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Have I bought the Hyundai Excel of Motorbikes ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Aussiespur, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. As a new rider I did a fair bit of research into user friendly bikes for new road riders. After deciding on a GSX650F I picked it up & was pretty happy, actually I was very happy. Being a motorcyclist on the road etc etc was just amazing. 6 months down the track I was a little tired of the weight and how difficult it is to move about when parking or manouvering so I toyed with the idea of trading or selling and getting something a little lighter.
    (Sorry this is taking far longer to tell than I anticipated) I expect to lose money on a 6 month old bike that's obvious, however I was shocked to discover just how much. My bike was 10,500 brand new (admittedly I got the dealer to throw in jacket, gloves & helmet) but a trade in value after a little more than 5 months was 5,900 !
    I'm not overly unhappy with the bike & It's still a thrill just to be on the road, don't get me wrong. I was just a little perturbed at the fact that the bike lost so much value so quickly.

  2. Hyosung is the Hyundai of motorcycles.

    Your trade-in price sounds about right - but you're surely going about things the wrong way. By buying new, you take a huge depreciation hit the minute you ride out of the shop, and by trading it in, you're bending over for the bike shop to give you another solid reaming.

    Learn how to spot a good second hand bike and you'll save thousands. Sell privately and you'll get a much better price than a trade-in.
  3. Ouch man thats a pretty hard hit on devalue.

    I think probably because its one of the bigger LAMS bikes. Unfortunately the CBR 250's seem to have great resale value even though they are absolute dinosaurs.

    It's quite unfortunate.

    Good luck with the bike mate, hope you do alright with selling it and getting another beautiful steed.
  4. Have you tried practicing slow riding to build your skills might less the noticability of the issues your having.

    I have a bike thats 15 kg lighter and don't have many issues with weight.
  5. lol That's one one of putting it. You're right though. At this stage I still have it and will most likely hang on to it for the foreseeable future.
  6. have a look on http://www.bikesales.com.au for something you like then use something like http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za to compare the spec and weight of yours vs what you like.

    better yet, demand a proper test ride of what you have your mind on b4 parting with your hard earned dollars. If you dont like what your riding now get rid of it I say.
  7. Red Book listing for your bike...

    Price when new (RRP) $9,990 (+ORC, rego, CTP etc. etc.)

    Trade in price guide $4,800 - $5,700

    Private price guide $6,900 - $8,200
  8. Sell it privately. I works something like this:

    trade in price + $1500-2000 = private sell price
    Private price + $1500-2000 = dealership sell price

    They need to make a profit.

    Is this the learner legal model?

    If so it should hold it's price really well. You will almost get dealer price for it.
  9. If that's the case it probably won't be long before 2nd hand GSX650Fs are selling privately for <5k. Obviously that sucks for you or anyone else that bought one new - but for the rest of us it just means cheap bikes :grin:.
  10. I'll give you 6 big ones for it :)
  11. Did I mention that I'd dropped it 3 times ? :wink:

    Just kidding. Thanks for the offer but I'll hang on to it for now. I might look to upgrade once I consolidate my car loan with my mortgage later in the year.
  12. :shock: Does that bike have lead in the frame and bricks under the seat??? DRY weight of 216kgs, make that around 250 kgs with oil and fuel :shock:.

    My old Hornet '98 model, 50ccs less, weighs 176kg dry!!! What has Suzuki done to make a 650 so heavy????
  13. I must say it's not all negative. When on the highway going at speed (no faster than the legal 100kmph of course ! :wink: ) the thing travels as straight as a die. It's pretty much unaffected by wind gusts or crazy no-doze taking truckers flying past.

    I have dropped it once (softly) when I was stationary ! Being that heavy, once it gets past 30-35 degrees (standing still) it cannot be stopped. I was forced to put it down softly the one time I wasn't concentrating. Luckily all i had to show for it is a little nick in the paintwork. Lesson learned !
  14. They made it cheaply ;)
  15. I bought my Hyoflung 7 months ago for 7,990

    Sold it 3 weeks ago for 4,600$
  16. That's 20 bucks a day :shock:.
    You could probably rent a bike for that.
  17. Ouch, don't mean to be rude but suddenly I don't feel so bad :wink:

    What's gthe $4600.00 going towards ? I've got a immaculate GSX650F that might be for sale .... :p
  18. I sea what you did thar :LOL:
  19. Heh, wrong tree there, he's already got a GSXR-1000. ;)

    Too late now, but most here would have advised you to avoid buying new, just due to depreciation.

    As has also been said, it will look a lot better if you can sell second-hand privately than trade-in: trading in is for people with too much money and too little time. ;)

    I still reckon you might be better off to hang onto it for another year or two - I doubt you're really riding it near its limits, and it will lost almost no more value over the next couple of years. Save up, then sell it privately and pick up something really nice privately.
  20. Thanks for the advice. I was kind of planning (resigned to more like) this in any case. I almost bought a VTR1000 Firestorm but was talked out of it by friends saying it was too much bike for one new to the road. I really like the orange & black GSXR-1000 so might keep the bike & save towards that ....