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Has VicRoads F*cked up my License?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. When I did my bike license, they gav me a paper permit & put a
    hole thru my car license & bike learners making em invalid.

    They said I'd receive a new license from Vicroads which covers
    both my car & bike and that on the back of the license it would
    have the date the restriction finishes.

    In the meantime I paid a license renewal for 10yrs

    Vicroads sent me my new license. Its got me confued & I forgot
    2 ring em up today.

    Its got me :? :?

    (1) License Expiry date is: 31-12-9999

    so its valid for another 9790 odd years? :LOL:

    (2) Under License Type, it only says CAR; &
    (3) On the rear, no mention of restriction exp date. The reverse side
    looks exactly the same as y previous car license
  2. ah bureaucracy, where would we be without it, Kish!!??
  3. hehe.. that exp date cant be right eh?

    & does your license say Car & Bike under each other?

    I have no idea bc I've neva seen a bike/car license b4
  4. if its a joint car/bike licence under licenec type it should say ;

  5. I'm in NSW, different.
    License says "License Class" MR, R", meaning

    MR any rigid vehicle with two axles
    R any motorcycle
  6. Well they've got mine wrong then bc it dosent say that at all.

    Some people have no idea :LOL:

    Once I was riding my ZX7R & a Policewoman & policeman came
    up to me. The guy was one step back. The lady comes forward
    & asks me for my license, so I gave her my bike Learners.

    She looks at it & says "So when did you get your License"
    I say "Back in January"

    She then hands it back to me, & walks around my bike.

    She comes back to me & says "Why dont your plates & registration
    label match up?"

    I say "Umm.. I'm waiting for Vicroads to send me another label.
    They said I could ride with those plates in the meantime"

    Couldnt believe my luck when she said "Ok. Youre free to go now" :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Yeah should have a proper year and the following... Theyre bloody useless :roll: .

    Licence Type
    R (restriction end date)


    Then on the back at the top
    E= Bike 260cc & no pillion passenger. End Restriction (dd-mm-yy)
  8. Thanx for that bro.

    Thats what the people at the licensing said, & thats why I was confused when
    I received this new license yesterday

    & I rang Vicroads last week bc it'd been more than 6wks waiting for
    correct license to come in the mail. I told them I was waiting for duel
    license & the girl said it should be arriving in the next wk or so, which
    I just got yesterday
  9. My vitorian issued 'Heavy Vehicle Licence' is similar to yours.

    Licence Type
    R <-- means motorcycle
    HC <-- heavy combination
  10. No car license? :shock:
  11. Heavy vehicle INCLUDES car, license shows the top limit, and you can't get a truck license without having a car license first.
  12. Nah it's there too... I just didn't think anyone on a bike forum would care about it LOL
  13. my licence expired on the 24/08/05.
    I realised this was going to happen a few days before that day and got onto the phone to victoads (spelling error intended) to renew and pay for my licence over the phone, all good they already had my photo on file and it would be in the mail with in 7 to 10 days.....

    A month later I call victoads to see why I still havent received my licence in the mail, and was told "sorry it hasnt been posted yet, will do so right away, again it will be 7 to 10 days".

    a week later my licence arrives in the mail, I look at it and there is no motorcycle endorsement!!!!!.
    I get on the phone to victoads and explain my situation, I also explain that I am "holliday" in NSW at the moment so bringing it in to victoads was not an option, and was told to post it into the Ballarat branch and to address it to the person I was speaking to,and I will have my replacement with in 7 to 10 days...

    A month later I call Victoads to see where my licence is, only to be told it has been posted and to give it a few more days.

    A week later I call again to see where my licence is to have someone tell me "I am sorry there must have been some mistake, I will print one up for you right now and you will have it within ... 7 to 10 days

    Two weeks later( yeserday) I ring victoads to see where the fu&k my licence is only to speak to the lady I returned the faulty one to, she remembered me and was positive my licence was sent out, so now she is sending me my licence again and this time she has given me some sort of a tracking number to give if I need to call them again, and yes I will have to wait for another 7 to 10 days.

    This Kishy is what I hope you dont have ahead of you.
    good luck
  14. how come they had to send it to you? i got my bike Ps and car Ls licence combined printed on the spot in NSW. backward victorians :roll: :p :p mind you it is sooo dodgy the way they did it. they didnt know how to put both on so they made it up :shock: :roll:
  15. "7 - 10 days" = Victorian Road's speak for "Give us a little longer to stuff it up....."
  16. I would imagine that the reason why it gets sent to you, is to prove that you are actually living at the address which you said.

    It is often said that if you have no fixed address in victoria, then this makes it rather difficult to get a license, because they have to know where to send any speeding fines and/or registration or licensing renewal forms, and if you don't pay up, then they know where to go to come knocking.
  17. The system they use in Victoria for sending out fines sucks arse :x

    I have a residential address and I have a seperate postal address because there isn't any mail delivery where our house is... not even any roadside delivery.

    So... I get a parking fine. That's fine... happy to pay the fine even though it was a side street in a Melbourne suburb at night and the nearest signs were in the next block and I didn't realise I was breaking any parking regulations.

    Still happy to pay the fine... but it was raining heavy and blowling a storm later that night when I got back and there was no parking ticket on the window of the car (that I saw) on the car when I got back.

    Get in the car, drive home not knowing that I've now got a parking ticket.

    Well that's fine I hear you saying... they'll send a reminder.

    Except they sent it to the residential address (despite my mailing address being on record)... of course I didn't get it... I assume it was returned to sender from the postal agency down at the local store.

    Then they added fees and resent it to the yes... the residential address.

    This happens a couple of more times until finally I recieve a notice to attend court... @#$%

    I rang up and explained I'd not seen the original fine and certainly hadn't recieved any of the reminders.

    They said... "we don't send to post office boxes".
    I said... "there is no mail delivery here".
    They said... "we don't send to post office boxes".
    I said... "my registration goes to my post office box, my licence renewel goes to my post office box and this bloody notice to attend court went to the post office box so you obviously knew I had the post office box!"
    They said... "we don't send to post office boxes".

    So I checked with our solictors and it turns out that not only are they exempted from having to send to registered mailing addresses that even if I contest it in the Perrin court I can't claim costs against them even if I win because it's in the Perrin court!

    I even managed to get onto the local radio station when the Police minister was talking and explained what had happened, and the radio interview was like "oooo this'll be good" but after a "we are sympathetic... " it was "we really can't do anything about it" and "no... not even for people in future".

    So the solicitor suggests I write to the authority asking them to remove the costs because I'd never seen the reminders.

    They refuse outright (several letters and phone calls).

    So the solicitor suggests I represent myself at the Perrin court and ask for it to be transferred to the Magistrates court.

    Then I take a day off work and drive to Melbourne and park and wait... and wait.

    And the judge calls out names... and I answer.

    And then thier solicitor stands up and says "your honor we wish to withdraw this case" and I turn around and go "you refuse several letters requesting that and then when I appear here the first thing you do is withdraw?"

    The judge wasn't happy with the solicitor (he obviously knew they were using this as a means of getting people to pay more money), but other than his (somewhat satisfying) comments to the councils representative there wasn't much he could do.

    Arrgghhhh... and they wonder why people think the system doesn't work.
  18. Interesting , on Neil Mitchel ( 3AW) this morning he was bagging Vicroads and heaps of people rang in with complaints similar to yours. Looks like Vicroads arent behaving themselves.
  19. It all came about cause Bert Newton was pulled over by the cops the other day and their computer said that his licence was suspended. So he had to leave his Jag and walk away. The press got wind of it and its straight into the papers. Turns out his licence wasnt suspended, Vicroads just made a mistake. Its all sorted now, but how many other ( non-famous) people has this happened to?
  20. It wouldn't be the first time VicRoads have 'not behaved' themselves either *sigh*