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Have always wanted one !!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Blue14, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Dont know why, as i have had company cars for the past 7 years, but i have always wanted a VN SS. Something that hasnt been stuffed around with and still in fairly original condition. You know another toy.. :LOL: Anyway a couple of months back i was just browsing as you do, and i found this. So after a trip to Ballarat i bought it.. :grin:

    Its clean and original, just what i wanted. Done a deal with the seller in relation to RWC, which was hardly anything. It needed a bloody good clean inside and out, chased up some bits through ebay for it, can you still believe that they have new gen parts in bags for these. :shock:

    Oh and what about the No Plate, couldnt believe that either when i typed it in the vic rds website and it came up.. :twisted: Had to have it.. :grin:


  2. All it needs now is a lowering kit with decent springs, shocks and struts and an upgraded brake package and you'll have a very nice toy thats not going to fall to bits.

    VN - VS had crap brakes.

  3. As for lowering that is definately not on the agenda. And yes those good old VN brakes, i actually had a VN Calais in the early 90's, and as soon as i put my foot on the brake pedal, all those memories came flooding back.... :grin:
  4. Me either! :p

  5. They aren';t a bad package the VN SS. I personally think the SS's that followed softened a bit, going more luxo and losing a bit of the edge.
    Plus the VN was the last of the 308's and are fairly trouble free and torquey. They had a pretty simple injection system which stands up well over time.
    As for the brakes, get some decent performance pads, a good bleed and see how it feels then.
    It's a nice enough car, but it's auto!!!! I'd have to have a manual in something like that.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. You are mean and nasty.. :LOL: My company car is a BFII XR6.. Is that ok ??
  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    :p :p :p
    Is it a turbo? :grin:
  8. Nah when i asked for a turbo, there was silence on the other end for about a week i think.. :LOL: :LOL:
  9. When I sold my other business I had a XR6T as my company car.

    I miss it :(

    But not having it was what got me back on a bike :grin:
  10. Paul, Paul, Paul - how do you expect any of us to keep up with these impulse purchases pf yours :shock: :LOL:

    You are one funny mofo :p
  11. Nice.. :grin: Crapadores aren't a bad car.. :p
  12. Nice buy Paul. Surprised that number plate was still available :cool:

    Those XR6 turbos are v. nice. :twisted:
  13. HEHE.. Well someone has to buy all these things. :p
  14. I heard the VN's build quality was just a shade short of GMH's fabulously stunning Camira? Was it true that the panels were aligned with sticky tape before being bolted up? :grin:
  15. That's what you would expect to happen when you go widening and lengthening an Opel.
  16. And some wicked fully sick dice mate!

    I always liked the VL Turbo, now that was a nice car to own. :cool:
  17. At least with the camira build quality you knew it could never look any worse. Testament to the design that they lasted considering the assembly quality...
  18. huh...oops....sorry, fell asleep.... cars, about as interesting as a pet rock, the lot of them. Except for a very rare few, I see them as a boring necessary evil that just takes up space in the driveway between the few times I don't ride my bikes. I did have one interesting one though, a few years back, but I still miss the dog more;

  19. ZOMG more photo's of that dog wearing flight-goggles, Inci!!!!!