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Has the scooter bubble burst?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. I don't have access to the latest sales figures for bikes, and I don't spend any time in the CBD or suburbs any more, but observation here on the South Coast is that there doesn't seem to be as many scooters around as used to be. Is my sample too small, or have people been going straight to smaller bikes?

  2. It's Winter :->

  3. Ken Lay banned scooters
  4. I suppose it was a potential road hazard ... the view some of those young lady riders give as they rush along the road......:moped:
  5. Sales of scooters certainly suffered in the last year, whether they suffered more or less than sales of bikes I couldn't tell. But here in the inner Sydney suburbs they still outnumber bikes... oh, I'd say by about 10:1.

    I have seen a few small bikes lately, Sachs and Kymco. BTW, there's now a new player in town: Daelim from Korea just started to bring in a 250cc faired bike similar to Kawasaki's Ninja 250, and a semi-auto 110cc step-through similar to Honda's CT110. I mention them here because Daelims are a very different proposition to the usual Chinese shite - their scooters are some of the best put together machines you'd find anywhere, at any price.
  6. Yep. I agree. Just wait till summer. They'll pull them out of the garage then. Most scooter riders are unlikely to be hard-core. But I still see heaps here in Melbourne inner suburbs, Hornet.
  7. all good points (y)
  8. I have not seen them in a while either but today I saw about 10 of them ridden by older gentlemen pull up to have lunch at hungry jacks.
  9. There was a scooter shop here in Launceston that has recently closed down. He had a sign in the window when he went from trading full time to opening Saturdays only about 4 months back that basically said business was shite.

    He said, what was being reported in the media about people turning to scooters as they were economical and there was a boom in them was crap and he had seen sales fall off the cliff towards the end of last year.

    He had got another job and was going to keep trying to support the local scoot community by doing Saturdays from the shop, seems that wasn't possible either. He stocked a good range of scooters from the $1500 cheapies up to things with a price tag of a decent 250cc real bike.

    So Hornet maybe there is something to your observations? I havent seen a lot here, mind you with sub zero mornings I guess a lot are parked up in the garage or shed :)
  10. oh man what a photo opportunity

    "local motor scooter hoodlums take over hungry jacks"
  11. Saw a couple getting around today on the wet roads. One in a particular was a young girl being tailgated by a mid 30's woman in a ute talking on a phone. I kept wondering which would come first, the scooter pulls over to let the idiot past or the idot runs over the scooter..
    Hope she's allright.
  12. scooters down south or outside the city? nope. seen heaps today and every other day....

    horses for courses.

    in this case shetland pony's for.....
  13. I'm still seeing plenty in Perth, in spite of the fact that it's been either wet or cold in the mornings for the last couple of weeks.

    I, too, am not convinced by the "scooters are getting more popular because they're economical" argument. I suspect most scooter owners still have a car as backup, with all the fixed costs that that entails. I think scooters are seen as a fun alternative means of transport (which they certainly are). They're not much fun when it's frosty or pissing down, so only the hardcore will keep riding. They'll also be one of the first things to get the chop if disposable income takes a dive.

    Mind you, it's not just scooters. It's quite entertaining watching the number of bikes in my regular parking area rise and fall in lockstep with the weather.
  14. As mentioned weather may be a factor to actually seeing them out and about but according to FCAI, both bike and scooter sales have been lower this year.

    To end of March, road bikes down 10.6% (9692) scooters down 11.7% (2737).

    They still seem to out number bikes in my usual parking spots in town though.
  15. I would say the bubble has burst.. That scoot shop on Victoria rd in Drummoyne in Sydney has recenly shut up shop too.
  16. Sales are down but there seems to be as many as ever. Weather has a little less effect because if you put a screen on they are often better protected than a lot of bikes. I have seen a couple of them recently using an old fashioned drizabone type lap rug.

    One think that makes me wonder is why things like heated grips etc don't come as an option on scooters.
  17. I'm still seeing a tonne of them down here in Melbourne. But I think most people are right with their 'weather keeping them down' idea.

    I reckon a large number of sales are simply coming from caters wanting a better way to commute.
  18. 'Cos it doesn't fit the "summer in Rome" marketing image?
  19. More likely because they are built to a budget. And come on, how many bikes in the price bracket of 10k or thereabouts have heated grips as factory options? Not that many, actually. Yes, you can install heated grips on any bike, but that goes for scooters as well.

    It also might be because scooters are generally meant for shorter trips at lower speeds, so heated grips are more of a luxury than necessity.
  20. Dont worry, I'm still out there on my 125 - hooning around on it as fast as possible. Which is coincidently is the speed limit or slightly less if theres an incline.

    Theres lots of scooter shops around sydney going bust. Fuel prices haven't exploded in a while, and the gvt hasn't exactly been encouraging it with infrastructure, legislation or road planning.

    They make alot of sense in areas with alot of congestion or regular backed up traffic. Plus they're so damn cheap.