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Hats off for a fallen rider...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Marlon, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Sorry if this is irrelevent or uninteresting (please remove it if it is)

    I work for a recruitment company, and part of my job entails doing the after hours shift - working from midnight to 8AM. We get all kinds of people calling up, usually saying they're too sick to come to work. Yesterday morning i get a call from a bloke asking if it's alright if he takes a day off work. ASKING? Wow, what a bloke. Most guys are just content to grunt at me and hang up.

    I check with the site, they say it's fine, he's a good worker, no worries. What's the reason, I ask the candidate. His young son of six years has had a motorbike accident on the weekend, while motorcross racing with a club of kids the same age. Being a bike rider, and this guy on the phone was mad keen street racer, we spoke for about 20 minutes about bikes, and his son.

    He told me his son came off after a jump, and had the rest of the pack land on top of him. The guy was a little trooper - the first thing he asked when he came to was if he would still be allowed to ride a bike. His dad told him sure, mate, you'll just need a break for a while. This guy was proud as punch of his kid. He's broken 9 bones and that's the first thing he's said. Tough little bugger and his enthusiasm, and riding skill, was second to none at the club. His dad was telling me he's ridden a lot of bikes and his son had 'it'.

    So he wanted to take the day off stay with his son in hospital, and just keep him company for a while. He was very nervous and was really worried about letting the boys at his site down by not showing up. That was first thing yesterday morning.

    This morning i get a call at around 0630. I can't quite make out what the guy is saying on the other end of the phone, i couldn't tell if it was crying or laughing at first, but it turned out it was a bloke, so upset he was struggling to make a sound.. His son died last night in surgery.





    I'm not an emotional man by any stretch of the imagination, and in fact my ex would describe me as being a hearltess bastard, but I had a tear in my eye. Of all people it had to happen to... one of the nicest blokes you'll ever meet, proud as punch of his kid. Six years old. Jesus.

    Anyway, after the background, i was wondering if anybody had an idea of something we can send him? We don't want to send him some flowers, or something like that, but hearing the passion in his old man's voice... and hearing of his son's love of riding i'd really like something more motorbike-oriented. Or is that bad taste? I suppose i should just go the flowers, but i was thinking of something a little different. Any opinions?

    And the other thing, I'm not a religious man but there's probably some people around here that are. Spare a thought for these guys next time you're having a quiet word with the big man.
  2. :(
    That's very sad.
  3. That ****ing sucks :cry:

    I don't know about a gift, but if you know this guy or where he lives - his family could probably use a few lasagnas and shepherd's pies for dinners etc.
    Just ease the burden of looking after a household for a while.

    Someone to talk to wouldn't go astray either.

    That is so rough, to survive the stack [well enough to check you can ride again!] and then cast off under anaesthetic.
    That the father could even make that phone call, hysterical or not is incredible. I doubt I'd cope.

    *Prayers and stuff*
  4. At a loss for words, so very sad. May god be kind to the lad, and his family.
  5. That's fcuking horrible. :(

    Condolences to him and his family. 6 years old is only barely born. :(
  6. Man that is sad...condolences to the family. Rest easy little guy. :(
  7. that so sad .. :cry: im Freakin crying .. My prayers to his Family and Friends .. this is the only site that makes me cry ... 6 years old.. man that is way to young
  8. That was such a sad story to read, (certainly brought a tear to my eye) not really sure what to say.... I hope the father, doesn't blame himself, and can at some stage down the track look back and say well his son died doing what he loved...... I send my best wishes, to him and his family as they are probably going through hell and back atm. Condolences to him and his family

    No idea about the gift you are looking for, i would think unless you know him well i would stick with flowers.....
  9. That just sucks, poor little kid, my best wishes go out to the family.
    Such a waste of life at a young age, I don't know how people deal with this type of thing at a young ages...give them strength I think they will need it.
  10. OMG, I'm at work crying my eyes out. That is so tragic. Prayers for everyone.

    Instead of flowers, how about making a donation to a charity of the family's choice?

    I don't know what else to say, that's just devastating. :cry:
  11. absolutely horrible....my prayers go out to that boy and his family, may they all find peace...
  12. :( That has totally brought me to tears at work...

    Its hard to know whats the right thing to do in those circumstances, whats the right thing to do or say...

    I honestly cant think of a present that would be suitable...so flowers are probably the best...unless like someone suggested dinners would be useful - buts thats a very personal thing I guess that close friends would do...

    Best wishes to the family and friends...
  13. fcuk me *shakes head*

    Poor guy, poor family. Poor little kid, I hope where ever he is he's happy. RIP little guy.
  14. T'is sad.
    Marlon..perhaps a visit here might be in order? http://www.4bs.org.au
    Don't know if they can help, but it might be a good starting point.
  15. This is extremely tragic...... Words fail me at the moment......

    Forget the flowers as in a weeks time, flowers will be gone and forgotten...

    Go to www.giftsalive.com and organise to send a tree/shrub/bush instead.

    The idea is to send something like a rose bush which will continue to live for a long time and they can remember their son everytime they pick a rose, etc.
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  17. There would be nothing in the world worse than burying your own child.

    And at six years old their innocence is still around for quite a few more years.

    Prayers and thoughts to the family of this young Champ
  18. What a terribly sad thing to have happen. I would suggest the dinner thing (I tend to prefer the things that take effort, love and care as people [especially women] appreciate the effort and thought put into it). That giftsalive idea is also great.

    When my younger brother died, they planted trees in the park across the road from mum's house in the same week....we still call them 'Edward Trees' and that's 22 years later...
  19. This is TOO sad. I feel for the family of the little lad.

    When my old lady passed, people brought us meals which took heaps of load off us.

    The worse thing to do is go the way of offering the cliched platitudes. I appreciated quiet company through my period of grief.
  20. :cry:

    RIP, little guy.

    I agree with those who reckon the best thing you can give the little guy's family is a lend of an ear and maybe a shoulder to cry on if appropriate.