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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by steltzer, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. To the idiot riding some harley thing at 5:30 am past the maroondah hwy at croydon rd this morning, with no exhaust pipes!!(thats what it sounded like) you successfully woke me and my 18 month old as we listened to you hoon your way to ringwood for a full minute! thanks alot moron!! my little boy had already woken at 1am, 3am, and now you at 5.30!! loud pipes might save lives, but you just ruined my morning, and my sons. what an assault on my family!! friggin hell!!......rant over. :censored:

  2. Here ya go...
    Just for you.
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  3. Seriously mate, it's not just Harley riders. I hear sports bikes screaming around my area at all hours and i honestly can't complain - because the exhausts on all of my bikes have been bloody loud.

    Granted i always kept the noise as low as i could if i was around suburban areas at night.

    But honestly mate what do you expect? If you live next to a highway - you're going to get traffic noise. Be it loud bikes, cars or trucks.
  4. Oh and i felt the need to follow on from sbk's post with:

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  5. Got to admit, I hate those bikes with no mufflers as well.
  6. .... I wouldn't mind that as my alarm in the mornings!!...:woot: .... Just need to find a helpful rider to go by my place at the appropriate time!!....:-k

    .... Ok... Maybe I'll download something applicable on the iPhone ... :grin:
  7. LOL^ yeh i know, and I expect a bit of traffic noise, but this was the loudest thing I have herd here in 2.5 years. We are set back from the highway, in a unit behind another one, and we are quite a bit lower than the road, so most of the noise is a very dull rumble in the background only at peak time really. This guy was off the chart! I mean to hear him for a full minute! It was way to friggin loud. Gee i sound old. I just had a bad night. Doesn't make me wrong though he was slammin that bike to early for the local community. oh and I suppose it could have been a sport bike, bike it sure didn't have that feel you know. I will dial the wambulance myself LOL but he is still a goose
  8. To the op

    Your not farken serious are you? Fair dinkum
  9. first the parents with prams spaces, and now this.
  10. With all the paranoia I see from riders about cops (most of my friends won't even go out during double demerit periods) I've always wondered why loud bikes and cars spewing out loads of smoke never get pulled over? Both are illegal aren't they?
  11. This thread has entertainment potential...

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  12. ..... This is a "family" forum!!......:D
  13. smee, yes it was really anoyoing, serious, no consideration i tell ya, just doesn't happen any more

    ad91on, cool story bro
  14. :inquisition:
  15. There was one bike i saw just leaving a service station as i was pulling in - streetfighter - but it didnt have make/model etc on it so ive no idea what its base model was. I did see that it had short pipes off the header with no mufflers at all. Sadly, for all the noise, it didnt even make a nice note, it was just motherloving LOUD. Too loud to be riding in surburbia? By a mile, yes. It physically caused my head pain from the few seconds i had to hear it, wincing for all i was worth even with ear plugs in.
    Would i appreciate something like that at 5:30am? God no.
    Would i actually come here and make a thread to complain about it though? GOD NO!!! (yes i realise im posting it up now, but just providing my example :p).

    OP, if it was the depths of surburbia and regular i would have sympathy for you, but a once off (so far) when living that close to a highway, im sure you can get over it :).
    I have lived on a major intersection once, a few doors up from an ambulance shop and a few doors down from a cop shop, and lasted 2 months before i had to move again due to the noise. Just couldnt handle it.
  16. Because everyone agrees they sound nice....well not the smoking cars. They're crap - especially when you cop a helmet full of blue burn oil smoke :(

  17. yeh fair enough, and I can get over it, in fact I already am...was LOL
  18. Just as well I'm getting a new back tyre today. This one starting making a whole heap of smoke at 2am this morning. It's clearly faulty.
  19. The Australian Medical Association did a survery and found that men with excessively loud exhausts had small penises.
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  20. Try living in the city :)
    The construction noise around here is a complete b!tch, especially when the cheeky feckers start at 6am.
    Funnily enough it never bothers me when I hear loud pipes go by, can even pick a Striple when sitting in the courtyard :D