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Have a heart

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Greggles, Oct 26, 2015.

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  1. Greetings to all back in September I hinted in Dr Sleepy's thread of some health issues of my own and said that I would post something when it was sorted. Simply put after many years of smoking, drinking and probably not eating as healthy as one should, topped off with the motto exercise kills I had a very big wake up call. Long story short I was informed that I had severe blockages of two main arteries of the heart, one apparently at a very life threatening 99%. This Friday just gone I was lucky to be attended to by the very skillful Dr Anthony Camuglia at the PA Hospital in Brisvegas. There was a tricky and long process to deploy stents particularly in the left main feed in artery that had a nasty hairpin curve (not that good on a bike even worse for stents). Today I cannot describe how good I feel and to be honest 6 months ago I didn't think I was that bad either but things changed very quickly.

    I will not bang on but I do want to say this, if your male, have indulged in the lung lollies (even if you haven't), have a cholesterol problem, any history in your family of heart problems, slightly overweight and possibly don't eat as healthy as we all should. I would strongly encourage you to see your doctor ask to be referred for a Stress Echo test (not just a stress test) have it done it will be the best few hundred dollars you will ever spend. I was that close to dropping dead while doing nothing and didn't have any idea I was. All the warning signs I put down to getting older or pre-existing conditions even to the off I had 12 months ago. It was only when doing a brisk walk to a train station 600 meters away when I nearly collapsed and had bad chest pain (the first time I had those symptoms) that I realised I was in trouble. Don't brush off strange pains or shortness of breath while walking at normal pace as being just unfit think of your family your friends and most importantly yourself go and have a check up it may just save your life.
    Oh as one final note at 55 my blood pressure when checked by my GP was never any higher than 130 over 90. Cholesterol which I insisted be checked each year around 6-7 (the bad stuff) so don't be fooled that it may not be there if those signs are just slightly north of normal.

    End of sermon, down off the soapbox and looking forward to being able to continue being a PIA for my children and grandchildren and riding bikes and enjoying the company of all the like minded riders out there.
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  2. Hi Greggles......thanks for the post, your advice is well intended and certainly heeded at this end.

    Sorry to hear about your situation, but to good to hear you picked it up in time and are on the mend.

    I sometimes have strange chest pains which I've mentioned to my GP who puts it down to heart burn etc. I get pretty bad heart burn and I didn't think it was that, but given your advice I may well get a more comprehensive check up. I'm only 33, but have smoked for a while now.....ciggies and what not.
  3. Is the stress echo test the bit where you are seriously wired up for sound, put on a treadmill and encouraged to run yourself to death?

    If so, yeah, I've been there and done that. :-(

    The really dirty trick pulled on me was that the cardiologist was a simply stunningly gorgeous woman. :)

    If it had been a bloke urging me to try harder on the treadmill, I'd have told him to "fcuk off", but a really good looking lady, you get sucked in by the situation.... :-(

    It damned near killed me.

    I fell into the hands of the medical profession, when all I really wanted was a Disabled Driver sticker, but, no, they wanted to cure me.

    "How are you at walking?" they'd ask, and I'd tell them that with two motorbikes and a scooter in the garage, I didn't really believe in walking.

    After over 50 years of smoking, (mostly tobacco, the more fun stuff was a long time ago) I was told to quit....... so far, I am a year into the e-cigarette thing.

    The quacks also suggested that I stopped drinking alcohol, but, two months off my 68th birthday, all they can claim is that it might just extend my life, and I tend to think extending my life might well be like "Two weeks in Melbourne" second prize in the raffle. :)
  4. Glad to hear you are doing well now.
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  5. same here glad your doing well
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  6. Always good to hear of someone beating these health infliction. I don't need to worry about my heart as cancer will get me first. That is another thing us males need to keep an eye on "Prostate Cancer. Just a little prick to start with.
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  7. I suffer with reflux all the time as I have a hiatus hernia but back about 7 months ago I had it that bad was sort of vomiting bad acid back up into my mouth while lying down. Just mistook it for worse than normal how wrong I was. Even if you go and everything is okay it is worth it.
  8. Hey GregglesGreggles great to hear that you are on the mend and feeling good!

    Yes, getting older we do tend to think our ailments are due to age, so great advice to take some personal responsibility. Prevention is certainly better than a cure.

    Well done and get well quick :)
  9. It's only been 2 days since the procedure and the difference is amazing. All those young chicky babes better look out is all I can say.
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  10. That is excellent news that you're feeling the improvement within such a short period of time GregglesGreggles! Good on you for taking the executive decision to have it investigated.
  11. Bastards! :LOL:
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  12. What he said is spot on. If you have any sign of a chest pain or not, have a full check up.
    I was living on a staple diet of junk food and ciggies and started to get these niggling little
    pains in my chest, thought nothing of it , then discovered if I had a smoke as soon as it started
    it would relive it no worries. Unfortunately that only worked for a few months then I had the biggie
    one day loading a truck at work. Truck driver helped me to my desk. He left and I woke up a
    couple of hours later feeling like I'd been run over by a semi so I went home to bed. Woke up
    next morning felt bloody awful my wife rang the doctors so I drove up to see him.
    Next thing I remember is waking up after a triple by pass on my 40th birthday.
    DON"T muck around. Slightest feeling of being uncomfortable in yourself or slightest
    chest pain GET IT CHECKED OUT.

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  13. My dad had a near-fatal coronary at 48 and died at 58. I was only 20 when he died. All his brothers and sisters died of heart disease. I'm now nearly 67 and taking cholesterol and blood pressure medication daily. Luckily I've never smoked one cigarette or had any alcohol in all my life, which my doctor says is great, but he also reminds me about genetics, and exercise.
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  14. Glad you're doing well GregglesGreggles and paid attention to the warning signs! Blocking off your left main is not something to be done lightly. :dead: As has already been said, don't assume its nothing -- go and get it checked out.

    Heal up well & good luck with the cardiac rehab! :)
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  15. Hey GregglesGreggles. It takes a real man to recognise you've got a health issue and take steps to address it! 55 is young, and with this new lease on life I'm sure you have so much to look forward to. All those young hot babes better watch out indeed :whistle: :sneaky: (y)
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