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Has the world gone completely mental???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stigger, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. There isn't enough facepalm in the world for this one!n This is the 21st century, it's fine for people to believe in whatever god they want, but when they start trying to use a law that will effect a large number of people including those who don't share their beliefs it's crossing a line, and yes, people will be committing 'blasphemy' against other people's gods but will still believe they're in the right because of course, their god is the right one and everyone else has it wrong. Nobody wins there.
  2. Awesome!
    Soon we can have witch trials and burnings again !
  3. **** this horrible planet.

    Every self respecting country should pull out of the UN. Not just because of this, mind you, but because the UN is terrible.
  4. Does anyone actually think it will happen? Looks like they've been arguing about it for 10+ years.
  5. Jesus christ! That's just goddamn ridiculous!
  6. Also, Ban Ki-moon should honestly go kill himself, what a piece of shit.
  7. It's the UN. Since when have they introduced any laws that people actually listened to or were enforceable in any way without the help of the US (who aren't even part of the UN and only comply with its rulings when it suits them).
  8. I'd hope not but when the Secretary General say's
    You have to wonder...
  9. Uh...

    NOBODY should comply with their rulings. Ever.
  10. Science flys planes in the air, religion flys planes into buildings.

    Fvck them and their magical imaginary sky fairy.
  11. BLASPHEMY!!! Planes fly with hopes and dreams!
  12. So if I say Star Wars was a shit movie would that constitute blasphemy as it would upset all those who follow Jedi which is a recognised religion in the US?
  13. Blasphemy is still a common law offence in Australia dating from 16th century English common law, the last conviction was in Victoria in 1919. Interestingly the Common law offence only refers to Anglican Christian beliefs.
  14. That's so the Poms could use the law to burn Catholics at the stake
  15. Science also pretty well destroyed Hiroshima. The sins of the past are not totally forgotten.
  16. Yes they haven't done it in a while but you can't trust those Poms they may take it up again :)
  17. And Vice versa when the left footers were in change...

    Been repealed now...
  18. Science or Political will? A tool being created does not mean it needs to be used. But that's a whole new can of worms :)
  19. Science facilitated an extremely efficient method for destroying Hiroshima. It was not done just to see what would happen.
    You can argue religion facilitates a blue print for civilized, fair society. But I would rather do the right thing because it is simply right, not what I'm told.