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Has this ever happened to you???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Big Chris, May 4, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    I was riding home last night, with my brother as pillion,
    Along Boundary Road, at Camp Hill, Brisbane,
    to get exact,
    Pull up at a set of lights, and wait, then I have a car pull up behind so close to the back of my Blade I cant even see the number plate on it,
    Was less than a metre off the back tyre,
    Take off from the lights, and get to my street, right turn into it,
    the Crazy ass in the Celica passes on my left with about a metre of clearance, there is plenty of room on the road to go around me,
    And i put my indicator on with plenty of time to let the traffic behind me know I am turing. Nearly cleans me and my pillion up off my bike.

    Damm If my little bro was not on the back, I was going to get that c**t at the next set of lights.
    I have been riding road bikes since 1992 and this is the first real time that I wanted to hurt someone.
    Does that make me an aggressive rider or is this just wrong?

  2. A metre from your back tyre? How far back from the car in front do you stop at the lights?.

    Passing with a metre clearance? sheer luxury.

    Sheesh! You wanna ride in *real* traffic.
  3. What were you gunna do when you caught him? He's in a steel cage that's capable of crushing you (if he catches you!).
    There's not much you can dish out except verbals from a bike, and he can do a lot more if it turns nasty.
    Just stay cool and remember that your the superior being :)
  4. I have had a few tail-gate incidents just like yours…….including on the highway.

    What I usually do is to engage the brake light (but not the brake)….a few times in this rhythm *light….light.light.light.light……light…light* ………is this bad….:p…….usually they back off.

    But sometimes I’m so anxious with what the tail-gaters are doing, and I spend less time of looking what’s ahead, very dangerous with a few surprises..….I realised…. :shock: :shock:
  5. I hate tailgaters with a passion!

    So much so I have a sticker on the back of my bike saying "the closer you get to my arse the slower I ride"

    I have found that even if you sit at 5ks under the limit, they get the message pretty quickly ang go around.

    about sitting that close behind at the lights, isnt that about normal? Maybe not in sunny Brisbane.
  6. I used to roll off the throttle and sit upright and i used to make fists as if my hand had gone to sleep.

    They backed off fairly quickly.

    Only problem was for the last 2 years of riding I had to do it anyway as my wrists were asleep for real :(
  7. Yes, but that steel cage has lots of glass that can be broken with carbon fibre knuckles, boots or metal marbles! :) (or your helmet i guess if you were real livid.)

    Not that i condone, or have done, any of this, but its just an example what you could do to get your point across when words just aren't enough.

    Have a read of the "Breaking Point" thread for someone else who had a near miss. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6268&postdays=0&postorder=asc&&start=0
  8. assuming you're a sensible rider (ie wearing full gear... jacket with elbow/forearm shields, shoulder guards... helmet, reinforced gloves, stiff boots) ..
    who the hell would fcuk with you? where could they possibly hit you, from inside a car, that would do anything to you except annoy you and make you arc up even more?

    pretty sure an average set of bike gloves will smash through a window.

    what i'd be more inclined to do, is put the bike on the side stand, then go around and kick each and every panel on the car. they won't get out, remember, you're big, scary, and shielded.

    then, i'd push the bike back (so they dont see the number plate) and ride the wrong way up the street til the first turn. unless there's no median, then i'd just do a U'ey.

    mind you, i'd have to be pretty fcuking upset to do any of this.

    i'm a remarkably calm person, and i'm pretty forgiving... so i doubt i'll ever do anything like this.

    but just fyi.
  9. is there a clam way to settle dis, what happens if the guy gets out and his 6 foot 8, and weighs a ton.........????

  10. "what happens if the guy gets out and his 6 foot 8, and weighs a ton.........????"

    Thank you're lucky stars that you have lots of padding and a helmet!

    I've also heard of a guy who rode up next to a cars open window - the driver had cut him off fully and hadn't even realised it - reached in and turned the engine off broke the key off in the ignition, threw the bunch of keys into bushes on the side of the road, whacked the mirror off with his fist as he rode off.

    They can't chase him cause it would take em ages to find their keys before they could even work out how they were going to start it!

    Again, i'm not in anyway condoning this sort of behaviour - i just enjoy talking about it!
  11. yeah in road rage incidents (which this situation could spawn into very easily - regardless of who started it) both parties usually get very riled up - the fact is that the car is a better weapon than a bike, so I wouldn't advocate any fisticuffs unless you and your bike were in a postion safe from them - ie they were at traffic lights/behind other cars.

    either way, many times I have wanted to go beserk on a car that had a tool driving it that didn't care if I got hurt. I can say that in every case, I was glad after the fact that I didn't let my temper get the better of me... no explaining to cops/court appearances/hospitalisation if things go nasty.

    A <ahem> unbalanced neighbour I used to have carried a baseball bat in his alfa, and would burst out and carry on at the slightest indescretion. Given that psychopaths need to get from a-to-b as well as sane people, you never know what someone has under the car seat, and will use if threatened.
  12. hello

    It happens to me all the time, i put it down to being female and that i am a learner... Its always the young male P platers that do it... no offence to anyone..

    They try to drag me at the lights too.... 'stupid people' should know they cant beat a bike... not a girl on a bike anyway... :LOL:
  13. I've heard that tossing a wet tissue onto their windsceen as you ride off is good, the only prob is where would you carry the tissues??? Blah. :D
    I've many times wanted to do it but knowing my luck I'd get done for littering! :shock:
  14. thats gold :LOL:
    wanna do that to one of my mates now, apart from breaking the key and throwing it away, i'll just ride off with it! :LOL:
  15. Let us be serious, I agree with Moike, but I also try to avoid confrontation with a tin top. Reason being I think: I he/she cut me off in purpose, did a motorcyclist or two, just pissed hom off?.

  16. Does that make me an aggressive rider or is this just wrong?

    No I'd say that means you care for your brother thus the anger. The same reason you didn't get off the bike coz you thought of your brother.
    The same reason road rage doesn't work on bikes as we tend to bounce off large heavy objects. and never enjoy the faces of our families again.
    Ride safe ,

    cheers michael
  17. as much as i dont like centerstands... they come in handy.... especially at night, when someone is tailgating you.... push the centerstand down and let the sparks fly up and they back off pretty damn quickly... :D