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Has this happened to you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, May 11, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,
    I was riding through the streets of the biggest country town in the world today (Adel) and I was stopped at some lights at King William St (you Adelaide guys will know the one, the rest... Just think of it as a main intersection in the middle of the CBD). I was sitting at the lights in the middle of peak hour traffic waiting for it to go green. Then it begun...

    I didn't see some guy leap off the footpath and run towards me, he scared the sh*t out of me when he ran up behind me and jumped on the back of my bike and grabbed me by the shoulders... Thats when I thought ... This is it some clown is gunna try n take her from me... :cry:

    Then I swung around and yelled "WTF are you doing you fu<kin a$$hole" then he just laughed and jumped off, then he was standing in the middle of the road and he was just standing there and I yelled at him again,

    "F**K OFF! HAVE YOU EVER BEEN HEADBUTTED BY SOMEONE WITH A HELMET ON BEFORE??!?!!" Then he just laughed and ran away. He probbaly didnt even hear me... But it was the effort that counted lol.

    I didn't get it... This guy was about not a young guy, he was like 35-40 or something at a rough guess... Is this sorta thing common or am I a loner in this case? :( Scared the absoulute S**T out of me. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. what the....

    thats really weird, you lucky u didnt drop it.
    what a $%#head

    I had some guy try to fly kick me off my bike once while i was cruising along, i swerved and he hit my leg almost took me off. I stopped to see what the %$%@ was going on he was drunk as a skunk and he came running after me, i think he just wanted my bike so i took off.

    I hate oxygen thiefs
  3. next time remember that actions speak louder than words :wink:

    ..oh and that's weird. i blame it on the fact you're in adelaide. :grin:
  4. Actions may speak louder than words, but then I would have had to get off my bike turn it off so no-one else flogged it... Then chased the guy.

    Oh, and I almost did drop the bike... He didnt get on gently... He might as well launched himself off a mini tramp and sat on the back probably would have felt the same. F**KIN B**TARD!
  5. They reckon lots of weirdos, satanists and cultists live in SA.

    I think you bumped into one. :grin:
  6. You should have waited until the lights turned green and floored it, hopefully the cretin would have had a hard landing as he fell off the back
  7. Everything sounds good in hindsight, but probably the best thing you can do is not drop the bike... if you try to lane-split you'll just hit a car and he'll run off.

    Unfortunately you can't help boneheads.
  8. man thats f%^ked up!!! :evil:

    What a weird SOB :?
  9. Must have been pissed or on drugs or something i reckon. :shock:
  10. lol - had the same thought :p
  11. This is the exact sort of situation I'm planning for when I practice huge wheelies.
  12. I know kinda how you feel, but it happened very differently to me.
    I was cruising around town at about 1am, Ok so I was completely lost and looking for a street name i recognised.
    I was stopped at some traffic light outside a bar and there was this bunch of ladies all dressed up as Police girls. (thier uniform was much better than the normal one) short skirts, fishnets, cleavage hangin out. Then one decided to jump on the back of my bike. I couldnt hear a frikin word anyone was saying cos i had my ipod on. It was kinda nice but not at the same time.
    I waited till they got bored trying to talk to me and then she got off and away I went.

    Most guys would have known what to do in that situation, but Im not that interested in older pissed ladies having a laugh.

    I only date supermodels who ride bikes.:)
  13. hmmmm

    I rode to work today (thank god the rain stoped!) and this definitely did NOT happen to me.

    I'd say the bloke was stoned.

    we are in adelaide here.
  14. man, thats fcuked !

    Pretty funny though ! . . .

    I'd be watching the next episodes of The Chaser, ROVE or that comedy hour guy on Ch10 who does Chopper Reid skits (can't remember the name). . . . is Saffron doing another series for Ch2 ??? :grin:

    Or maybe if could be stupid kids doing a dare and there was probably a dude nearby filming it all to send to a show like MTV Jackass !!

    . . . actually this has happen to me, except i was in my car.
    It was back in early 2001 and I have only had my 01 WRX for a couple of months and I was driving through Orange (outer west NSW). I was at a set of lights entering the town when a young aboriginal kid leaned over into the passengers side window (I had it half open) wanting to shake my hand and saying - "g'day brudder, nice car, take me for a ride" . . like WTF !!!

    Luckily the doors were locked because he actually tried to open it, but I just politely told the kid that I was passing through and to watch out because the lights were about to change. The kid stepped back and walk away at the same time waving at me with the look that he was my best buddy. It was 2001 and the bugeye Rex was unique.

    Geeez, that scared the shit out of me !!
  15. Thats the most surreal bike story I have heard to date. If he had tried that on by jumping in the passenger seat of a car, he would be done for car jacking. I thought when reading initially that he made a mistake, thought you were someone else and jumped on the back of the wrong bike. I know someone who jumped in the back of what he thought was a taxi, and surprised the crap of the car owner. But that clearly didn't happen after reading the rest of your post. Very surreal.
  16. What would have been funnier was if you saw him about to jump on and creep forward a bit! :LOL:

    I'd expect that sort of thing on a Friday or Saturday night but during the day in peak hour??? :shock:
  17. Dont forget those nice hard carbon fibre inserts in the knuckles of your gloves :wink: quick backhander problem solved :LOL: :LOL:

    Definately must have been on something or it was one of those reality shows
  18. Reality show? I take it Adelaides reality differs from the reality in the rest of Oz.

    You should definitely report that to the cops if you haven't already. God knows what he could do to someone else. If you remember what he looks like, then if you see him again and he is with his missus, you jump on her laughing the way he did when he jumped on your bike.
  19. Junkie, dumb smacked up junkie.

  20. :LOL: that'll get him going... :p

    that's one very weird story... had heaps of people I didn't know asking me to take them for a ride but never had anyone just jump on the back at a set of lights :shock: