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Has this happend to you

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Komunista, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. This morning while riding to work i was in the left lane and i was riding slightly to the left of the actual lane i was in. Anyways i plotting along at about 70km when all of a sudden i see a F*****G car in my lane right next to me he just kind of used my lane with me forcing me to almost go off the road onto the nature strip. I freaked out and was sooo pissed off. I couldnt help but chase him down and honk my horn like crazy. andways i caught up to him at the next lights and asked him why the F**K he did that he just F****N ignored me.. i wanted to kill the MO FO.. im still so F****N angry about it.. ANyways has this happend to anyone else.. and how do we as riders stop people from sharing the freakan lane with us. he did not have anyroom to pass me so he just F****N done it anyways and almost kills me in the process ...

    Sorry guys just ranting

  2. yeah it happens.
    travel in the right wheel rack of your lane and never in blind spots. if you're at the front of the vehicle next to you, if they come across you can accelerate ahead of them
  3. yeah its happened a few times to me. i think a 66mm anti tank weapon would be the best SOLUTION....

  4. Welcome to bike riding..........

    Everyone is out to kill you
    You are invisible
    You are also expendable
    Nobody cares because you have NO rights as a bike rider
    Everyone is out to kill you
    You are invisible
    You are also expendable
    Nobody cares because you have NO rights as a bike rider
    Everyone is out to kill you
    You are invisible
    You are also expendable
    Nobody cares because you have NO rights as a bike rider

    Ride with these simple rules in mind and you will greatly improve your chances of survival.
  5. Yep that had happened to me but alot worse...

    I was on the right of the car and it was pushing me towards on coming cars. I kept cool though cause if I made a small mistake I would've went on to the on coming traffic... At the time I was already on the center line dividing the traffic..
  6. I mean this in the nicest way

  7. put your boots to good use and cave their doors in at the lights
  8. +1
    I was driving to work on Thursday (I think) and a bike was riding behind me - in the right wheel track. I could see him perfectly and have since made a mental note to do the same on the bike.
  9. Ah yeah, it's happened to me. Except he actually hit me trying to fit between a van and me, on a two lane freeway, sending me sprawling at 100km/h. :p You think you were pissed - at least you could catch up to him and have a word or report him.
  10. I havent been riding long, but a week ago, I cut to the front of the line at a set of lights. Then when they wen't green, I took off and by about 3rd gear, I reliase the nose of the car who I thought was behind me was bloody next to me!! Its like they were trying to scare me out of revenge for getting in front of them.
  11. This is why I don't subscribe to travelling in wheel tracks. Sure, do it in teh rain, but there is no reason when it's dry.
    The reasons I travel in the centre of the lane (of course I don't in the twisties!):
    Road is smoother in the middle (no potholes/washboarding).
    Road has less aggregate worn away, so provides much better traction than that slick garbage in the wheel tracks(esp in the wet).
    Cars/trucks don't drop much oil when moving, only when braking, and teh oil buildup is only at lights/stops anyway.
    I've never had a brown undies moment in the middle, even in the rain (had plenty in wheel tracks).
    Diesel from cars/trucks spills on or around the wheel tracks.
    People try to squeeze by when you are in wheel tracks.
    I "own" the lane when in the middle.
    I have more options on which way to go to avoid a situation in the middle.
    Bike doesn't continually try to climb out of the "grooves" in teh middle of the lane.
    People know you are behind them when your headlight is right in their centre mirror and not hiding behind a pillar or in a wing mirror.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. +1 to Chris.

    I've been lane-barged so many times over the years I've lost count. By drivers who ignore me, and worse, by drivers who have no idea at all that I'm even in the lane.

    Generally they don't hear your little "meep meep" bike horn. When things get really extreme these days, I land a big, open-handed slap against their window with my gloved hand. That wakes the buggers up, you'd better believe!

    In my dirst days I was barged on my way home from a ride in the bush, and the only way I could get attention was to slam my big ol' plastic motocross boot into the driver's door. Bloody hell it made a mess! The driver had the nerve to cut me off and bail me up for damaging her car. I accused her of attempting to kill me, and she sulked a bit and drove off.

    Ah...the memories....

  13. Or do what I'm doing and fit a Stebel Nautilus Horn... 139dB of noisy goodness
  14. On a two lane road and in the LH lane, I sit in the right hand wheel track....on a three lane section I will tend to sit in the middle to claim ownership of that middle lane from the left and right.

    What happened to you, does happen...

    Just remember one thing...while you were chasing the guy down, blowing your horn, and trying to get his attention, you WERE'NT riding your bike in a good mindset and might have caused yourself more grief.
    Trying to speak your mind with an idiot that just pushed past you like that , and obviously does'nt give a crap about you, is unlikely to get you any satisfaction, and when push comes to shove - he'll win, unfortunately.
    (would be much nicer if their car just spontaneously combusted on them)

    It's difficult, but it's best to just let such things go if you can.
  15. I feel for ya man, but you obviously weren't owning the lane.

    Body language is king. I sometimes slalom in lanes, just so the driver behind me (who's car "body language" looks doubtful) is in NO DOUBT who's lane it is. It's mine m*ther f*cker! and sometimes, that exactly the attitude they get - even though I'm normally all Clark Kent about my riding.

    In your situation, you'd get a free "road rage" card from me, but it's definitely the dark side of the force... better to stay Zen and LEARN from this incident.

    NEVER assume the road rules will protect you. ONLY YOU protect you.

    Enjoy your riding.
  16. As typhoon said, vary "home position" as required by the lanes.

    As robsalvv said, you weren't owning your lane. You need to be more active. I learned this well by demonstration in our P's training.

    I'm constantly moving around in my lane to buffer myself from traffic, potholes, intersections, etc. I return to "home position" when there's none of the above, which is rarely. Works for me so far.

    To paraphrase my instructor, "you can always be at least half a lane away from the nearest threat" - capitalize on it.

    Buzz around in your lane like an angry bee in a jar. You'll be more alert, in a better position to deal with threats, and no motherf*cker's going to try sharing your lane.
  17. DAmn.
    Shame it happened...

    Just an after thought, but I think the best way to actually get him to pay attention would be NOT to be react angrily, coz he probably thinks you're road raging... a simple request to get him to pull over may be best I think...

    either that or you smash his mirror to get attention if you're *that* angry. LOL...

    uuh... not that I condone that.. I don't.
    But yeah... I mean.. I would respond to someone just talking as opposed to someone being pissed.

    Hard to do know, after you feel like an inch to death by some $@@%^%@$ not paying attention.
  18. Just to stir everyone up: :p

    From a cagers perspective;

    "if bikes can lane split because they have enough room, why can't I lane split if I have enough room?"

    I had a 'for' and 'against' for why a car shouldn't be the one lane splitting but I just lost my train of thought. Checking out another helmet in another thread. :grin:

  19. +1 I like to remember two little sayings "Don't argue with an idiot because people might not be able to tell the difference" or my favourite "Never argue with an idiot because they drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience" :p .

    In other words be the bigger man and remember karma will just bight them in the arse because anyone that saw what happen to you will feel sorry for you and think less of the cager, however if you try to confront the cager in a rage then people might reverse their opinion and unfortunately will quite possibly think the same of all riders in the future.

    Cagers will never stereotype other cagers because they would have to include themselves and of course they would NEVER drive like that :? But they wont hesitate to stereotype all riders (if they aren't one themselves) because of course we are all the same aren't we :mad: :roll: .

    So next time before anyone gets cager rage just remember your fellow riders and how they will be treated by that cager and others that witnessed the incident the next time they encouter a rider. :oops: If others see the close call, they hopefully will make a mental note and remember to double check for us next time they want to change lanes, but if all they see is riders abusing cagres all the time then they a going to care alot less about us :oops: . As much as it suxs cagers are still MUCH bigger and harder than we are when we come together :(

    Anyway that's my 2 cents
  20. thanks for the great advice guys... I have since taken to the middle of the lane and this seems to be working fine. Also if there is a car behind me i just zig zag in my lane to let him/her know whos lane it is. And it seems to be working so thanks for the advice..