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have I been taken for a ride

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by River, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Hi to all,

    I just received my bike back from a service repairer here in Townsville (Pickerings Kawasaki) and was charged $417 for a major service.

    Now I know jack @#%* about bikes but to me this seems excessive :evil:

    Nothing much needed to be done, oil, oil filter etc .

    $270 for labour and with no amount per hour I think that I have been taken for ride (pardon the pun)

    What are your thoughts about this? I would love to do my own servicing I have the manual but I'm mechincally inept.

    If anyone lives in Townsville is willing to give me a hand I'll pay via cash or alcohol, or softdrink whatever floats your boat.

    Any info is greatly appreciated. :)

  2. You should have an itemised receipt. Post what it says and people will have something to work from. :)
  3. Most trades charge $60-70 an hour for labour. Tradesmen don't get $5 an hour anymore. Welcome to 2006.
    Doing it yourself is free, which is why I have been doing my own mechanical work for 20 years.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. MAJOR service is the key word here. this involves checking and adjusting valve clearances, replacing brake fluids etc.

    like seany said, you should have an itemised report. if that says:
    change oil
    change oil filter

    and nothing else, then i'd say you've been had, if theres a bunch of other stuff, then its legit. only time i've ever had a mech do a major for me it cost me a little over $600 (admittedly this did include a new timing chain and tensioner). welcome to motorcycling :wink: :p
  5. Sorry guys and gals

    I found the receipt. Here it is:

    2 spark plugs @ $3.76 $7.52
    1 oil filter @ $14.70 $14.70
    1 air filter @ $25.14 $25.14

    1 Motul brake fluid @ $16.50 $16.50
    1 Motul oil @ $20.73 $20.73
    1 Coolant @$13.50 $13.50

    Workshop Supplies @ $11.00 $11.00

    Labour @270.00 $270.00

    Now as I said I'm not a mechanic and would like to learn how to do this myself, but it shouldn't take 4 and a half hours (@$60 per hour to do the above) should it??? :?

    The receipt also says

    Change engine oil and filter,
    Adjust and lubricate cables,
    Check and adjust valve clearances,
    Change coolant,
    change brake fluid,
    Remove carbys,
    Reset float levels
    Reseat carby fuel needle and seat (no idea what this means),
    refit carby,
    Check all earths,
    Recontact all earths

    Apologies for the long post and that the figures aren't underneath each other. :oops:
  6. well i reckon i would be pretty close in saying they charge somewhere around $90 an hour. So 3 hours $270 bucks.. Then whatever parts and lubricants. Plus consumables and oil disposal will be in that as well.
  7. Yeah tell me about it. I had a $400+ service done recently here in adelaide, day after I got it back ran out of fuel, odometer showed plenty left so there I am looking for a different problem. Upshot is I found crankcase 500ml overfull, airfilter dripping with oil, back-plate of airbox ripped off and siliconed back on, chain adjuster nuts left loose. Took it back and complained, they denied all, will never take it in again. Get the manual and do it yourself.
  8. I reckon you would have to be goin' at it pretty hard to get all that done in 3 hours Blue12. ($270/$90) Sounds about right for the labour content if they did all that was listed on the bill.[/quote]
  9. That looks fairly reasonable to me. Then again I do most things myself when I have the time. Best advice is get a manual and start doing your own servicing. With the manual to help you it's like assembling Ikea furniture. Just start with the easy stuff and work your way up. :)
  10. Az01 I have the manual but I am still unsure of some things :oops:

    That's why I requested that if anyone lived in Townsville if I could check with them to see when they are free so I could have someone watch to se if I'm doing it right or to point out if it's wrong. :cry:

    Thanks for the post.
  11. Judging by the itemised reciept, the price, work performed and time charged for, seems about right to me.

    Labour in bike shops generally runs about $70 to $77 an hour where I live.

    Not that the mechanics get that amount of course, they get a wage from the entire workshop profits.

    Changing your own filter, oil, coolant, brake fluid is easy.
    Valve clearences can be learned easily enough.

    Anyone can remove the carbs, not everyone is going to be able to diagnose any problems they may be having/causing.

    Did they change or clean the AIR filter? They should have. I did not see that on the list.
  12. Jaqhama (cool username by the way :cool: ) The receipt told me that they had to inspect the air cleaner, it must have been no good because I was charged $25 for a new one.
  13. a major service here in adelaide for a 250 would cost about the 350 mark.
    thats includes changing sparks, oil n fuel filter, cleaning air filter, tuning the carbs, $50 oil, etc.
    they also clean and lube the chain for free.

    what i usually do is change everything myself and get them to tune my carbs. save shit loads of money.
  14. Bugger, if it's like Ikea furniture, standby to have either not enough or too many nuts and bolts....Not enough and it doesn't stay together, too many, well, what did you forget to tighten...?
  15. My major service in Adelaide took 4 hours... and cost me $330... And if I see him again... He will die... *Note never goto MR Motorcycles on Smart Road in Adelaide* (Had to make that point). He didn't even check my filters. So when you get it back just have a quick look over it before you take it for a ride... I took mine out without checking it out and had a fuel leak cause he didn't put sh!t back together properly. :evil:

    But your pricing (cause up your way everything is more expensive lol) sounds about right to me. I am gunna learn to do all mine myself, I suggest you do it too... It is an expesnive toy as youve just learnt.
  16. Sorry, I should have said most of the regular things. Oil, oil filter, air filter coolant ect.. not rocket science. Pulling apart/adjusting your carbies is somewhat more technical than that, but like myself you can always look at the manual, scratch your head and give it to the pros at that stage. :)
  17. Thanks Seany for the tips. That's what I'm worried about. "What the @#*%ing hell did I forget to tighten up?

    Although it would only happen once and I would never forget to do it again :LOL:
  18. Cheers Sketchie, I know that every thing is dear up here in sunny north qld :LOL: .

    I'm just glad that I don't live in Mount Isa anymore, although I still miss seeing my grandparents and my cousin. :(
  19. 1. Shut up about the sun... I have not seen sun in a long time down here LOL :p Always clouds and rain at the moment.

    2. Don't worry about your family, you have replaced them with a new addition to the family... Your bike :D
  20. :LOL:
    All I can say is be careful and methodical. Remember how tight things were too undo and put them back the same. Line up your bolts with your parts and you should be fine.

    For an oil change, all that comes out is the sump plug (1 bit), the filler cap, (2 bits so far) and the oil filter (grand total of 3 bits). You'll need a socket (any cheepo set from The warehouse/reject shop will have the right size in it) and an oil filter wrench ($5 at supercheap). Oil will cost between $30-$50 (depending on what your manual says to use for a 4L bottle (should do 2 changes).

    If you've never done that, it might seem like a big paragraph, but the 2nd time will be piss easy. If you're not sure about it, find a friend to help you. Make sure you don't let your friend do it for you though. Your friend will be the most help if they show you or even better, talk you though it and double check your workmanship for you. :)

    Handy tip: I don't have a drip tray for oil. Egiste and I simply have an old 4L milk bottle with the side cut out. After the oil drains in the cap comes off and it pours easily into another container to be taken to the tip. :grin: