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Has the balance of power shifted

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. Up till recently I have had the joy of living in a male majority house. Pepi the cat, Jack the dog and me, up against Shegod and Lucy the other dog, 3 against 2, male majority ruled.

    Over the last few weeks both Pepi and Jack have had visits to the Vet, both have come home lesser men and a little bit lighter on their feet. I still believe we have the balance of power, but every time I mention it, Shegod gives me that shut up or your next look.

    I'm being forced to watch "lifestyle" programs instead of bloke shows, I'm having trouble sleeping, I wake up in a sweat and the other night she tried to give me quiche for tea. (I'll eat egg and bacon pie, but not bloody quiche)

    Common you blokes, how do I regain the power, or is it lost forever?


  2. Ouch : (
    Looks like you are fighting an up hill battle.

    When my dog got de-sexed (at the age of 10 for fuc ks sake..) he came home a totally different dog : (

    You are the last survivor and I wish you luck. If she buys you any light pink dress shirts, you know it's time to bail. Just jump on the bike and head off into the sunset, don't ever look back. ever. Gods speed, brother.
  3. Lock up all sharp objects, especially shears and gardening seceteurs. Who knows you may be next. :shock:
  4. Get your self a double garage...
    Keep all your tools and mates there...
    And still if you feel like you are being prosecuted jump on the BIKE and ride out of there!!
  5. also you need a tv, stereo, and a frdige in the shed
  6. Well, Lifestyle television should be all the excuse you need to disappear of to the true male domain - the shed 8)

    If you haven't got one, get one!

    Then you can start filling it with the appropriate equipment:

    Fridge with home brew keg installed and beer tap on the out side

    Oxy-acetelene cutting rig

    and of course a suitable testosterone enhancing ride to work on...
  7. Bring the shed to the lounge room i say .
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  9. Dan you are a classic, where do you GET this stuff???
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  11. Nobby, I have to agree with the other guys. You are in deep trouble gender-balance-wise and need to escape to the shed until you can escape more permenantly on the bike!
  12. Dan, Whipped magazine cracked me up, I think I could have posed for the cover..
    Roundman, I'm stuffed .. all of those rules you mentioned apply to me,
    Now for the shed, got three kids, and they have all moved out, trouble is most of there crap hasn't. Shed is also full of gear I no longer use since I got the bike bug again, you know, golf clubs, fishing tackle, camping gear, surfboard, hidden stick books, you know the stuff we aint allowed to keep in the house.

    Got the garage, it aint too badly set up, but does anybody know how to hot wire my Foxtel to a second tellie?

    The worst thing is that while I'm sitting here typing, Jack the dog is laying on his back on the floor, legs open, scar showing and giving me guilty looks like it's my fault.

    Hope he doesn't start barking with a lisp, poor bugger, I may have to take him to Bobs Home for Gay Pets..

  13. How do i go about getting a yearly subscription to that magazine ? That's if im allowed.
  14. Build yourself a haven in the garage, install a beer-fridge, tv + xbox and a sofa. Then you can spend many happy hours 'maintaining' your bike with the help of some mates :)
  15. Ahh women. God I hate them.

    I said that last week and my friends girlfriend threw a shoe at my head. I was only quoting South Park. geez.
  16. :LOL: :LOL:

    They must only put out one a year when we get our pocket money :LOL:
  17. Nobby, mate, the battle was lost long ago. All that's left now is survival and pockets of resistance.
    Look at it this way. You've still got a bike. That means you've still got 'nads (by definition). :wink:
    And here's a question: Still gettin' any?
    Thought not. So what have you got to lose? (other than aforesaid glands - you can run can't you?). Take her on. You've got Foxtel - arrange to have the free to air channels blocked, and go for a sport-only package!
    Fire up the barby and cook your own steak! Drink yourself to sleep every night.
    And remember, if all this doesn't work - we'll all come to your funeral
    :p .
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  19. Ha ha ha ha!!

    How did you ever find that without typing the phrase

    'Whipped Men'

    into the search engine??

  20. 8-[ 8-[ 8-[ :LOL: