be poetic or something crisis... Using evocative imagery.

    I wish I could ride all the time, but sadly I'm not as manly as yourself BitStar. I dislike being wet.
  5. Not about being Manly or not.....it's just how I get around, the Missus has the car, I have the bike....nice and simple....

    Rain or not I have no choice (not that I would choose the cage anyway)......

    Riding in the rain is not all that bad and with the right gear you will stay bone dry....
  6. Sell the car buy some gear.
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  7. Which really is the issue. I don't have the right gear for wet weather riding. In the first week of riding I did my fair share of wet weather rides. First day went for a ride and it started raining. A lot.

    That weekend rode to Sale and on the way back it rained. A lot. I got wet on both counts, more hands and legs as the jacket I used, whilst not a wet weather one, was quite good at blocking the rain.
  8. I was gonna say, 'who gets wet on a bike?'. In wet weather gear and helmet I arrive at work drier than the people who have to run from the carpark :)
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  9. #9 Vertical C, Jan 10, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2013
    By the way a one piece oversuit that will keep you dry (till torrential rain) should be only $50 ish.

    Buy a size or two too big.
  10. I've avoided rain lately because I'm lazy, and everytime the chain gets wet it needs a clean and oil. Hopefully the new chain is a bit better haha, the only time its nice weather up here this time of year is when it rains!
  11. Yes, you have the bug. You must go for a ride.

    I'm the same, I don't take my bike to work because there's no where safe to park it. Our truck yard has gravel and dirt and I don't like to leave it outside overnight (as I do night shift).

    Just look forward to your next ride.
  12. If god didn't want you to ride in the rain he would've made you out of sugar.
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  13. I rode into work last Wednesday for the first time ever. It was a nice, sunny, mid-20s day with hardly any traffic around and I thought I should try it once. I'd already made the decision that I wouldn't be riding in if it was too hot or if it was raining so I figured I'd better take advantage of the perfect conditions.

    Just over a week later, I've ridden in 40+ degrees one day, and 14 degrees with rain a couple of days later (without the proper gear on). Now I'm trying to get a refund on my yearly Myki because it's completely wasted sitting in my pocket doing nothing, and my car's got a flat battery.

    Fun, this bug thing :D
  14. I ride more than I drive. When I am in a car, even as a passenger, I wish I was on the bike. Oh, except when it's 38c+, then I just want to be inside in front of an air conditioner.

    Edit: Yes kRaZeD you have got the bug.
  15. Its not a bug its in your DNA, welcome to the real world :)
  16. Sounds like me... Riding just... Works better for me. Even the time taken getting gear on isn't an issue at all.

    I thought as much... Oh well, for better or worse (as my parents believe) I love riding.

    I rarely drive these days... Car gets driven maybe twice a week these days if its lucky.

    :) and such an amazing world it is. I've loved bikes since day dot, but never had a chance until last year to really do anything about it.
  17. I would ride mine to work but getting the ladder on, cable and tools I need would be a challenge. But yes, I tend to spot every other lucky bastard on their bikes. Even if I spot just a helmet and it going the other way, I try to see more.

    There is no rehab!
  18. And then there's those times when you're in your car and another rider goes past... and you nod.
  19. Haha, luckily I haven't done that yet Gobber... Caught myself every time...
  20. Talk about the bug. Imagine sitting in a cage driving up to Mt. Buffalo, Mt. Hotham down to Lakes Entrance and back up to Jindy and Cooma !!??&$@:((aaaaaargh)). Just watching all em bikes go past. Sigh. Well, I'll just have to go back there again.