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Have a look at this on ebay !

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Pink Angel, Mar 9, 2006.

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  2. Fraud.
    Dead give away is ...
    If you win, they'll string you along claiming fee's and insurance getting more money with the objective to get your bank account details and clean out teh account, while you will of course never see the TV.
  3. Anything with an inital price 1/10th that of the postage is suspicious - the fact the seller's located in China makes it even more so.
  4. Looks like a scam as they dont appear to accept anything other than cash up front.
  5. totally agree here with mouth
    i wonder who would actually fall for these scams???
  6. Most ebay transactions require the cash up front.

    The most obvious giveaways are as Jason said, WU transfer, Item in China and (0) feeback meaning new user, signed up 22 Dec 05.

    Wide berth
  7. Believe it or not, they are selling quite a few today on ebay. And all to Aussies too. :cry:
  8. Don't get me wrong, being an "experienced" ebayer like I am. I certainly felt the alarm bells.
    But I feel sorry for the buyers. The seller's are all various spelling of the original seller, they all joined ebay in late Dec 2005.
    There are many LCD's and plasma TV's along with so many other electrical items, all listed for one day.

    These thieves are going to make a fortune from the new ebayers.
  9. I would never, ever, buy anything (let alone $600 worth) from a seller with a '0' feedback score!

    Dodgy dodgy dodgy!
  10. In mainland China, they always make copies, so mostly not an original Panasonic. And sometimes they just pretent there are other buyers, actually those buyers are that seller!

    You can report to ebay and they will investigate about it.
  11. ALSO...
    No Seller Feedback...
    Member onle for a short time...

    ONLY buy from Power sellers... and always email them first to suss them out...

    Too many scams going on on ebay.
  12. Also keep an eye out for bargain basement ipods - looks like the same seller.
  13. Item location in China and description says straight from the UK??

    BIG twubble in little china me finks!

    But on the other side of the coin, we just rec'd our LG 42"plasma that we got elsewhere off eBay for $1500 less than the cheapest retailer we could find. WooHoo!!
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  15. Yeah, considering he says he just got the 600 MILE service done...

    $5800 though, not a bad price if it wasn't a scam...
  16. I just bought a mobile for the wife off e-bay from HK. Turned up no dramas, saved $$$ and was pretty quick too. Not a 0 feedback seller but a 99.9% seller.

    Those near new bikes on there are an obvious scam. It's a pity because I would love one of their cheap Harleys hehehe
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  18. The phrasing just doesn't ring true...

    'CLEAN title' is not a phrase in common use here.

    Generally we would say until the end of October or until late October - not "through October"

    There's no shot of the rear of the bike showing the numberplate and the registration number is not given.

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