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Have i been done .com??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by doop, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. hi all. ive been told that there is a web site that lists people who are going to recieve a speeding fine in the mail when it hasnt been sent yet. though i havent been able to google it up.

    dose anyone know if this is true? it would take a load off my mind right about now if it is.
  2. Doubt it.

    The guvmint would miss out on all those $7.50 money orders from people that want the photo sent to them.

    Any leaking of that information is a breach of privacy.
  3. +2 to the above.
    However you can actually go in to the camera office in Melb and view the "happy snap" for nothing.
  4. I haven't heard of the web site, sorry.

    In regards to requesting and having to pay for the photo, I saw a news report that said from now on traffic violations will be printed with the photo on them, so you wont need to request them separately. Victoria only, I assume.
  5. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks.
    I got a Merry Christmas happy snap on Centre rd in Clayton yesterday :(
  6. *Maybe* your thinking of www.baddriver.com.au
    but its just people dobbing in crap drivers - nothing actually happens...
    Seems a waste of time to me - and it has nothing to do with the government
  7. Are you sssuuurrreeee???
  8. :rofl: yes I'm suuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrreeeeeeeeee
  9. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here people but I believe that fines for speeding, etc can only be issued on the spot, hence they cant be sent through the mail. Let me know if you've received a fine for speeding, dickhead riding, etc in the mail cause i'd be interested to find out! I've been told a few times i'd be receiving a fine in the mail but it's never come! :dance:
  10. Were you wearing a santa hat? Have tinsel on the bike?

    Just thinking you could use it as a XMAS card next year..... :p
  11. In Vic if you have a happy snap taken by a speed camera the fine arrives via a "PERIN" notice in the mail. Any fine / penalty can be issued this way.
  12. They can.

    They do.

    You've been lucky.

    Cop doesn't even have to issue you with a ticket on the spot - he can note your details down, and you just get a fine in the post later. This sometimes happens if they are on the way to/from work and don't have ticket pad on them.
  13. Might be helpful if you explained what a PERIN notice is.
  14. Me bad sorry.
    Penalty Enforcement Notice. They can be issued for parking offences, Traffic Camera (speeding) offences, etc.
    They always arrive by mail.
    As stated also a traffic cop can take details and issue a fine (or summons) by mail also.

    Aplogies. :cool:
  15. Don't you get a Penalty Infringement Notice PIN first

    then if this isn't paid the court sends a PERIN

    then the sherrif can come knock ya door down and take ya stuff to the value of ?
  16. Sorry missed a step. You are correct, the Perin Notice is issued by the Perin Court if you don't pay up when you get the PIN.

    My goodness what a lovely bunch of acronyms! :p
  17. I've got a lovely bunch of acronyms

    Must have something to do with the Govt
  18. I worked for the Govt as a contractor, eeeeeekkkkk
    Anyone see "faulty towers" it was filmed in Melb. Spring street actually....

  19. My mate did by a radar banned for use in all states except SA as they have 1000's of false readings

    his summons came in the mail saying hes being done for 121 in a 60 zone (roadworks on a highway...absolute BS is the short story)... The cop even stated he only pinged him at 119kmh in his court statement (although the summons is for 121kmh) and the courts still wouldnt throw it out... Cops are useless...

    If he makes a complaint he will get done for making false statements to police as they'll they believe the Pigs word over my mates (actual statement from police complaints line cept they left out the pig part)

    Just one of the many reasons I don't feel bad when one gets shot on the job...
  20. I am a govt contractor in spring street :)