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Have I bought the wrong size jacket??? (Alpinestars 7-2)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Jaymz, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Newbie question

    I just recently ordered an Alpinestars 7-2 jacket from the US from ridersdiscount

    My trouble, and one I have with all clothes, is that I am 5 foot 7, but quite broad and stocky. 41" chest and 75 kg. Of course this means all my clothing is either long and fitted, or the right length and too tight. Although they are recommended for people over 5'10", I bought the size 52 (42US) jacket, as I fit into the 52 range for weight and chest.

    It's my first bike jacket so I'm not sure about the size. I've been to a few shops and tried on different Alpinestars jackets (but not the 7-2). Some guys said I was definitely a 52, others definitely a 50. When trying on the 50 it was definitely tight. Not snug. Tight, as in it was a bit of an effort to zip it up, and once on, felt like a straight jacket.

    The 52 I have got looks and fits fine, with no bagginess. But it is not tight. I can zip it up easily. The sleeves are are slightly too long (when standing normally, they come an inch past the wrist. The jacket itself comes down about an inch below my beltline.

    When crouched on my bike the jacket becomes a bit bunched around the stomach and chest, and there is some looseness in the shoulders, but the arms are tight (no slack AT ALL around the bicep). When sitting the bottom of the jacket touches the very tops of my thighs.

    Just how tight should it be? If it feels comfortable when sanding is it too big. If I go down to the 50, then I can barely zip the thing up.

    I feel like I will always have to make the compromise between length and tightness. Height wise I am a small, build was somewhere between a medium and large for most clothing. My business suit size is a 42 short.

    Any help will be grealtly appreciated!
  2. All leather jackets will feel tight at first. The idea is that in a off, the jacket wont slide about, exposing your skin to the fast, hard moving surface. You can buy conditioners that will help soften the jacket, but after a few months of continous use, it will become molded to your shape.
  3. i've got the same problem, biggie - still yet to find a jacket that fits me properly
  4. I wouldn't be concerned about the arms being slightly too long in the standing position, you need the extra length as they move up the arm considerably once you're in the riding position. This is a problem I have with my textile jacket (especially wearing my shorter summer gloves) the sleeves of my jacket ride up and I'm left with exposed skin...which obviously isn't good.

    'They' do say that jackets need to fit snugly for the reasons four40 pointed out and because of the 'flapping about' effect from the wind catching the jacket when riding, but don't forget you'll need room for layering under your jacket in the colder months :)

    Even though I was advised that my jacket is the correct size for me, I'm buying a size up next time. Mind you, I'll probably whinge about that one, too. I'm hard to please :)

    edit due to brain fade
  5. I bought a jacket that was an average fit for my chest and it is loose in most other places, however I bought it knowing that I will put on weight. What you've described sounds fine to me (although I am only a learner!), however if you're unhappy with the fit around the torso when it 'beds in', extra motivation at the gym!

    My sleeves for the moment are kept in place with my gloves if I don't have the liner in, with the liner it's a pretty snug jacket.

    (Congrats on the purchase, also, the 7-2 is a very nice looking bit of kit.)
  6. I bought an A* leather jacket in 50. It was pretty firm in the shop. A few weeks later though (lots of riding, a bit of rain etc) it had loosened up and stretched etc and was fine..If anything I wish I had gone for a 48! I hate loose gear!
  7. I'm lucky ..
    I'm so small I just buy an XXXL leather glove :LOL:
  8. Hmm, arms legs and you lucky bugger :shock: :LOL:
  9. lol I feel your pain, I have the other problem

    tall, skinny, long arms..... so 90% of jackets I try on are too short in the arms :(

    except RST, but not many places sell them.

    so just going to have to hunt around and find a good price and buy.

    have you tried different brand jackets? possibly a Dainese might fit your build better