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Has the Black Spur lost its appeal?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vinz, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Yes, I can still enjoy it at 80 km/h

  2. Yes, but guaranteed I won't stick to the speed limit

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  3. Yes, the scenery is so beautiful

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  4. No, it's boring now

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  5. No, I need my drivers license

  1. Last weekend I went down the Black Spur with the new and improved speed limit of 80 and it was a bit of a different experience. Personally I would describe it more as sightseeing.

    Will the state government get what it wants and get riders to stay away now?

  2. Fairly pointless, people will just go somewhere else to crash until police lose interest in that area.. then they'll go back.
  3. The, err, 60kph speed limit on Macquarie Pass has made, err, a lot of difference to the road, err, and the double unbroken lines have too, <cough cough> :LOL:.

    Then again we don't live in a state where they take away your license for the first offence of 2kmh over :roll:.
  4. one of the best roads in Adelaide for bikes has a 60 kph limit.
    and i don't know anyone who sticks to that, in car, bike, or even bicycle (when going downhill)

    i recon the 80kph limit will not stop people who want to ride the Spur at 160kph plus
  5. you can bet the guys who helped bring in the new speed limit dont ride motorbikes...

    hopefully they dont police it too much :wink:
  6. Which road is that?
  7. eagle on the hill rd
  8. thanks might check it out, can't find a google map though, is it off Mt Barker Rd?
  9. It’s signposted from the Freeway, 1st or second turn off the lights at the old road toll while heading up the hill. Some great sweeping turns to be had there, but do watch out for our two-wheeled friends on their pushies.
    This used to be the “freeway†out of Adelaide – note the old petrol station and roadhouse.

    damn link didn't work - type "Eagle on hill" into google maps, and there it is..... :idea:
  10. Being that I rarely if ever get a chance to ride mid week, I haven't had an enjoyable run on the Black Spur in years. Every time it's been moments of fun intermixed with sitting behind grey nomads with caravans or nearly getting taken out by some twit coming the opposite direction in my lane.
    As much as such pointless law making pisses me off, I'm not that fazed.

    Given the circumstances of even a minor infraction these days, I'm pretty much over riding sport bikes in Victoria. Mine will soon be replaced with a dirt bike, thankfully they haven't taken all the fun out of off road riding yet.
  11. Regarding the BS, I was never one of those riders who generally broke the speed limit in the straight bits - except for a short burst overtaking move - which is now off the books :roll: - so I guess the 80km/h limit wont change the experience too much for me. The fun is in the corners anyway.

    But on the general point of stupid knee jerk simplistic reactions to sophisticated road use problems, the current scenario is an absolute solid gold first place trophy example. It would have been right up there with the proposed "no lane change" law for the shittylink tunnels... but somehow, common sense prevailed in that particular case.
  12. I've never NOT had fun on a spur run. It'll be like the ocean road, and you can still have a ball on that one. I never saw the point of caning it along the spur straight anyway, besides overtaking. And there's much more fun places to overtake! I try to keep at a constant 80 on the GOR and I've had no trouble overtaking there.
  13. Hey all,

    Great idea on the 80km/h zone. This weekend passed help re-inforce a view I have. One the GOR ride this past saturday one of our party was unfortunate to come-off - he is OK thankfully :) - but it was interesting. The long and short, he came off and his bike span into the other lane.... Now, imagine if a bike was coming the other way :shock:

    My biggest fear is not me or the car driver - it is other riders who ride above their abilities and crash/slide/run wide coming the other way. Then I am the innocent victim.

    With that said - will the 80km/h make a difference - definately. More people will lose their licenses, not sure what else...... If we look at the GOR - does not seem to have deterred many riders - but it has certainly made many riders and their licenses part ways :eek:

    OH - forgot about my vote - Yes, boring :grin: Never really liked it to begin with :)
  14. I dont think the reduced limit is gonna upset me much at all.
    I cant speak for most of you tho, I'd imagine you'd be pissed off!
  15. The speed limit in the spur, still allows me to pedal at a reasonable (although underwhelming) pace in most of the corners. so I can still work on my road-craft somewhat, and keep myself and my techniques in reasonable tune.

    But it does severely reduce the opportunity to pass slower cars/bikes without exceeding the posted speed limit. That leaves me sitting in traffic that I would otherwise have been able to clear/escape into higher safety.
    It ruins the corners found in the straight sections, but I can live without them I guess.
    What I find most annoying is that the straighter sections were the areas where it was safest to overtake simply and cleanly...Now when the cars speed up after hitting the straight sections, I'll have to sit there like a troll, trapped amongst the cages, because to get out in the clear where it is safest, I'd have to exceed the limit.

    And as others have said...in normal riding where you have the throttle cracked open to properly exit a corner, it is far too easy to get into the "naughty zone".

    The Spur may well have been relegated to a transition road.
  16. Sunday afternoon was reasonably busy, but not exceptionally so. There was nowhere 'safe' to overtake that would not have had me exceeding the posted limit. Not knowing where/if/when the Paramilitary police force were located, it meant that you either risked the fine or stayed put.

    Sure, I could have caned it between the short corners, but one of the problems on the Spur has always been someone else doing the same the other way. Caution is always the better of the two options (for me).
  17. The easiest approach is to abuse the very system that they provide. Reduce your speed… to your advantage.
    Similar to roads here in Canada, there are stretches of tarmac that are bound to 80 kph with a string of traffic usually 20 kph below that.
    My solution has been to do 50 kph under the limit in the straights and hold up shit loads of traffic behind me, allowing the slugs up-front to clear. After about a minute of this one can open the throttle and enjoy the road at the speed limit repeating this process many times.

    No cager will over take as they are the ones who will pinged by the camouflage brigade.
    Fortunately they are absent over here.
  18. Dude, that's rubbish. A minute of nanna riding will get you three or four clear corners if you're lucky.
  19. Works for me