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Have I Been Ripped Off???? :'(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by HARV3Y, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Last night I bought a bike. Throughout my whole time with dealing with them we were looking at the '06 GS 500. Get it delivered today ride it across the bridge to work.... the Vin plate says '05


    no one ever told me that anything had changed. Infact as they were taking the insurance out after I signed the paper work he even reiterated it was an '06. I had made it known I wanted and '06 bike brand new. If i want to sell this tomorrow.. it's already a year old.

    Is there anything I can do? Bout to head home and look at the paper work i'm sure it will say 06 but are they verbally allowed to deceive?

    this was sposed to be the happiest day ever and now i'm cranky :cry:

  2. The contract of sale should state the year. Did you read it before signing?
  3. I'm pretty sure he pointed out '06 on the contract. maybe he was pointing out that it was an '06 model... but not built in 06. grr have to double check the paper work when i get home in 20.

    lesson learnt already. read fine print.
    will get back with answer soon
  4. that is quite normal.. I have an 03 R1 which I had bought in November 2002, I had a gixxer 96 750, which had 1995 on the plate yet it was a gixxer 96 as it was the 1st year that there SRAD models were released. Vin plate normally states the build date
  5. REDBOOK price guide

    Trade in price guide* $3,600 - $4,300
    National average price - private sale* $5,200 - $6,100
    Price when new (RRP) $8,290

    Trade in price guide* $3,900 - $4,600
    National average price - private sale* $5,500 - $6,600
    Price when new (RRP) $8,290

    Only a slight drop in value,maybe you can ask them to refund you the difference?
  6. paul when you sold that bike did you sell it as '02 or was it legal to sell it as '03 even when it wasn't built that year??
  7. If its plated as '05 then its an '05 bike.

    I would go back to see the dealer and tell them your not entirely happy cause you thought you were getting an '06 bike. Tell them that they should have told you that it was an '05 bike.

    You should tell them that you repeatedly told them you wanted an '06 bike and you were repeatedly told you were getting an '06 bike.

    If your really pissed off about it and they dont offer to do anything about it then you can always go to consumer affairs department. They may or may not intervene but they will offer you advice.
  8. Couple of developments....

    I called the man who did all the paper work with me, he said if i wanted an '06 build i should have specified (wtf?? i thought saying i want a brand new '06 bike would mean that?)

    I got my friend to call him and discuss further (cos i'm at work right now) he said..." i've talked to renee and she's happy" (my friend: "no she's not") dealer: 'your not renee i'm ending this conversation right now ...*beep beep beep (which is him hanging up not swearing!!)

    salesmen called me... i asked if the contract says anywhere that its and '05 bike not '06 he said on the contract it will say '06.

    outta work now, heading home to look at this contract again...
  9. I had an 03 "model" R1 also... But was surprised to see that it was manufactured on 02 when digging through some paperwork after purchase.... Does that now make it an 02 model???

    The manufacturers would have to build the bike and ensure that they sold the bike within the same year in order to be true to their word??

    I gave up worrying about it and just went riding instead! :grin:

    I believe that there's a bit of a grey area for sure, between what the manufacturers use to catergorise their models and when the actual build took place.

    If you like your bike who cares!
  10. Indeed, cars and bikes are often manufactured the year before sale, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    I mean, if you think about it, then almost no cars/bikes sold new in the first 2-3months or so of a year would be last year's model.
  11. This is quite normal. Like 07 models being released in late 06. The bikes are built well before they reach the showroom floor. If it was plated 06 you probably wouldn't see it until December.
  12. Build date isn't as important as 'model date' if that makes sense.

    IE - if a manufacturer wants to release their 2006 model, the things obviously been in development AND production before then. The first 06 model bikes will be built on 05 for sure, so that they're tested and ready in time.


    You should check - despite the build date, is your bike the most up-to-date model?
    Are there any discernable differences that you would otherwise be unhappy with?

    Unfortunately you have already signed the contract, received and ridden the bike - which certainly takes away a huge chunk of your bargaining power as a consumer; however!

    - they will want you to be happy in the interest of referral and return business.
    - they may not have actually wronged you; I mean... if it's the latest model is there any difference between one built in Nov 05 and Jan 06?
    - their company policy may prohibit them exchanging or refunding the bike as you DID make the decision to buy and signed off, however if you give them the chance to make it up to you in free accessories/gear ... or even an awesome discount on such items - both parties may be able to come out of this happy.

    ... but if it's the previous model and technologically different to the latest one, I would contact ACCC and get things rolling.
  13. Not sure if it helps, but I have an '04 F4i which was built October 2003, but it's not the '03 model. It was sold in 2004 as an '04 model by the dealer.

    It's an '04 model, just built at the end of '03 for '04 delivery. Otherwise Honda (& Others) would only be delivering the new year of bikes after the new year had started, hence bikes would always arrive later in that year. Which thankfully is not the way it works.

    I suspect you still have an '06 Spec bike, just with an '05 build. It's very comon.

    Goodluck with the dealer, but I am doubtful they will do anything about it unless it's in '05 colours.
  14. Thats exactly why at the end of the year they tend to have "run out" sales, cause they dont want to be left with bikes that are dated a year old.

    You need to check that contract when you get home. If it says you bought an '06 bike then you can go back to the dealer and say "heres the contract that says i bought an '06 bike and heres the bike you supplied me which is clearly an '05 model. What are you going to do about it?"

    As an example, i bought my GT250 this year. The dealer came right out and said to me "its an 05 plated bike so i need to get rid of it." I got it $600 cheaper than an '06 bike, so i figured it was a good buy. The dealer should absolutely have disclosed the actual bikes year to you.
  15. I dont know how it is with bikes but when i use to be a carsalesman did it for about 5 years a car built in '05 is a '05 model not a '06 or a '04 and we where not allowed to specify otherwise i think you have been ripped they got rid off there (dead stock) out of year new cars/bikes. Bigger margain for them as they get bigger bonuses from manufacturor.
  16. Hmm, interesting little grey area.

    Two ways of looking at it

    1. '06 refers to year of build/manufacture--you got ripped go back and ask for what you paid for. Straight out misleading and deceptive.

    2. '06 refers to specification - they may have begun manufacturing the '06 spec bike in '05 to have it on shopfloor by '06 - you didn't get ripped, just a misunderstanding.

    As for your friend being hung up on, rude but not completely out of order. Unless he has your written permission to deal with someone representing you (or you tell him in person) why should he discuss contractual details with your friend?

    Were there any changes '05 to '06 spec wise? If so is your bike '05 or '06 spec?
  17. lets see what your vin number tells us.
    Whats the first 11 letters and digits of your vin?
  18. argue this point very strongly as this is the case as it is.

    it does not matter whether you stated a 'new' or a '06'. you asked for new which is what you got, but if contract is saying 06 and the plate is 05, then you have a case to argue and get some remuneration accordingly. this is probably the best case scenario... i can not see them taking it back and giving you an 06.

    to me it is the dealer offering slight of hand. and really they can say that it is new, but fuk if its this year model new this late in the year! you deserve some money back for their dishonesty in writing hte contract.
  19. Pfft, I think it's a waste of perfectly good stress that could be used on something important like starving Africans or something. Quit yer whingein' and ride yer bike!
  20. well suprise suprise contract says '05 in two places. compliance plate abd year of manufacture both 11/05. The man I did the paper work may have said there were a difference in colours but it also says on the paper work that the model is K6.

    Obviously i don't want to sell the bike now but in 9 years time I hope to be selling a 9 year old bike... not a 10 year old bike. Alot of you have said the model is the main deal, i just feel a little bit cheated that they would ignore to inform me of this. A 20y/o female looking for her first bike - you wouldn't assume that I would just 'know' that when i ask for an '06 bike i'm really getting a bike stamped '05.\

    To be honest if they had have let me know the deal i would have bought the bike being stamped 05 anyway as it was a very reasonable price. I would have prefered THEY explained it to me rather than you guys.

    End of the day i'm slapping the back of my OWN head and saying 'DOH'